Marijuana Grower Shot by Butte County Sheriff’s Deputy in Dispute Over Cultivation Ordinance

Water and marijuanaPress release from the Butte County Sheriff’s Department:

On Tuesday, August 22, 2017, members of the Butte County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) SWAT and Crisis Negotiations Teams responded to a residence on the 1900 block of Durham-Dayton Highway to serve a felony arrest warrant charging Mark Aaron Jensen, 56, with threatening public officers. The arrest warrant resulted from an incident originating on Monday, August 21, 2017. During that incident, Butte County Code Enforcement Officers served paperwork at Jenson’s residence due to marijuana being illegally grown, in violation of Butte County’s Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance. Jensen, was outraged and began calling the county Code Enforcement and Sheriff’s Offices, making threats against officers.

BCSO deputies attempted to make contact with Jensen by telephone on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 in an effort to negotiate his surrender. Jensen, however, would not answer the calls. BCSO then received additional information that Jensen was becoming increasingly more agitated and was armed with several firearms, including a rifle. As a result, the BCSO SWAT and Crisis Negotiation Teams were sent to the area in a further attempt to secure Jensen’s surrender and take him into custody. Before the teams could attempt contact, Jensen brandished a long gun at an uninvolved motorist, who by happenstance had pulled off the road in front of his residence. According to the motorist, Jensen threatened to shoot her if she did not immediately leave the area. The motorist fled and called 9-1-1.

BCSO SWAT and Crisis Negotiation Team members approached Jensen’s residence in an armored vehicle and attempted to establish communication with him over a loudspeaker. Jensen, who was in his house, would not respond. After a period of time, the team backed away from the residence and developed an alternative plan to deploy the Bomb Squad robot closer to the house and utilize its on-board camera and loudspeaker to establish communication with Jensen. At approximately 7:30 p.m., before the robot could be deployed, Jensen came out of the residence, armed with a handgun, and walked into the middle of the roadway. Jensen waved the gun around in an angry manner and then pointed it at deputies in the area. Fearing for his safety and the safety of other deputies, Deputy Matt Calkins, a ten year veteran, fired a single shot, striking Jensen. SWAT team medics immediately attempted life-saving efforts; however, Jensen died at the scene. The handgun Jensen pointed at deputies was recovered from his person and found to be loaded.

The Butte County Officer Involved Shooting and Critical Incident Protocol Team has been activated to investigate this deputy involved shooting. The Protocol Team is comprised of detectives and investigators from state and local agencies throughout Butte County. The team works closely with the Butte County District Attorney’s Office to conduct complete, thorough and independent investigations in cases of this nature. Further details related to this matter will be released by the Butte County District Attorney’s Office when the investigation is completed.

Deputy Calkins has been temporarily reassigned from field operations to administrative duties within the office, pending completion of the investigation.



  • Suicide by cop, [edit]

    • You are a heartless beast. That was a human being.

      • So are the cops he was threatening. It sucks but he brought this all on himself.

      • Are you kidding? He “brandished a long gun at an uninvolved motorist”, then “waved the gun around in an angry manner and then pointed it at deputies in the area”, I think it’s safe to deduce that he was a danger to many people. Elvis is right, he did bring this on to himself. I don’t feel sorry for people who threaten others with weapons.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        We know that. We know he was mentally unbalanced. Suicide by cop.

        • He was my best friend, and had just retired looking forward to slot. He was not crazy… He was a blessing to many

      • Perhaps acting like a rationale human would have prevented the fatal encounter.

  • Why can’t they just shoot him in the leg or something other than a to kill shot?

    • Because his gun was loaded and he could still used it if the shot didn’t incapacitate him. A shot to the leg or arm, doesn’t matter he still could’ve killed an officer.

    • Thank you for offering a reasonable solution considering there was a SWAT team to ensure a wounded man did not miraculously recover from a gunshot wound sufficiently enough to then take aim and THEN shoot an officer…

    • My thoughts too. Shoot to kill then try to save his life.. Don’t get it…

    • You watch too many cop movies.

    • My 80 year old mother asks the same thing all the time. She remembers when perps were shot in the foot or leg, now cops just do kill shots.

      But hey,if you can shoot&kill someone and know you wont be punished for it, then it must be hard to stop yourself when youre angry. Or so it seems all over the country.

      And wouldnt it be great if the whole logging and ag industry were regulated this hard, those are the real destroyerz of nature.
      Chew on this, marijuana is more regulated than any of the industrys, even small farms, that produce the food your family eats. Way more.

      • one with the land

        well said

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        Logging industry has been dead or nearly so for 40 years now. Time to move on. Clean up the grows before BigGovernment comes and does it for you. Weed is barely regulated past a few county supervisors meetings. Also you don’t have a strong knowledge of laws when it comes to agricultural regulation and logging (e.g. plant health, safety, weights and measures, manure and fertilizer use, water rights, marketing requirements, run off control, property easements, climate change and sustainability through methane gas reduction, overtime requirements for ag laborers, equipment safety and inspections)… is a VERY long list with multiple agencies enforcing laws through the EPA, Coastal Commission, various county departments and hell, even Fish and Game.

        I’ll give you a hand. See if you can read it all in a month. Note: you’ll probably need an ag attorney to help sift through it. Now, about how marijuana is more regulated than anything else “agricultural”.

        CA legislature has 24 divisions of codes for ag use.

        Oh and logging? Start here:
        CalFire and Forest Practice act of 1973–side bar of page has a bunch of external links that pertain to logging laws

        So you see, to say MJ is more regulated than either ag use or logging without comparing the three…well…..I had to laugh.

        • Thank you for your efforts in trying to educate those that just regurgitate the same ignorant phrases (just because you say it often enough does not make it the truth). I would hope that at least one person would take advantage of the opportunity to learn since you were kind enough to give them a lead but sadly, most will be on their righteous high horse and discount it because they know better and are always right (the life of the NPD/ entitled). But hey! At least you tried!

        • What came first logging or logging regulation? Compare apples to apples. Growers have not had that right.

      • They were never shot at intentionally in the foot or leg. Speak of what you actually know not what you wish you knew.

      • The cops don’t use warning or limb shots for one simple reason- any shot can kill. If the situation requires that a gun be used, then the situation is severe enough to use deadly force.
        The alternative would lead to cops unintentionally/ accidentally killing people when they only wanted to disable them. Imagine a cop who tries to shoot a gun wielding “suspect” – who is in motion- in the leg but misses and hits a major artery. It doesn’t work.
        Every bullet has the potential to kill, no matter what the officers intent. Only shoot when it’s a matter of life and death and be prepared for every shot to result in the loss of life.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Why is it so hard to understand that if you brandish weapons at police or citizens, you may be shot. Mental illness is a tragedy but if you point guns at anyone, you may be shot yourself. The mentally ill deserve help and understanding, but there is no free pass to threaten or assault anyone.

  • WHY shoot to kill? Sounds like this situation escalated way too fast…was it really worth a man’s life? Could he have been cited on day one with a future court appearance? Once a SWAT TEAM with an ARMORED vehicle is sent by law enforcement a person is toast no matter what they choose to do – surrender, not surrender, WTF? If a neighbor threatened a neighbor would we see this military response? I am just sick that a man had to lose their life over getting upset over losing his crop, ie. Livelihood ? DAMN! No – I do not have a dog I this fight – my outrage is from how quickly this escalated considering the man tried contacting officials on day one. Sounds like (please prove me wrong) that if you threaten law enforcement verbally (days one and two) then BY GOD law enforcement will MAKE you really really sorry.

    • you miss the part where he threatened a citizen parked next to his property? a threat to no one, indeed…

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Yeah, really. People decide what they want the facts to be, then interpret writing to fit pre-conceived notions. Some folks are violently insane and must be dealt with as such. That’s the inconvenient truth.

    • Your comment cannot be proven wrong. Badge-heavy bulls are a dime a dozen in the rural counties. It’s why they are there; killing people is just another way of Keeping the Peace, and the military toys are fun to use.

    • Dramagueen, the answer to if a neighbor threatens a neighbors life are we going to see a military response…yes. The news is full of stories of standoffs. Contrary to beliefs the cops are really not in control of stand off situtations. They make decisions based on the person’s actions. That person’s choices dictate how it will go down. These are tense situtations for everyone involved. Hopefully you are never involved on either side. When it ends this way no one wins. Even a so called “non life threatening wound” can cause death. We complain about John Wayne type cops yet we want them to make television type shots. Reread the story with an open mind and you can see it was a no win situation for all there that day…don’t Monday night quarter back unless you have been there.

    • Over a two day period is not a short time. I consider that a long time to have a loose cannon raging. Obviously he was crazed (mental or drugs) but he went out of his way to call the cops down on him. Who goes and calls the law to rant, rage and threaten? I bet that innocent by-stander is thanking her lucky stars he didn’t unload his gun on her! I’m not sure a half of dozen non-fatal shots to that angry individual would have slowed him down. Would be interesting to read some of the recordings (if any) of his calls. Will they do a toxicology report on him?

    • Reread the story. Slowly.

  • He was a danger to no one, other than the invading police.
    This is utterly disgraceful.

    • Tell that to the woman who just happen to have stopped on the public road infront of this man’s house. She was clueless what was going on, bUT was subjected to a frightening experience.

      • She was sent on her way, unharmed.

        • So if you stop on a public road out side my house and I come out waving a gun telling you to leave or get shot, it is OK with you? I don’t belive for a second that you would be OK with it. No harm no fout he just sent me on my way…at least he didn’t shoot me. I have the feeling you would be on the phone to the cops.

    • Wrong, he was the only one threatening anyone with lethal force, repeatedly. He could have surrendered. And, people are capable of pulling off a lethal shot after being wounded. It has happened countless times, both by murderers, and heroes. The disgrace is this man caused his own death for his illegal grow! His family is forever changed, because of his anger while armed and loaded.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      OK. So cool, just shoot the police then. Is everybody nuts?

  • Dead men tell no lies. And no inconvenient truths that might contradict The Official Story. RIP.

  • unhinged people who have guns and brandish them are opening themselves up for these kinds of results, sadly a bullet from LE is the most mental health services some of these back counties have…
    i avoid conflict…reminds me of the CAMP days: the helicopters would be coming and some people would run TO their patches, i guess to harvest some, i would run the OTHER way…

    • Yes…CAMP was fun. We ran TO our dry shed and bagged as much as possible, dragged it downhill and stashed. Many did that kind of stuff. Harvesting plants from the end of the patch as they entered from the other side then running away with at least a few bags worth. These are the people I was friends with- the brave people. We were fighting a war on drugs, man! And we were on the right side of history.

      • Scanner on the hip at all times during the season. The whoop whoop you heard on the wind meant running to the patch not away from it. Pulling up water line in-between patches so they had to site each one with the chopper and not just follow the line. Eagle 1, 2 and sometimes 3!!!! Booger, Wayne, Steve. We used to call them the Boys of Summer. 155.475! If you know what any of that means then you were there!

      • Good times, for shor! But hurting people over weed/money/principals was less appealing to me, that’s why I got out.

  • Times are getting more and more crazy.

  • lol, hundreds

  • I won’t fish out Ponderosa Way anymore due to the amount of 40-50 something mentally ill locals that you will encounter. the remote part of Deer creek was one of my favorite.

  • ButteCountyAgain!!!

    The Butte county sheriffs department is living in the dark ages! Butte county is one backwards place in Northern California. It has a huge Meth problem but focuses on Cannabis which is now or very soon going to be legal. Time to wake up law enforcement, go do your real job, yeah the hard one!

  • Great news. One less shitbag . Lots more illegal growers to bust. Get busy leos.

  • Police should have much better training. Part of their job s risking their lives, they should not be able to murder people anytime their lives are at risk.

    However, any adult in our country should understand that this is currently the way things are. Point a gun at a cop, even in an empty gesture while obviously mentally disturbed, and you’re dead.

    • Thinking allowed

      You’re going to cough up a lot higher salary and advertise jobs in Idiot Daily if you think that is a job requirement. “Must be willing to die to preserve the life of someone looking to kill you.” Just ignore that gun until you know the threat is serious? As in already shot? Must conduct an extensive pschological evaluation in the second before returning fire after seeing a gun pointed at you?

      Way too much Hollywood fantasy.

      Police face an unknown but not rare risk in just showing up to do what others run away from and call them to handle. The US is a country having a love affair with violence.

      • Not to decry these professionals paid to confront danger, but I am pretty sure the SWAT and the deceased were not squared off face to face, that SWAT were behind car doors and trees and shields and had body armor. Then again, we weren’t there.

      • Nice strawmen. You’re very imaginative.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Currently? We all have the right to self-defense, even police. Sheeeeesh!

  • Butte county is better shot than EPD, impressive deputy

  • I have absolutely no respect for cops that abuse their Authority and act outside the rule of law, however I do respect cops that do their job and respect the citizens. In this instance if what they say is accurate, I can find no fault of the cops, lf someone was to brandish a weapon and pointed it at me loaded or not acting in a crazy manner or not, more than likely I would shoot at them too. We can discuss whether or not weed is legal or not or whether it should be legal or not all day long, the fact of the matter is if a SWAT team shows up at your house with an armored vehicle and a bomb robot the last thing any sane fucking person would do is leave the resident and point a loaded weapon at the cops.

    • All true but then note that NO other officers fired, just one…whatever that means, none of us were there.
      Why did they not first use anything less than lethal force, a couple of shotgun beanbag rounds are pretty incapacitating..and several other options before killing someone.
      Deceased was obviously not making very much sense, and least the sheriff’s office tried to contact him and resolve it before this happened.

  • He was right to be angered, but he was wrong in reacting to his anger.
    It’s important to understand, that resistance to overreaching governments, must be fought in a court of your PEERS. Demand that.
    It’s important for the cops to understand they are committing unconstitutional acts against the private property owners.
    It’s important for the jurors to know the motto “No victim? No crime! Nullify”. and “Show me where in the constitution they are granted the power of authority to control a person’s private property in any way, shape or form”.

    They can’t.

    An unconstitutional law is no law at all. Nullify.

  • Normally i am critical of police use of force, but this one seems justified. It was one shot not 15 or 20. Getting shot in the leg can just as easily kill a person as a center mass shot infact it could end their life faster. Arteries run down both legs and you can bleed out in under a minute if it is punchured. Most normal none snipers type of law enforcement or even military are taught to aim and shoot at center mass as it is concidered a larger target and easier to ensure a hit instead of having bullets flying around missing target and hitting something else. It sounded like they were attempting to talk this man down to arrest him. It wasnt a no knock kick his door in at o dark thirty and shoot him as he is reaching in his nightstand not knowing who was coming after him. Sounds like this officer acted professionally and acted to ensure the safety of himself fellow officers and general public since he did threaten to shoot a woman. Good shoot imo. Instead of threatening officers with violence use a camera and lawyers, not to smart to threaten armed men who can kill you and not go to jail with deadly force.

    • This. Expecting police to hit some ‘non-lethal’ part of the body is understandable, but not realistic or safe. A tragedy for all involved there. I wonder at all the shoulder wounds that are shrugged off on screen (so to speak). The shoulder has a pretty complex joint that could be shattered beyond recovery. It also has arteries that could cause someone to bleed out swiftly.

  • Kym, shouldn’t the headline read “fatally shot”? Slightly misleading.

  • Theresa Halfpenny

    Killed over plants that have been cultivated for centuries…. I understand that he made threats by phone. But my great grandma always said it was never shoot to kill just to injure. I assure you that I have seen someone be tazed, and it’s more then enough to render someone incoherent enough to seize control of the situation, not to mention tear gas, percussion grenades, but death is all we see lately….

    • Tasers dont have the range a fire arm has, and those other thing you mentioned arent normally carried around at the ready like pistols are.

  • I love the ‘after the fact keyboard quarterbacks’ on here. An LEOs FIRST responsibility is to come home at the end of shift. Second is to protect those whom cannot protect themselves, sometimes violating the first rule, and third, is to investigate, arrest and incarcerate bad guys. Never think that for a measly +\- $50k per year that an LEO is going to risk his life or career to protect you if you’re an asshole. Although, most cops do just that. And so do all the members of the Armed Forces. All for an ungrateful, whiny, second-guessing punk who won’t do the job that he/she thinks they are far more qualified to do. By the way, I always shoot center mass. It’s the quickest way to stop the problem.

    • From Butte County

      “I always shoot center mass”…How many people have you killed?
      “It’s the quickest way to solve the problem”… perhaps YOU are the problem.
      If your FIRST responsibility as a LEO is for YOU to come home safely, then you’re not a pro. You’re just scared. Please consider a different line of work…

  • I’m surprised by the headline too. I did not expect a death in the story. Usually all headlines are overly dramatic for a purpose. But didn’t I read he went out into the street waving a gun. Shoot him in the leg….oh yeah that’s easy. And then he shoots you back or someone else. Wave a gun at cops and someone is going to shoot you…duh. Nobody should die over weed.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Everyone knows dope growing isn’t allowed in Butte and Lassen.

    Those communities decided that dope growers aren’t welcome there.

    Typical terrorist being armed, above the law in their eyes, threatening people, pointing weapons at women and children, and their fellow terrorist dope growers cry foul when they fall on the battlefield the dope grower made the decision to create.

    Personally, I’d like to see East California sheriffs take control of HCSD, TCSD, MCSD and evict each and every dope grower.

    Sad a dope grower was killed, but the marijuana killed him and that’s why it’s definitely not welcome in most of East California-

    neither are Neo-Hippies.

    Dope growers and Neo-Hippies can go back to their slums.

  • I’ve seen a lot of weed-related press releases.

    Usually they detail how much weed, guns, money they found.

    No such details here, other than about the gun.

    Here’s maybe why:

    “HERE’S WHAT WE [think we] KNOW…..
    Durham resident and father Mark Jensen was growing 6 plants, at least in part for his twin daughter’s medicine. CE/LE arrives with intent to abate. Resistance escalates to standoff, more LE, eventually Mark leaves the house, “brandishing” a handgun, and is shot dead in the street.

    This is tragic on so many levels, not the least of which is that just a few blocks down the road a citizen can legally grow 6 plants with no threat of having his home invaded, medicine destroyed. This was a man under pressure who may have reacted unwisely, but was harming no one.”

    Six plants are legal under Prop 64, but many counties in the area are attempting to stop people exercising that right by using their “reasonable” regulatory power to require that the plants be grown in a permitted outbuilding.

    Broke-ass counties like Butte, which recently closed a fire station and cut library hours, are using expensive chopper flights to seek out even small grows of this size without neighbor complaints. (I don’t think we know if there was a complaint in this case.)

    You can say Mark Jensen died because of his actions, but that gives a stamp of approval to the way LE up here deals with these cases. I’ve seen and heard enough to know that enforcement tactics of LE in the Northstate are meant to terrorize people like this, to threaten them with thousands of dollars in fines and liens on their property.

    It is sad and upsetting, but doesn’t surprise me at all.

    Misbegotten “local control” is a huge mistake that’s likely to cause a lot more suffering along these lines. Serving the interests of law enforcement and urban weed operators alike, its foreseeable impacts on the rural Northstate were not a serious part of the discussion about 64.

    So now we watch the slow-motion trainwreck.

    • “Durham resident and father Mark Jensen was growing 6 plants, at least in part for his twin daughter’s medicine.”
      The children need our help!! Burial expenses, court expenses to save their property from greedy corrupt tyrants, medicines for their ills, and the remaining issues I can’t think of at the moment. Those poor kids!

      “Broke-ass counties like Butte, which recently closed a fire station and cut library hours, are using expensive chopper flights to seek out even small grows …. to threaten them with thousands of dollars in fines and liens on their property.”
      The theme is real.
      They want your properties and assets.

      Google/dogpile/ “why zoning is unconstitutional”.
      a few past example cases
      I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the quote: “”Zoning can be a vital tool for maintaining a civilized form of existence…” … What untrue arrogance!

      continued from 2nd link: “Zoning can be used to regulate “public property”, but not private property. Zoning, when allegedly applied to private individuals, private property, private businesses and private contracts, is a socialistic means of control and revenue collection. It has nothing to do with a constitutional republican form of government required by both the Constitution of Pennsylvania and the Constitution for the United States of America. We must always demand that all those in government strictly follow their constitutional “oath of office” according to the original intent of our founding documents!”

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      He pointed weapon at a woman parked!

      Marijuana Caliphate Jihadi by the sounds of it-

      Threatening terrorism, growing illegal dope, waving a handgun.

      This story sounds like a dope grower, growing where dope isn’t allowed, going off the hook.

      Doubt they would roll on 6 plants…

      Marijuana Caliphate is more like 600 or 6,000.

      Real story to follow.

      • A woman. Are you insinuating that women are the weaker sex and must be excused from all actions that threaten others?
        Are you insinuating that women cannot hold enforcement jobs? Elected jobs? Unconstitutional non-elected jobs that govern the people whether they like it or not?

        A woman.
        Just a woman.

        There’s more to this story than they’re reporting.

      • “Doubt they would roll on 6 plants…”

        You have obviously not spent much time in the Ban Wagon counties of the valley and foothills.

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          Own 1000’s of hay farm in Modoc…

          Dope growers aren’t welcome, but a functioning member of the community could have their plants in the 100 day season.

          Most of the counties that work for a living, have healthy families, and aren’t jihadi marijuana caliphate terrorists, don’t like dope growers.

          Being a dope grower, though noble twenty five years back, is on par with ISIS in this day and age.

          These caliphate terror cells are about to lose their income, and us country folk will profit from cleaning up their mess and making bank from the foreclosure market.

          You dope growers aren’t welcome, and your retreat to your slums will make us bank.

          Dope growing isn’t welcome anywhere except bum camps.

          Get out, you filthy bums, get out like five years ago.

          You simply aren’t wanted.

  • Thank you for doing your job Officer Calkins. Bad all around, but drugs, probably meth and firearms equals all bad for everyone. Only reason I say that is last I checked marijuana didn’t make people pull a weapon.

  • amimissingsomething

    Let me start by saying I don’t ever want a private citizen or an officer of any Law enforcement office to be hurt by a person like this. Now that you know how I feel about other people I want to talk about this man who was shot and killed ( don’t know him). How or why in this day and age can’t something be deployed that is less than Lethal. It is crazy to murder someone over a conflict like this. Back down and and come up with a plan that doesn’t end in the taking of a life of this man who needs mental health appointments, not a leadfilled sandwich. We are supposed to be a civilized society and these types of (unjustified murders) in my opinion….just keep happening!!! There has to be a better way to disarm a crazy person other than deadly force. The officer who decided to pull the trigger should think long and hard about his actions, behavior and if he can think of another way to have resolved this situation without deadly force. All police departments need to come up with something that doesn’t kill the person you’re trying to control especially when he or she needs mental health treatment!!!! jmho

  • Freedom and Liberty Denied

    Forget legalization! Forget Private Property rights, Forget personal property rights, you don’t really even own your land or your house, car or person! The census of a county is counting the people who “belong” to a County, the registration of your car is more proof that you do not own your car! Your rights, personal property and private property, are being trampled by municipal city and county codes, you are a resident of your “incorporated community”… you are the property of the incorporated zoning, you pay them land taxes because they are your “landlords”, what is the difference if the property you “own” is not even in your own personal control and your liberties are governed and regulated by your County landlord, You do not even have the constitutional right to be free from government intrusion…. they will intrude on your private property and steal your personal belongings and property! And if you dare to resist or stand up to your local racist county and city governments and try to say ” No, this is my property, these are my belongings and you will not trespass or steal from me or my family this is what they will do, they will batter, bruise, assault, slander, and possibly kill you in the street for not bowing down to their authority and false power…..

  • What you go and do
    You go and give the boy a gun
    Now there ain’t no place to run to
    Ain’t no place to run
    When he hold it in his hand
    He feel mighty he feel strong
    Now there ain’t no place to run to
    Ain’t no place to run
    One day he may come back
    Repay us for what we’ve done
    Then where you gonna run to
    Where you gonna run
    But one fine day
    All our problems will be solved
    Bang bang bang
    We’ll shoot him down
    Give him drugs and give him candy
    Anything, oh to make him think he’s happy
    And he won’t ever come for us
    He won’t ever come
    But if he does
    And if there’s no one else around
    Bang bang bang
    We’ll shoot him down
    If he preys only on his neighbors
    Brothers, sisters and friends
    We’ll consider it a favor
    We’ll consider justice done
    But if he comes for you or me
    And we can place a gun in his hand
    Bang bang bang
    We’ll shoot him dead
    What you go and do
    You go and give the boy a gun
    Now there ain’t no place to run to
    Ain’t no place to run
    Now we’ll all be at his mercy
    If he decides to hunt us down
    ‘Cause there ain’t no place to run to
    Ain’t no place to run
    If he wants the chances that you took from him
    Oh, and nothing that you own
    Then there’ll be no place to run to
    There’ll be no place to run
    And if he finds himself to be
    A reflection of us all
    Bang bang bang
    He’ll shoot us down
    Before you can raise your eyes to read
    The writing on the wall
    Bang bang bang
    He’ll shoot you down
    Before you can bridge the gulf between
    And embrace him in your arms
    Bang bang bang
    He’ll shoot you down

  • Swat Teams have a Sniper. Why are Swat Snipers not shooting the weapon or the hand or arm holding the weapon ? If the weapon is viewable , the weapon or hand holding it should be a Swat Snipers primary target . Swat was on site , the man clearly did not get a shot off so a shot to disarm was likely as possible as a shot to harm !

    • Tell you what , record a movie of a crazy enraged person witha gun waving it around pointing at the camera, then project that image on a sheet or a tarp, stand back 50 meters and try to shoot the gun only. Like i said you shoot to stop the threat and stop the threat from doing more harm to others. One sgot was all this officer took. If he had tried to shoot a smaller sight picture and missed repeatedly the threat would have had a chance to shoot back or you would be complaining about all the rounds the officer fired trying to just hit the weapon. Fact is there was nothing this officer could have done that would have pleased you.

    • No the targets shold be mid chest

  • Sniper was a on a break

  • Butte county growers

    Lived in butte county my whole life and refuse to have my cannabis illegaly regulated by these crooked, water thieving, air polluting county officials also known as rice and almond farmers. We will continue to grow as much cannabis as we see fit. After all the majority of butte county voted to support legalization of cannabis. RIP mark jensen

  • I grow pot and I don’t like cops I feel we are way over policed. That being said if you point a gun at a man you better shoot while you have the chance or he is going to kill you. This is justified homicide. If someone were to point a gun at me I would kill them without hesitation why would you expect less from a cop

  • If an unstable person is waving a loaded gun around innocent people, they deserve to be shot! Why is there always unnecessary debate about what should have been done?

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