Woman Received Major Injuries After Being Ejected in Rollover Accident on Hwy 36

chp major injury feature

At approximately 3:35 p.m., a small SUV went off Hwy 36 near mile marker 37 approximately three miles west of Dinsmore. The woman driver was ejected from the vehicle. Reach helicopter was requested and the woman was transported to Mercy Hospital in Redding.

The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reports that she received major injuries.

SUV crash

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  • I was just saying to myself it’s been a little bit since there has been a accident on the 36 ,and boop there it is.

  • Any word why a high desert prison van was on its side out 36 today? Gaurd was sitting on the door with what looked like a broken arm…

    • The guard fell asleep and hit a tree according to news channel 3. No prisoners on board.

      • Another “Cracker Jack” driver eh??? As in there is a CDL in every box/ bag/WTF ever, of Cracker Jack snack mix!!! hwy 36 claims 2 more luckily these were not fatalities!!!

        • Respect the road,or die.Seems like a simple choice…dumb shits deserve what they get.

          • [edit]you have no clue what caused the accident. Just be thankful it wasnt one of your family members

            • “Edit”, really? I cant say “a couple of stupid comments”? How does that break your rules?

              • I’m exhausted by the negative comments. Why insult someone before explaining why there are concerns about what they are saying? They get defensive and snark back. I’ve got a limited amount of time to create a place where people can build a better community. Please help by stating your opinion without attacking someone else.

                • Yes exactly… You’re reporting a terrible car accident and people are so horrible with their replies

                • Roger that. Does that include comments to and about the CHUMP?

                • The end of Steve’s comment might not have been a personal insult, but it was negative, ugly, and uncalled for, IMO.
                  I, too, wish people were kinder and more compassionate.

                • Dantae, doing this job, I’ve become hyper aware of how fragile the life we take for granted is. It makes me cautious about inflicting the negative responses I have on others. Yes, I say snarky things to some comments in the privacy of my home but I don’t write them. For one thing, I’ve had wrong opinions before so I try to avoid humiliating others who are in the same predicament.

                  Also, I know that the families of people who died or are arrested are suffering, too. Taking the story lightly can hurt them. That said, the comment section of an article can be a place for folks to blow off steam by making funny comments. I also appreciate the occasional witty remarks. I try to strike a balance in what I allow.

                • Right on Kym! Keep up the great work!

                • Keep up the good work, Kim. You’re the best and most objective source of local news we have.

              • Get used to inconsistent rules. Give thanks for this website, anyhow. Nobody’s perfect!

                • Thinking allowed

                  Consistency does not mean being tolerated when being offensive while requiring editing when others are. Besides the well used quote by “Ralph Waldo Emerson — ‘A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.’ “

              • This is Kym’s space. You are not entitled to anything from her or this blog she’s created with her own time, sweat and tears. Only her own personal idea of what she wants this space to be stands between anyone and being banned, blocked, edited and deleted. Please create your own web space where you can say whatever you like if your comments are often a bad fit for her space. It will save you time and frustration and Kym also. Everyone wins!

  • The problem with 36 is when you make a mistake(or swerve to miss an animal) there are catastrophic results…Redwood tree…embankment…or so often cliff or ravine! 3 wrecks in last couple weeks were swerving to miss deer! DON’T SWERVE! Been told to brake and keep wheel straight…and…it worked! Last year deer came on 101 North of Leggett, braked straight…the deer was still right in front of me, can’t believe I got stopped! DIDN’T SWERVE! Did not go off road, down cliff, or into traffic, which the oncoming cars LOVED! Even gave me the peace sign for not killing animal or humans.

    • I was taught to gas it right at impact to go over the deer instead of it coming through windshield, kudos for making it through that horrible ordeal.

  • Are those water lines in the bottom of photo?Crazy 36,it’s a bitch!!

  • Take into consideration how many of the accidents on Highway 36 are single car. That indicates driver error not the fault of the road or other drivers. Of course there are accidents caused by inconsiderate assholes, many of them involved in the marijuana industry. We have been driving 36 for over 50 years towing boats and trailers and actually prefer it to 299.

    • I love HWY 36.
      Been driving it for over 30 years. Cars driving to fast and feeling entitled to take up the whole damn road are the main dangers out there, and yes, animals too. Single car accidents can involve 2 cars. I have been ran off the road out there. I was lucky to be in a spot where I didn’t wreck. The other car drove off. Had I wrecked and died, everyone would say, WTH was she doing? Only one car involved. People would speculate that I swerved to miss an animal, but would never truly know the truth. So before you decide single car accidents are the drivers fault, think about the possibilities. We have had a lot of hit and runs in this area. Some people have near misses and run, while the other car has wrecked trying avoid them.

  • Cant have a water a line now adays? How do you $hit and shower? Its called running water, like you have in your home genius.

  • Ya,except mine are under ground.and legal.and I shit in a toilet genius!!

  • There are folks living on generators rather than hooking in to the grid right about where that accident took place. The water line could be to a house or garden.

  • Any word on the condition of the driver?

  • Blessings to this lady that she makes a full recovery.

  • Any word on the condition of the driver? Will there be names released?

  • Who knows maybe some one ran her off the road. I’ve almost been ran off the road several times.

  • As far as I knew she didn’t make it? :/ any update I have seen alot of people saying rest in peace on facebook

  • I don’t know how you do it Kym. I can’t believe people have to be such rude,ignorant asses.

  • This woman died today.

  • Teodora befriended my friend. She is a young, beautiful, caring person. I hope and pray that she is still with us.

  • How is she, does anyone know?

  • I’ve heard she is in a coma

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