Windshield of Mom Driving Daughter to School Possibly Shot With a Pellet or a BB

cracked window

Melissa Calkins believes that a pellet or BB caused this crack in her windshield.  [Photo by Melissa Calkins]

Melissa Calkins believes someone shot her car with a BB or a pellet at 7:51 a.m. today. She was driving her daughter north to the Academy of the Redwoods when, about 100 feet south of the Wildwood/Rio Dell exit, she heard “a loud pop sound.”

It was “louder than the sound of a rock hitting a windshield,” Calkins said. “My daughter was freaked out because we had heard of the [windshield] shootings in Fortuna.”

We spoke to Officer Cy May of the Humboldt County area California Highway Patrol. He said that he spoke to the officer that Calkins filed a report with. The officer told him, he said, that “it most definitely could be a BB or a pellet but he didn’t say definitely that is what it is.”

In spite of there having been numerous reports of window glass being shot earlier in the year and last year, May says that recently “we haven’t had very many [reports] at all.”

If you believe your car window has been shot, find the next safe place to pull over and call (707) 268-2000 to make a report as soon as possible.

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