Nevada Car Makes Unexpected Excursion Onto a Garberville Sidewalk

Vehicle pushed onto sidewalk

[Photo provided by Shanda Centeno]

This morning, a red sedan with Texas Nevada license plates ended up on the sidewalk in Garberville near Ray’s Food Place.

Law enforcement is investigating the incident but speculation is that an unknown vehicle struck the sedan from behind. No one was in the vehicle when it was reported.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Never seen a “stocky” CHP before.

  • Nevada plates actually but who wants a Prius anyway get rid of em!!

  • In other words, it looks like yet another hit and run. This seems like this phenomenon has become epidemic in the last few years. I wonder what drives people to have such a complete lack of personal responsibility and integrity. Of course that may just be a sign of the times given the national news of the last 6 months or so.

  • Nevada is out of weed and looks like they are going to be waiting for this shipment as well,,,,how much weed can you fit in a Prius anyway???????

  • I have to ask: What on the Earth is dis-worthy of a Prius?

    • they scare men suffering from LDS.

      • OK I will ask. What’s LDS?

        Men do get manopause, and ED, but LDS is a religious organization, I think…

      • Personally, I don’t like the hybrid transmission. Was rich once and bought the Hybrid Highlander but even that big old engine had no torque. When you are used to driving manual tranny vehicles, a hybrid just doesn’t cut it unless you pay the big $ for one of those Teslas like Leonardo DiCaprio.

    • Easy, cause Prius’s are always in the way!

    • Want a list? I’ve had the misfortune of driving one. The hybrid transmission gives you very poor road feel, with no consistent correlation between vehicle feel and speed. The brake and throttle act differently at different times (engine running or not, batteries full or not, etc). They corner like crap, especially if you buy the expensive prius-recommended tires. They don’t get better gas mileage than an efficient diesel, despite the higher price tag and maintenance costs. They have a touch screen you need to interact with for functions that should be done with mechanical buttons, requiring you to take your eyes off the road. They have digital speedometers. They’re not particularly reliable, especially if driven on rural roads. The batteries have a finite life, and while replacements have come down vastly in cost, they’re still not cheap. The shifter sucks and bounces into the wrong gear. They have poor ground clearance, and scrape easily. They’re ugly as heck. The center console design is god awful. They’re uncomfortable, and every time you try to move some part of the interior is in your way. The split rear window puts a bar exactly where you need to see. Non-existent towing abilities. They cost a lot, enough that you’ll probably not save money from the reduced fuel usage. Their actual environmental impact is worse than many conventional vehicles, as the additional mining, manufacturing, and disposal of the electronics, batteries, etc, creates more environmental damage than is prevented by the reduced fuel consumption. Parts for them cost more than for other vehicles. The power steering is weird and non-linear. Random delays on acceleration (if it has to start the engine), which could be dangerous. No option for a proper gearbox. Ride is harsh for a vehicle in that price range. Only midgets can use the rear seats on some models. Despite being heavy, it feels cheap and plasticy. I could go on, but it’s time for bed. Oh, plus it seems like 90% of the people driving them are incapable of using turnouts, using the right-hand traffic lane, checking their blind spots, cancelling their turn signals, merging into traffic at the speed of the traffic, or driving in general.

  • HoneydewChumpDestroyer

    Their tolerance is low, due to their shortage ….
    Couple tokes of humboldts finest and this is what happens!

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