[UPDATE 7:50 a.m.] Big Rig Accident Near Chapman’s Gem Shop on Hwy 101; One Lane Blocked

overturned semi icon featureThis morning at approximately 5:24, a Peterbilt big rig crashed near Chapman’s Gem Shop on Hwy 101 north of Rio Dell near Metropolitan Road. According to scanner traffic, the trailer at least has flipped over.  One lane is blocked.

The truck driver was briefly stuck in the vehicle but was picked up by an ambulance and is now en route to the hospital.

Emergency operators dispatched a heavy duty tow truck. Another lane may need to be blocked when the tow truck gets there.

UPDATE 7:50 a.m.: The CHP reports that the driver had only minor injuries.



  • Glad he’s ok.65 is too fast for alot of folks.big rigs should have a much slower speed. I know I’m gonna take shit for that,so be it!!!be safe,be alert,arrive home alive!!!!!

    • G-MAS, the speed limit for big rigs is much lower. 55mph in California.

      • Obviously amissingsomething you are uninformed, nowhere in CA can a Big Rig go over 55
        Try CA. VC. 22406A

      • Yes,I know.i meant lower,like 50 if your hauling.my dad drove for market wholesale back in the day,my step dad drove long line for Engle van lines out of Jersey all over the United states so I’m familiar with speed limits which very from state to state. But here the way people drive the limit should be lower.thats all.

        • California is one of the few states trucks have to drive slower than the “normal” speed limit… If so many people weren’t trying to police the roads themselves and cutting in front of trucks and slamming on their brakes the commercial drivers would more than likely be more courteous.. If you see a truck put his turn signal on don’t speed up to close the gap… Most of the drivers around here are up and working well before you would even think of getting up to go to work… they are all just trying to make a buck and go home to their families just like the rest of you…Little food for thought..

          • “…so many people weren’t trying to police the roads themselves and cutting in front of trucks and slamming on their brakes.”

            Some idiot SNOWFLAKES have a death wish!

            • Let them find what they seek…

            • Yes they do, I am a truck driver myself. Racked up 80k miles last year… That time of the morning where it’s not quite sun up is the hardest time to stay awake, (which is when this happened)When a driver does happen to come up on a crappy situation and he does wreck the truck it’s automatically assumed that it’s the trucker’s fault or that he must have been speeding… Where this wreck happened this morning was just south of the jump scales, He was probably trying to make it there so he can get out and make a few laps around the truck and stretch and continue to Eureka…. I would invite any of the people that are on here talking smack about the truckers to climb in a truck and ride with one of us for a week and see what it is that we deal with on a daily basis… Remeber, without trucks, you wouldn’t have the gas to start your vehicles, you wouldn’t be on you couch watching the tv or eating dinner etc… Be safe out there on the roads everyone, Good evening and keep truckin’

              • Amen I’m a driver myself and people have no clue what we go thru out there on the road maybe the state troopers need to start inspecting cars as well as big rigs then everyone would see who all gets shut down

    • G-MAS, The only highways a big rig can go over 55 in Cali is on interstates and major freeways. Otherwise it’s the Double Nickle.

    • All trucks more then 2 axles is 55 mph max by law

    • They have signs on the road if people are hauling something. Speed limit is 55 for them.

  • It’s 55 for anything with more than two axles. That means when your pull a trailer or you are a three axle truck. Read the road signs if you’re still confused.

  • SURE WISH VEHICLES PULLING TRAVEL TRAILERS WOULD DO THE 55!!!!! Following a rig near Loleta, dude was doing 65-70, and was all over the road! Over both lines continuously! Totally not worried about anyone else!!!!! OBVIOUSLY too fast for safety!

    • Totally agree, was thinking the same.
      I thought the speed limit for trucks was 65 based on how fast they drive the 101. Just like im sure theres not supposed to be double trailer semi’s on briceland road and out to the cove. Those double ones are super sketchy on 2 lane rural roads.
      What good are regulations if theyre never enforced?
      Are the chp in someones pocket like the sheriffs? Remember that chp guy anderson and how they found a meth lab in his sisters house?

      • Well yeppers first off Mr Anderson is probably the best CHP I have ever run across. I’m not one to side with a cop but some do there job and some try to do us it seems . Second thing is the biggest problem with the road today is people like you so fucking worried about everyone else that you don’t pay attention to u hell you probably typed ur comment while driving didn’t you . And third of all a meth lab in his sisters house WHO GIVES A FUCK and unless they live together why would anyone put them in the same category. I’m sorry but people like is what has COMPLETELY DROVE THIS STATE INTO THE GROUND . Only way it could be much worse is well fuck it .well fuck it . Take a step back and look at your own place,life,family. I am by no means perfect but I don’t ever bitch about the working Man or Woman and especially trucking families was one myself and I will be again soon if I can bring myself to deal with the bull shit paper work and disrespectful lame fucks on the road

      • The problem is that people complain about trucks all the time. it is always the truckers fault. (BULL )you want your clothes, toiletries, furniture home delivered and you get mad at the driver when he says he cannot. make up your minds. they drive to slow they drive to fast they are only human they have family’s homes stop bitching about the problem when you are one of the things causing it look before you decide to change lanes these Big Rigs can not stop on a dime. Tonage always has right of way think about it. If you see something wrong call 911 or the Highway Patrol real simple

    • I tow a medium size travel trailer and agree that 55 is fast enough. However, when I stick to that I usually have some pretty aggressive and rude behavior aimed at me by impatient drivers. That pressure causes many RV drivers to push the safety limits.

      • Thinking allowed

        Yes to that. Plus turn outs are not much maintained by the county and sometimes have such huge drop offs from the pavement they are all not usable. Only two of the five going up Greenwood Heights, for example, are both big enough and safe enough for use when hauling a trailer.

  • Yeah right. They go 50 through town.
    They always fly past on the corridor over 50mph.
    They go over 40 down 6th St,Eureka. Thats why 6th is full of potholes. Just watch their tires rip the asphalt at a red light. Myrtle is big enough,but 6th st is now a logging road?
    It seems like the bigrig drivers are always on a cellphone. Maybe they’re exempt.

    8 hours a day on the road I see a lot a bad truck drivers. A lot!

  • Many folks believe that speeding is solved by lowering the speed limit. That makes zero sense because if people are already exceeding the speed limit, then how does lowering the speed limit impact the speeders? All it does it make the majority of drivers who are driving at a reasonable and safe speed, potential law breakers.

  • Thinking allowed

    Unfortunately too many drivers of cars see the space a big rig driver tries to leave in front of him,so he has time safely stop, as an opportunity to pull into traffic or change lanes. And then frequently the car has to put on the brakes immediately in having pulled into too small a clearance. Leaving the truck driver to hit the brakes harder than is safe to keep from hitting the car. Which I imagine would be denounced with smugness as the trucker’s fault if he did.

    I wish the public would think about just how long it takes to stop with all that weight behind you. I remember being with a person driving a trailer when a car dived in just in front , causing her to jam on the brakes and yell “ass.” And immediately I had just time to yell “Other ass” as another car pulled into the little space she had just made by hitting the brakes so hard. She had to hit the brakes hard again so the rig jack knifed.

    So maybe that poor driving by cars contributed to trucks moving faster than they ought because it might just be judged safer to move at the speed of surrounding cars than what would be chosen if cars drivers would behave more sensibly themselves.

    • Will someone tell me please, why, when I am driving from the Miranda area to Eureka via 101, and going between 60 & 65, I will look in my mirror, only to see the truck’s grill ONLY behind me. The driver will then pull into the other lane to pass. After passing, the truck will pull back into my lane so close, that I almost can’t control my vehicle due to the slip stream.

      For 6 years this was a daily thing, due to my job. It still happens when I am with another driver and they are the one doing the driving.

  • The Only time I see big rigs doing 55 is when the speed limit is 45, every day I get passed on the freeway by truck n trailer when I’m between 65-70, but I also rarely see a car doing 65 either.

  • Heck I drive 70 mph on the freeway, and I get blown off the road all the time 80 or 85 seems to be the speed limit in Humboldt co these days ,and I never hardly ever see CHP at there usual post up places any more like the loleta excist. north or south on and off ramps ?CHP IS DIFFENITLY slacking on speeding tickets .

    • Mogtx, they DO still sit there. There’s a couple other spots they sit at as well. Usually they are just driving quickly to find speeders though as most people know thbnormal spots…

      • I find it odd one comment is awaiting moderation still, and my other comment about the sheriff that flew past me at 100 mph with a wood chipper on its back got deleted. Mind explaining why the censorship? Thanks.

        • I’ve been gone all day. I just got back about an hour ago and I’m trying to catch up on the comments thus the reason why your comment was awaiting moderation. No one deletes comments but me so your comment couldn’t have been deleted. Something else must have occurred.

    • But CHP ain’t slacking on DONUTS!

  • 10-4 rubber ducky!

  • I think it’s funny. I was on way to eureka and I thought a big ass growdozer was flying up on m ass. I was in fast lane going 70 and this truck w push guard and lift ran up on me, so I floored it to put distance between. He stayed on my ass for most of the road from Fortuna to eureka. Eventually, he flew up on right side of me. It was a cop… he had a wood chipper on trailer and flew by me at like 90-100 mph. Wit a wood chipper on his back… lol it’s not just civilians driving irradically

  • It’s a mass momentum problem. Basic physics which no one educated in this country understands. We must contact CrackerJacks and beg them not to pass out CA driver’s license’s in their boxes any more. And maybe tie a license to successfully completing high school.

  • You guys Rock!!hope all of you have a safe and wonderful weekend😎

  • On the 299 on my daily commute the vast majority of big rigs speeding above 55 is usually logging trucks, trucks that haul gravel, Fed Ex, and the transit van. I have learned to get out of their way safely in order to not having them ride my end. The coolest drivers are the UPS vans and the CHP and Sheriff rigs. You pull over so they can pass and be on their way. The school bus drivers always pull over for you to pass. We have learned to safely get out of the way when the intense over the limit drivers ride up on you.

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  • I drive from SoHum to Fortuna five days a week. It blows me away how fast big rigs drive. Most of them 70 – 75 all over the road. If they are driving less than 70, they are almost always on their phone, again all over the road. There is one trucker “Rosetto?” who appears to be texting that rides my ass two to three times a week at close to 70 mph. It’s intimidating to look in your rear view mirror and too only see a grill.

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