[UPDATE: Road Open] HAZMAT Team in Shelter Cove Area for Spilled Diesel

Yesterday, a little at approximately 12:40 p.m., a dump truck overturned on Shelter Cove Road not far from the General Store. Its load of gravel poured out over the roadway. There were no injuries.

However, about 20 gallons of diesel spilled, according to Shelter Cove Fire’s public information officer, Cheryl Antony.

Today, HAZMAT is on scene cleaning up the spill.”we’re directing traffic on the Shelter Cove Road from the store down to lower Toph’s,” explained Antony.

There will be one-way controlled traffic. “We’re directing traffic on the Shelter Cove Road from the store down to lower Toph’s,” explained Antony. Please be prepared for delays.

Also, Antony advised, “Wear your seatbelts. It probably saved these lives guy’s lives.”

Shelter Cove Fire helps clean up the mess.

Closeup of the gravel and broken glass.

UPDATE: SHelter Cove Road is open

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Wow glad no one was hurt, lot of front end damage, maybe lost their brakes? That’s a long hill.

  • The fashion police should arrest that guy in the pink shirt 😂

  • So they waited a hole day to clean up the spill.
    Seems ridiculous to me.
    It’s had plenty of time to seep into the ground and into ground water and move!
    I hate hearing about diesel spills, especially when they are not cleaned up immediately.
    Glad the driver wasn’t hurt though. That road kills.

  • So glad he wasn’t hurt.its a good day when you can walk away from a wreck!!

  • I just HATE those hole days.

  • It’s toth rd not lower tophs

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Where exactly is the marihuana connection to this story, it’s got to be there, but can we dig deeper and expand on how marihuana caused this accident?

    • Not just NO. but HELL F’ING NO!!!! Go Away!!!

    • I bet they were high on marijuana! There all happy now?

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        The driver wasn’t high on marihuana, because they are drug tested.

        I’m thinking The Marihuana Caliphate is behind this accident. Just my gut feeling on this, but dope growing jihadis attacked road maintenance trucks in AP, so it’s not beyond these terror groups to do this.

        People need to report dope growing, bearded, Toyota driving, bill hat wearing terrorists of The Marihuana Caliphate to authorities.

        The sooner the better!

        • No the illegal caniadian immigrants driving these trucks are not tested, they also disguise their color and gender so they don’t get caught, mostly darker pigments to throw you off their trail. All are high on b.c. Bud, been smuggling it here for decades disguised as humboldt weed, who do you think started the caliphate! Do you homework most trucks and bill hats are made in Canada think about it, the enemy is right behind you and you dont even know it!

  • Actually diesel will degrade over time. Its motor oil thats really nasty. I remember a motor oil dump out China Creek way that required the site be excavated and all the contaminated soil be trucked to Bakersfield for disposal.

  • Don’t hire Don’s asphalt paving out of Redding. They are obviously idiots. Chip seal is garbage, don’t let them do it. They ruined my driveway in Fortuna last summer.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Don’t slander a company that drug tests it’s workers.

      More to this story and when the dashcam is released, we’ll see how marihuana growers and their dream of The Marihuana Caliphate caused this wreck.

      I feel that every person growing The Devil’s Lettuce is to blame for this wreck, and is deserving of punishment in a court of law, that jihadi marihuana growers feel they are above.

      Any company drug testing is fine by me.

      I wouldn’t mind seeing mandatory drug testing to buy property.

      Keeping dope growers out is beneficial to communities.

      No community wants dope grower crime, dope grower terrorism, and proper parents don’t allow their children to mingle with dope grower offspring.

      Real honest, hard working, proper folk-

      Don’t grow dope or even allow dope growers near their property.

      Dope growers can go back to their slums, get out!

    • Interesting..A guy comes tooling up my driveway in Miranda tuesday morning. Says he’s been doing a job in Redway and has some material left over and doesn’t want to haul back to Redding and he’ll do my driveway with what’s left. He comes on like he’s going to do it for next to nothing. Now the stretch of driveway I need repaired is rutted dirt and he is purporting to chip seal it. He then tells me he’ll do it for only $3500.00. I know enough about paving to know that chip sealing dirt aint going to work and declined. Looks like the heading back to Redding story was B.S. . Or at least his driver is taking the long way home. He left his card “Don’s Asphalt Paving”. I checked the better business bureau they haven’t rated him yet even though he’s been in business since 08.

      • I saw the work they did on a driveway. It looks pretty good to me.

        • The hustle about being on their way to Redding was just that. Was the driveway you saw already paved?

          • Yes. And it looked very nice. A crew of multiple guys spent about five hours putting it down.

            • I have no doubt that chip sealing a paved driveway would improve its appearance but pouring oil and gravel on dirt might keep the dust down but it doesn’t significantly improve the condition of the driveway. The salesman made several misleading statements. I tend to believe “Teegan’s” assessment (above) of this outfit. This is my opinion such as it is. Chip seal is not asphalt.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          A few years back, our neighbors hired out-of-town contractor to asphalt their driveway. The job looked good and they asked if we needed the same service. We were planning to use concrete so we declined. It makes sense that a contractor would bring plenty of asphalt with him/her and then not want to haul surplus back home. Might be legitimate. Caveat emptor.

    • Teegan I work at dons asphalt paving you day that we ruined your driveway I would like to know how we did this please call us let’s discuss this don’t just bash us in social media as for chip dealing over base or existing gravel driveway yes you can it has been done for years before they paved roads with asphalt they used chip seal so please check your facts chip is is a much cheaper way to do your driveway or road way in today’s world of high prices we offer less expensive ways to maintain your property if you prefer paying the higher price by all means we will do it for you remember your pay for what you get you can buy a timex watch or a Rolex they both do the same exact thing but look at the price difference driveways are the same most people on this day and age don’t understand chip seal cause they haven’t seen enough of it when chip sealing over gravel dirt or base two layers will hold up just fine but if you wanna be a big player and get asphalt we do that to we will do your job how ever you want it done but please don’t bash a good company cause you didn’t want to spend the money for asphalt and wanted chip seal to be just like asphalt

  • HoneydewChumpDestroyer

    Considering 1 drop of diesel juice pollites 3000 plus gallons of water, these guys better clean this shit up, thouroughly! No humboldt half ass shit job!

  • Thinking allowed

    Honeydew Bridge CHUMP must be rolling on the floor laughing every time at the way some rise to his bait no matter how small it is.

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