[UPDATE 11:03 a.m.] High Speed Pursuit After Gunshot in Hoopa; High School to Go to Lockdown

High speed pursuit

[Photo by Oliver Cory]

Law enforcement is pursuing a vehicle after a single gunshot was heard in a residence near the south end of Hoopa. The driver reportedly drove up to the residence aggressively and soon after a single shot came from the residence. According to the reporting person, the shot was near or in the home of the driver’s girlfriend.

10:47 a.m.: The pursuit is headed northbound entering downtown Hoopa.

10:49 a.m.: Now they are southbound on Carpenter Lane.

10:49 a.m.:  The driver is headed towards Hwy 96 on Jackson

10:50 a.m.: Now they are southbound on 96 passing the Transfer Station.

10:51 a.m.: Speeds are over 100. The pursuit is headed southbound over the bridge.

10:52 a.m.: . The driver almost had a traffic collision with a Nissan.

10:53 a.m.: CHP is now in pursuit and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s officers are westbound on Boozer.

10:53 a.m.: The pursuit is now southbound on Shoemaker

10:54 a.m.: Now it is northbound on Hwy 96.

10:55 a.m.: Another officer is near the scene of the shot attempting to “locate the victim’s residence” to check if there are any victims of the gunshot.

10:56 a.m.: According to the officer, “Request you notify Hoopa High School and recommend they lock down.”

UPDATE 11:03 a.m.: The victim is being uncooperative and law enforcement is terminating pursuit.



  • Laytonville Rock


  • WILD WILD WEST!!All that’s missing is the horse’s and spurs!!!

  • Hardly something to make light of. Innocent people can get killed. Anyone stupid enough to run from cops in the first place (ever hear of ‘radio’?) is stupid enough to kill people.

  • Yea I’m glad he’s still running around. Hopefully, at least stays in Hoopa!

  • Downtown Hoopa. Love it…

  • Actually from what I hear, he was the one shot at. But it makes you wonder: “What was he guilty of, to make himself flee from the police?” HE ran several people off the road, and almost hit a pedestrian. I understand why they stopped pursuit, it was to dangerous for the innocent bystanders. They have his name however, so I hope they locate him soon. I’m so tired of this crap! Why don’t the Feds step in and do their job? Why not bust the drug dealers? I love my valley, but it has gone to Hell in the last 20 years!

  • Shared a room with a girl from Hoopa whose foot got shot with a shotgun, not funny!

  • Thankfully school was not in session yet. Pretty harrowing for the other drivers and pedestrians!

  • Wish my children didn’t have to travel out to that hell hole for sports …

  • Be the light in the darkness. Many are trying new approaches and the valley will one day rival the best of areas in California. I believe that evil only exists as long as no one stands up against it. We are standing up out here. There are great initiatives, such and trauma informed care and restorative justice programs to bring this valley back to it’s cultural glory. The schools will become the diamonds out of the rough. Come to a dance, come to a tribal counsel meeting or the school. you’ll see how much change has occurred in the last 2 years. We have a long road to go and their is a great deal of work to do, but it is worth the blood, sweat and tears. I lived in the bay area as a kid, and saw Marin City go from drug infested den of gangs, daily drive-bys and open drugs sales to the thriving, hard working community it is today. Give it time, give it a chance, give it some help…most of all give of yourself. It’s easy to be in the audience of a prize fight, but to be in the ring, making a difference, that’s the best seat in the house. It would also help if Kym Kemp and LOCOP would make and effort to find those positive stories and print them as well….maybe pick up the Two Rivers Tribune and get some positive stories to help people understand the Klamath Trinity Areas.

    • SohoArt, I believe what you say. I’m struggling though as a mostly one woman writer of stories to cover everything. Please though, when you know of a good story, bring it to my attention.

      • Kym, create a dialogue of good will and interest with the true leaders of that community. The educators, the tribal leaders, the community coordinators. There are plenty of great and successful stories.
        Joe Marshall, Dusty Rossman, Melodie Moore, Vicki Kurtz…all teachers, all leaders that I as a fellow teacher, look up to. Not all of us are indigenous to that region, but we all are on a common path and have a common longterm goal to see the valley become great. In some way I feel that if we can help this valley break through a cycle of trauma that has existed for sometimes generations, then maybe it will have a ripple effect tot he rest of our region, county, state or country. Some of their native dances are to heal the world.
        They “pray” and dance to heal sick children, and world peace.
        The most prevalent ritual here in the Hupa Valley is the conducting of a triad of dances – the white deerskin dance, the boat dance and the jump dance – but there are also others, such as the brush dance, outlined below.

        White deerskin dance (Xonsil-ch’idilye) – This is the first of three dances that the Hupa perform in the Fall in order to bring balance to the world. It lasts for ten days. It prepares the people attending the second ceremony, the boat dance, by removing evil from the people.

        Boat dances (Ta:’altul) – The second dance in the series of three, is conducted during the last days of the white deerskin dance. Its purpose is to gather prayer from the past, present and future.

        Jump dances (Xay-ch’idilye) – This the last dance of the trio. It’s designed to re-create the world and bring it back into order.

        Come to know them and better stories will just flow like the river that runs through the valley. A great one to start off with is TIM…Trauma Informed Movement..it’s the bases for healing our children who come from Toxic environments. We are doing more than punishing the students when they make bad choices, we are finding the roots to the behaviors. They hired two local psychologists, and have another working on her degree for primary work at the 9-12 grades. They are working on bring a “on campus” health clinic, STEM programs for schools, cultural strength programs. Many former students are coming back after bachelor degrees and graduate work and helping their regions. They are upgrading the schools to modern 21st century facilities.
        I can shoot you tons of pictures and point you in a positive direction. When I hear of a story for you that brings a better light to the area, you will be the first person I contact. You have my email, time to start a dialogue.
        Final dance is this Sunday. There is an experience for you.

  • So the “victim” was being chased?

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