One dead, One Critically Injured After Spyrock Road Crash

CHP Feature FatalityA little after 5 p.m., a gray SUV crashed about 1/2 mile up Spyrock Road from Hwy 101, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page and scanner information. The vehicle went about 150 feet over the bank, according to the Incident Commander on the scanner.

Later, the Incident Commander reported that one person was dead and one person needed to be medevacked to an out-of-the-area hospital.

NOTE: Thank you to Mendocino Sports Plus, for information about this. 



  • Only a half mile up? That’s the good part of the road. Not quite sure how you could get in an accident that bad there unless you were flying…super sad! RIP to the one that was lost and healing energy out to the one left behind.

  • My Condolences to the family

  • slow the fuck down rookies think its so cool too hall ass live in the city and never drives on dirt there you go !!!!!!

    • LOL some of the fastest dirt road drivers are the ones who grew up using dirt roads.

    • This person was not a rookie…been up there for more than 30 years. Some seasonal asshole probably ran her off the road.

      • your right the mother that was killed was a long time laytonville resident. rumor and only that, was that she had been run off the road by a fucken rookie seasonal asshole that did not stop so again i say slow the fuck down!!!!!! i also never said she was a rookie because i know her and her family and that is one thing she was not was a rookie.peace to all

    • Not a rookie. She has lived up there for years. Her steering locked up and brakes wouldn’t work.

    • binbeareda4, spelling and punctuation save lives.

  • Lives forever changed.

  • Always loved that road, such a nice scenic drive, sounds like now you will get run off of it or shot up around there ,too bad

  • Such tragic news, condolences to the family.

  • Kim, I recently have started receiving your blog. Thank you the news is timely, your reporting true. Also your replies to comments are reasonable and fair. I ask that you consider having folks give their names when
    Making comments as some of the comments are thoughtless, hurtful and very rude. I believe if people gave their names they might be more polite and civil in their tone. Best, Helen Ridley

    • Helen, I used to think that too. Then I read the comments on the Facebook page. Anonymity does allow folks to talk about subjects such as marijuana growing safely. And Facebook comments are not any more civil so in the end, I chose not to go that route.

    • Some people only have their names and you want them given away willy nilly? If anything, anonymity fosters conversation and objectivity. An anonymous poster shouldn’t make personal attacks because they can’t be personally attacked in response. But if two people, who wish to remain anonymous, want to hash out opposing theories in a polite manner befitting a public setting, their anonymity can promote a focus on the argument instead of the arguer.

      We should treat the forums like the bar: a hallowed neutral ground where little is off limits but basic laws of decency are maintained since there could be little kids or old ladies nearby. But you can still smoke and swear, because if I can’t smoke and swear I am fucked.

  • My gosh, have some compassion! Bad enough everyone drives so crazy without talking crazy too!

    If you can’t be civil please hold your peace!

  • Kym, is there any updates on this story?

  • kym has the name’s OF victims beenreleased

  • I don’t live in the area, but I know the person driving who was critically injured, her name is Louise, and I believe her passenger was named Katie who unfortunately didn’t make it. Louise was transported to a hospital in Redding and should be released today 8/29. A friend of mine is up on Spyrock today visiting Louise’s husband.

  • Super sad tough women wasn’t ready to leave the earth. Hopefully a lesson is learned here. And ask karma to catch up with the person who was in a big rush.

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