Another Marijuana Motorcade Headed Into the Humboldt Hills This Morning

Water and marijuana

This morning we’ve received reports that an approximately 15 vehicle convoy gathered at the Dyerville Overlook near the Honeydew exit from Hwy 101 again. A number of witnesses place the officers from multiple agencies there between 7 and 7:30 a.m.

This is similar to yesterday’s marijuana motorcade. We’ve contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department and there were no arrests related to yesterday’s Cannabis convoy activity nor did the public information officer know where the convoy went.



  • Yesterday they all came over to regroup in Honeydew. That’s all i know. Person who told me this said nobody (when she was there) knew who they were targeting. Hoping it was some no-heart, no-brain newcomer/greed-rusher, and not a local.

    • regardless of who it is. this operation, especially the they way the locals describe it (take out the competition) is a form of a racket and it is administered by a public agency. and it uses taxpayers dollars to fund it that was described as “more boots on the ground” and specifically not this type of operation. I still would like to know where all the AEO money goes. its not going anywhere I can trace.

      • Pockets,to buy corvette’s.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        It goes to keeping dope growers from human trafficking, selling dope to children, and stopping bearded marijuana caliphate types from terror activities.

        It’s far too lacking and I’d much rather see IFV with AC130 supporting-

        Go property to property to bury every marijuana plant under a been.

        The Marijuana Caliphate must be confronted with the only way they can understand, being the drug crazed savages they are.

        What type of people wage a war on nature and call it organic?

    • Yeah, a friend just told me they were up at the end of Conklin Creek Rd., Petrolia. Big convoy. As far as they knew, not a local scene.

        • Both yesterday and today. Believed to be targeting a Bulgarian and a Brazilian’s grows. These are pretty big operations, up toward Rainbow Ridge and the Buckeye. Locals appreciate this sort of eradication effort (other than the sometimes overkill approach–overrunning other properties, gates, locks, etc…).
          Will let you know if i hear more. I’ve got to get to work!

          • That was the site of the famous google earth flyover from a few years ago with what looked like a mountain top leveled if I am correct.

          • looks of heavy herbicide use from rainbow to 101 on timber property. some tracks are still brown that were sprayed over 10 years ago. hopefully people test their water supplies that are up against these properties or within the same watersheds. these compounds are very dangerous.

            • Lots of confirmation bias with anti pot growing commenters here.

              • I don’t know what that means. I tried to find this massive leveled hilltop but the image is for may 2014, so it must be newer. what I did find is many timber tracks sprayed with 2,4-D to the east of rainbow ridge. I have yet to find a grow that is worse environmentally speaking than what timber Co. do to their properties. the property I live on was cut by hand and yarded by steam donkey. its not feasible fix some of the watershed issues on it but I try.

    • The “locals”are absolutely no better that newer growers, ime they may be the worst of the worst.

  • It’s insane. They still refuse to go anywhere where there are lage concentrations of massive grows. Panther Gap to Ettersburg Rd? Redwood Valley, Titlow and Willow Creek? South County?!!! Places where they could just set up for a week and knock down many thousands of plants. Yet they use their limited (they always cry about “not enough resources”) to go way out to far-flung places and grab ONE operation. then spend hours documenting lame violations (living in a trailer, using an outhouse, etc). They are not doing their job- They are posing. They are doing just enough to produce an appearance of doing their job. But those of us who have a clue as to the extent of the problem know they are being extremely inefficient, just spinning their wheels in what must be an intentional program to knock down a minimal amount while doing the least amount of work… This is a jobs program. And a spend-budget-money program. Designed to fool the city-dwellers into thinking they are “doing what they can”. Ha Ha Ha!!

    • I forgot my papers...

      Maybe you havn’t been out there recently. The Conklin Highway extends almost to Honeydew now. Petrolia folks can skip passport control now.

    • Truth^^^^

    • I agree with you 100%

    • Yes siree, even mendo usually camps out for a few days and cleans out an area. Job security for hcso, or some lame scare tactic.

      • Mendocino does a decent job. People will always complain. But what Mendo does is stick around and knock down an area of large grows- over 25 plants- and chip them up. They count and leave alone the spots with 25 plants- sometimes huge 8-10 pounders…The effect is that everybody gets to pull off 150-250 pounds if they do their work right. This makes it possible for the smaller mom n pops to survive. Humboldt has done the opposite by allowing huge mega-grows to run wide and clear. Of course the Humboldt production has swamped the mom n pops of Mendo, Trinity, southern Oregon and everywhere. Humboldt has done exactly what would kill the small families and reward the largest and greediest criminal operations. I’ve observed closely since ’83 and I put blame squarely on the shoulders of the Supervisors and the HCSD. Followed closely by naive enablers who do not understand market forces or human psychology or social trends in result to media hypes…

        • Exactly. Why did law enforcement allow 12,000 illegal grows to proliferate in the first place? They say there were no funds. Funny, Mendo didn’t have the funds either and have managed to keep things under better control. I say it was pure laziness. And yes, With people sitting on hundreds of pounds from last year and the huge harvest from this year- the glut ( gluttony) is going to be unbelievable.
          Humboldt , it’s over. You shot yourselves in the foot. Thanks green rushers, local and new. You fucked it up good. The Board of Stupidvisors put the icing on the cake.
          Maybe in a few years things in Humboldt can get back to normal and this cannabis madness will have died down. I’m praying for that day.

          • 3,300 properties with grows around 2015, maybe 4,000 now. you can’t count every individual hoop house. if you’re gonna make shit up, you might as well say 30,000 grows. or count plants, 1,000,000 grows?

        • I’ve never made a comment on here in the 10 or so years I’ve been a reader I’ve been seeing a lot of BS talk and hate spoke lately so I thought it would be a good time to ad my 2 cents not going to side or be hateful to anyone I just wanted to give some common sense thoughts and see who may agree or not or what other opinions mite be out there, now I’m just talking no hating or being angry at anyone just hope we can have a calm simple conversation, so I believe prices are dropping and margins are getting smaller because people are going large all over the state and other states so forget hum there’s way bigger PERMITED grows south east of the bay and else where in the state, yes they are permitting else where in the state as I’m sure you all know and in places that are less remote and more accessible then the hills of hum and the land is cheaper and in some places the year round weather is way better for growing from just north of San Diego all the way to crescent city they are growing, supply is at it’s highest level in history the party is over the fast easy money is gone and the name of Humboldt county means almost nothing in the market place now, quality and low prices own the market it’s a reality that all will have to except that made a lot of money in the past, time has caught up with the hustle everyone knows the difference between quality indoor and cheap to produce full term if there was an era of mom and pop grows it’s long over and gone I hope they saved a lot of money when things were good because times are changing weather you like it or not, I believe the county will get real quite in the next few years the weed haters will prob get what they want and that’s ok you can’t be mad at people for not liking some of the riff raff that the culture has brought in, I think you will get the county back for the most part because in the next 5-10 years because the margins will be to low to survive growing small and growing big won’t make sense because there’s to high of a supply already, and it will prob be legal in all 50 states by then, the pendulum is swinging in that direction right now the government just wants to see it can be controlled by the states before they legalize it then there will be no reason for people to grow in the county anymore you can grow indoor anywhere in all 50 states there is nothing proprietary about the weed business except strains but even those can be duplicated in time, now that was all kinda vague just touched on some different topics love me hate me like I said I was just talking.

          • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

            Like wine and craft beer I think there will always be room for smaller quality producers. People with lots of money always like to have things that no one else can get. It will be the same with bud, sure you can get Walmart weed from any store CA. But the finest goods will still be secretive on where to get them how much they cost and who’s producing them. If you have to ask you can’t know and if you have to ask how much you probably can’t afford it any way

          • Just sayin, you are a common sense person! Thank you for your post

    • You mean your buddies ? Just because you got out of the weed game before the green rush when pounds were going for 3600 doesn’t make you any better . You made bank

    • This is the same reason why thr chp will drive by heroin junkies on the side of the street shooting up,but then pull over someone on their way to work for going 5 miles over the speed limit. It’s all about collecting revenue for the state, junkies don’t have money to pay fines but working citizens do. The same reason they target pot growers who generally have money or other things they can confiscate. versus heroin and meth junkies which usually don’t even have enough to buy their next fix.

    • Government is ALWAYS inefficient and has perverse incentives. So called greedy businessmen have to either please their customers or they go out of business. Politicians just have to look like they’re doing something and hand out free shit for votes. Yet over and over again people beg for more government, clueless that government is the cause of the problem in the first place. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • They have been in Honeydew yesterday and today. But I have no idea were they went. Hopefully it’s not a local family. They have a problem out this way but the tend to go were it’s small and safe for them. Do your job and leave the small Mom and Pops alone who are in the permit process!!!

  • More and more, this is reminding me of the old ‘CAMP’ efforts. Spend millions of dollars and man power to accomplish nothing. Nobody is ever arrested (except maybe a couple illegals) and these grows will be back next year. A year from now, people will look back and wonder why all this money was spent for nothing. If the Sheriff’s Dept would fight the street crime as much as they are going after grows, this county would improve 100%. Oh ya……..busting heroin dealers, robbers, repeat felons and car thieves isn’t as glorified as wasting time on marijuana busts.

  • So true I got hit last yr an a good friend left a little 22 in my couch an they found it an they want to give me 16 yrs over the gun an I did not know that it was even there I don’t have a gun I had bb guns oh well go to court an see what is going to happen even with a 215 posted an still they said I didn’t have one crooked cops about time we get rid of the bad ones cost more of the taxpayers money to prosciute the little ones an they should be hitting the illegal ones

  • kym let us know were and who got raided if you would please .

  • Why is this being blasted over the internet, Kym? Many of these operations are supposed to be a surprise. You’re helping the criminals. How about you publish the raids after the fact, and allow the agencies to apprehend the criminals?

  • Why do all of the green rushers go to humco? Must be some suitable places out in somewhere off the radar like modoc county.

  • The CHUMP went silent.
    Probably soiling his pants. Don’t worry old CHUMP, your dreams will come true, you’re next.

    • He was honest when he choose his name anyway.

    • He is busy on the busting crew.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      I’m here.

      My expensive pants were bought from extensive real estate work and the vision to see an end result to a polluted culture.

      In fact, seeing customers or people I hold paper on making RHBB, just makes it all even more worthwhile.

      The waterhole began to dry 10 years ago and the smart ones redirected and moved on to greater things in life.

      I’ll be there as the foreclosure market ramps up to do it all over again.

      Anyone still thinking it’s not over is cool with living poverty stricken.

      It’s been over….

      • In your first comment on this thread you say that 4800 was the time to cut out and invest in real estate. And now you are saying you make a killing in real estate. You hate on weed but you clearly made your money to invest in real estate by growing weed. Now your excited to invest in the market crash that will occur when weed goes bust which will also bring down this county’s main source of income. [edit]

  • Cops after criminals. It is a pretty simple concept. And we have a whole bunch of criminals in our hills.

  • You guys aren’t factoring in all these grows are just starting to flower and russet mites are huge right now the supply will be glut with russet boof trash. People over look the difficulty of scale also. I can say for sure hardly any growers can hack the scale.
    Don’t count the mega grow chickens before they hatch. Game ain’t over yet. My prediction…. tank fest 2017. And please don’t try to tell me all these growers are going to have fields of well grown dank, I will just have to fall out of my chair.

    • I think some will, but most….no way. Pretty hard to treat acres of plants without having some type of russet damage if you got em. If you plan on dealing with a dispensary good luck. They can see the damage in labs.
      How about the fact they keep chewing your buds after harvest.
      Trim it fast and sell it quick guys!! Or you will have a lot of shit weed

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