Three Accept Plea Deals in Preliminary Hearing for the Case of Trimmers Accused of Killing Laytonville Grower

Kane Blank Wells and Gaestel

Kane, Blank, Wells, and Gaestel

Monday, all seven defendants on trial in the stabbing death of Jeffery Settler, a Laytonville marijuana grower, faced their preliminary hearing. The Mendocino Voice, our sister publication, reports that “Zachary WuesterGary Fitzgerald, and Abdirahman Said Mohamed, either pled guilty or no contest and acknowledged their participation in forcibly robbing Settler at his residence.”

Mohamed Wuester and Fitzgerald

Mohamed, Wuester, and Fitzgerald


The piece covers testimony about Amanda Weist and her son who was, as the Voice said, “first considered…a possible victim of abduction, then a potential suspect, and then a victim of kidnapping during the initial days of investigation.”WiestThe Voice has a detailed article here about what has occurred so far.

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  • That really sucks he seemed like a really nice man Rest in paradise

  • shawn the fisherman

    What charge did they plea? Manslaughter? They be out in 5 to 7? maybe less with good behavior. Sickning!

  • hey Kym, thanks for the info. just fyi, i’m pretty sure you meant to link to the newest Voice article at the bottom of your update, but you did not.

  • kym you are number one in my book

  • Plea deals suck!

    • Plea deals save millions of dollars and countless hours of court time and usually guarantee at least some prison time.

    • Cut the weak from the herd, put a shitload of pressure on them and make them sing. They are still going to do time for robbery, but we get the truth about what went down that night. The other 4 are screwed. This is how it works.

  • Thank you for being you kym!!
    Your “mistakes” are so minor, im glad you have them and are not a robot 🙂
    The grammar in your articles is better than most major news outlets. Its amazing how many mispelled words and incorrect phrasing that make it to print.

  • It seems DA Eyster in Mendo is easy on violent crime, just the latest example.

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    Wow, this is a sad statement about the effects of cash, drugs and greed.

    When you sell your special crops, or your certain posessions, make sure you value your life and the safety of your family, people, and neighbors more highly than you value drugs and money.

    No amount of money or drugs is sufficient to replace the small amount of time you get for breathing and enjoying the pleasures of life on this planet.

    I am a provider, I work for the benefit of my partner and children, and then provide for the needs of everyone else. I hope you will focus on your actual immediate needs, and place the importance of commerce and business somewhere below that.

    Keep a level head. Survive to play another day! Prepare for the worst, but assess your actions in the immediate present. Work, play, live on, repeat!

    Best of luck! Be careful out there!

  • HoneydewChumpDestroyer

    Apparently the DA in mendocino is a no talent ass clown!

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