True North Holding Immigration Meeting on September 11

From True North Organizing Network:



  • USA, the melting pot of the world

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    A nation is defined by it’s borders, language, and culture.

    Dope growing isn’t American, neither is trafficking in undocumented immigrants to process your pesticide sprayed, moldy weed.

    • Haha a Savage listener, no wonder you think weeds the devil;<)

    • Back in North Dakota in the early ’50s, my parents and I would hunt pheasants along the railroad tracks. My folks pointed it out to me, and told me about it. Although it was “ditch weed,” it did the trick and we would sit and eat our lunch….and laugh a lot. Time to pack up and go home. What sane times!

    • There is hardly an institution more American than growing cannabis.

  • There’s not a problem in the world with immigrants coming to this country for a better life. That’s what this country is built on. The problem is with groups and people promoting, and telling them, to stay here undocumented and becoming a citizen doesn’t matter. It does matter !! If the process is difficult and time consuming, form groups to help them or protest the process and change it; but don’t expect people to welcome them to stay here illegally without having an SS#, paying taxes, getting health insurance (and stop draining govt. assistance programs), having a DL license/auto insurance and all that every other citizen is required to do.

    • Agree. Most big growers hire illegals to trim weed, then laugh and brag about it. This practice is one of the main reasons pot growing has blown up on the north coast, causing the market to collapse. It is not legal to come here on a tourist visa, and get a job. It is an intentional misuse of the system. If ICE rolled into G’ville, they would be intrigued, to say the least.

      • They hire trimmigrants but not mexicans. At least I ve never seen a mexican on the hill.

        • In my neighborhood there are many people from many countries: Mexico, Chile, Guatemala, France, Spain, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic. They are all working for growers, with tourist or student visas. A lot of Latin Americans, not all from Mexico.

    • What’s most terrifying for me is the blatant (and horrifyingly familiar) double logic of pushing for higher wages and benefits for citizens, while simultaneously defending the presence of abused foreigners to be exploited for growing food and doing hard jobs “because normal Americans won’t do that work” or “Our economy wouldn’t work without their help” or most insidiously “It’s still better then they had before.”

      We’ve heard those arguments before… we fought a war over that line of reasoning. It’s wrong. If Americans won’t do those jobs, let supply&demand raise the wage for those jobs. If our economy would collapse if we paid them as much as we demand for ourselves, OUR ECONOMY IS ABUSIVE AND NEEDS TO BE FIXED. If their home nations are so awful that working 16 hour days for a fraction of minimum wage with no legal protections is an step up, we need to help save their homelands or give them the full rights we strive for ourselves. In no coherent worldview can you justify our current immigration/human trafficking/corporate exploitation system.

      • I agree exploitation of anyone is wrong. I also agree that helping people of other countries is the right thing to do. However we need a strict border that is not open for people to come and go. Our country cannot afford it and its not fair for the people who live here to be inundated with waves of emigrants

  • Hey, let’s do a study! That will solve everything!

  • Thinking allowed

    Nothing wrong with facilitating harmony between natives and new immigrants. Providing the immigrants are legal, honest and reasonably respectful of the culture in which they now find themselves.

    It has always been irritating – confusing at best- that so many of the same people complain about offensive and insensative Americans when they travel outside the US and simultaneously complain the Americans are intolerant when foreigners behave atrociously and insensatively when in the US. It’s as if the whole goal was to criticize Americans no matter what. As if criticizing one’s own somehow magically proves the critic superior to the rest of the hoi palloi.

  • Be there or be square. Let’s let these hippies hear what patriots think about their traitorous behavior!

  • Ha Ha, True North “researched” the issue ?

    They are in favor of illegal immigration and they wrote the results of this phony research first and then did a phony research to match the results they wanted.

  • Hrmm, kind of a messed up day to hold this, being as 9 -11, was a day that triggered so much.

  • Eureka's Clueless

    as long as they are legal. Welcome! Not legal. Get your damn papers.

  • You anit got your papers get your papers or get the hell out .

  • Gentle Readers who disdain immigrants who are not “legal” have a somewhat limited view of what “getting a visa” or “getting legal” involves. Suffice to say that it is not an easy, pleasant, straightforward process that “happens overnight or from one moment to the next.” [/sarc]

    Anyone who has considered, begun, endured, or bailed in disbelief, at the “process” for “getting legalized” for cannabis production in Humboldt County, gets ever so tiny a taste of what is involved in “getting legal.”

    • maze of requirements
    • endless fees and appointments
    • mind-boggling paperwork
    • capricious rules and regulations
    • lost time and wages dealing with “charming” bureaucrats

    Now, consider dealing with Federal bureaucrats behind bullet-proof glass in an American Embassy in the middle of a crowded capital city (think downtown SF, with airport style security), condescendingly talking to you through a speaker in a foreign language, after having waited in line in the tropical sun since 5 a.m. with a fleeting hope of “being seen” (it’s 11:30 a.m. and you are still in line and it isn’t looking good), only to be told by a nasty armed guard on the street that you must “return tomorrow and try again.” And now for that four hour bus ride back home.

    One has to have dealt with the “authorities” in Immigration to have any idea of how arrogant, capricious, and unqualified a Federal bureaucrat can be.

    I can tell you that nearly every immigrant here would “legalize” their situation this afternoon if there was any mechanism whatsoever to do so. But there isn’t, no matter how diligent, worthy, rich, or determined you are. It’s just that simple. And it is totally impossible for an individual from Latin America to get a visa before coming to perform manual or semi-skilled work in the U.S. Such visas simply do not exist.

    It should be easy for folks in Humboldt who are “not legal” on so many levels to appreciate folks who come here motivated by the same drive to “work hard and get ahead.”

    • We friggin’ know that. We also, unlike the rest of you, know, .. let’s make that an… KNOW, who is responsible for the mess it is in and who is responsible for FIXING it.
      The friggin’ Federal Government’s role was to set the uniform… let’s make that … UNIFORM set of standardized rules for ALL states (hence the word UNIFORM) to follow.
      The State’s were responsible for raising the means necessary to get the job done in their own state. Taxing the citizens to get this job done, was one of the only constitutional taxes they had on the books. They gathered the money, then spent it elsewhere.
      The UNIFORM codes come complete with the penalties and consequences. All the states had to do was to have a a decent and moral people willing to hold their money grabbing lying politicians accountable to their word. They are FELONS for betraying the Constitution, the taxpayers and especially the immigrants.
      There’s the beef, without the fluff. Now get on the phone to your House of Representatives and demand he DEFUND the unconstitutional perpetual non declared by congress wars and get busy FUNDING the necessary tools we need to help the newbies become FREE to live, work, play where their heart’s desire.
      Demand that your Governor enforce the Constitutional immigration laws that his House of Representatives collected the people’s money to fulfill.
      Demand they fulfill their obligation to the Constitution, the State, and the the people.
      This is just my opinion, based off a limited education and a lifetime of frustration with our unnecessary corrupt system.
      STOP the fluffer nutter propaganda, and pick up your phone!! Call ALL congressmen in ALL counties. Call your Governor. Just don’t you ever ever ever call ME. Leave your finger pointing at home in your bathroom mirror and at the CAPITOL where it belongs.

    • I Call B.S… all it takes is to have a sponsor fill out the 125 form…

    • Sorry but if that’s what it takes then do it but don’t whine to people who are citizens that pay taxes and support those who don’t!

    • We do need better paths toward immigration, we also need to eliminate the pool of illegal immigrant workers from our economy.

    • Non of the illegal folks working for growers are getting anywhere near legal status, for the simple reason that they’re working in an illegal industry, according to the Feds. So, they may be wishing for legal status, or amnesty, but it won’t happen. They may be making money, and improving their lives, but just by taking a job working for a grower means giving up on the path to legal residency.

    • Just think of how much easier it would be if they got the papers before moving here, you know like 80 percent of the immagrants who have come to this country, if 20 percent cant seem to figure it outand want special waviers and the like, because it is now harder since they failed or refused to do things in the right order, i say so sorry, as it is nothing but a slap in tje face to those who did it right the first time

  • As a USA citizen try to become a citizen of another country. Enough said!

  • Immigration people are our brothers and sisters, true but if your relatives brake the law they should be punished like anybody else. equal justice under the law.

  • The problem is too many people on this planet

  • If you do not support illegal immigration, remember to boycott Sun Valley Floral.

  • Which local business should be boycotted to protest their hiring of illegal immigrants?

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