[UPDATE 5:47 p.m.] Shootout With Law Enforcement in Lake County; Residents Urged to Shelter in Place

In an incident which began about 9:30 a.m., a suspect and law enforcement are involved in a shootout in Lake County. The suspect may be armed with a long rifle, according to scanner information.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is telling residents in the area of Hwy 29 between Kelseyville & Kit’s Corner to stay clear of the area and to shelter in place if they are already there.

“Drivers should avoid the area,” according to the department release on Nixle.

A SWAT team is on the way, according to a report over the scaner.

“[The suspect] could be hiding almost anywhere,” reports an officer describing an area of out buildings and other spots that could provide cover.

“You are dealing with a military veteran,” one of the officers cautions the others over the scanner.

UPDATE 12:02 p.m.: Caltrans reports, “Route 29 is fully closed between Kelseyville and Route 281 (Soda Bay Rd.) due to police action. Lake County Sheriff’s Office and CHP are responding to an incident and there is currently no estimated time to reopening.”

Route 29 is fully closed between Kelseyville and Route 281 (Soda Bay Rd.) due to police action. Lake County Sheriff's Office and CHP are responding to an incident and there is currently no estimated time to reopening.


UPDATE 12:45 p.m.: The dispatcher is relaying information to the officers in the field. She reports, “the mother has contact with the responsible party. [He says] remove the air[plane?] from the area or he is going to blow them down.”
UPDATE 4:40 p.m.: Press release from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office:
Joshua Caleb Brown, 43, of Kelseyville.

Joshua Caleb Brown, 43, of Kelseyville.

On August 14th at approximately 10:30 AM employees with Caltrans were in the area between Cruickshank Road and Cole Creek Road on Hwy 29 in Kelseyville conducting road work. Units with the California Highway Patrol were also in the area assisting Caltrans. The CHP officers and Caltrans workers were confronted by a male subject from a residence in the area. The male suspect fired two shots in the direction of the CHP officers and Caltrans workers.

Lake County Sheriff’s units responded to assist arriving at the location at 1045 AM. Shortly after a Sheriff’s unit arrived on scene the male subject fired another shot towards the officer’s direction. At approximately 1052 AM the suspect fired two additional shots at a State Parks Officer who was at a neighboring residence assisting with a perimeter. The suspect fled on foot in the area which consists of brush and trees.

A perimeter was established and additional assistance from allied agencies was requested. Officers from the California Highway Patrol, Lakeport Police Department, Clearlake Police Department, Lake County D.A.’s Office, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, and Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office responded to assist. California Highway Patrol and Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office assisted with air support.

The suspect was identified as Joshua Caleb Brown, 43, of Kelseyville. The search for Brown is continuing. Brown is considered armed and dangerous and should not be contacted. If you see someone you believe to be Brown avoid contact and immediately call 911.

Highway 29 remains closed to all traffic between Live Oak Drive and Bottle Rock Road. An alternate route of Soda Bay Road to Highway 29 can be used. Live Oak Drive is also closed between Cruickshank Road and Cole Creek Road.

UPDATE 5:47 p.m.: The Lake County Sheriff’s Officer reports, “At approximately 5:00PM Joshua “Buck” Brown was located and taken into custody without incident by SWAT teams that were searching his property. All road closures should be lifted within the hour.”



  • Is there any way we can blame this on wetbacks, or Muslims, or bulgarians???? No there isn’t enough info yet. Damn! (Sarcasm)!!!!

  • Hopefully this veteran can be helped

  • hopefully nobody gets shot.

  • one with the land

    maybe its a vet who is mad because he feels that after fighting for his country he shouldn’t have gotten his crop cut…lol… listened to too much bob marley….lol…..

  • Come on Now! This is happening in Lake County. The fault clearly falls on an ignorant, mentally-ill, unemployed, white, drug-addicted, alcoholic male who was born into a local family plagued by generational welfare (which runs rampant in that county, btw).

    • It must be nice for you to sit up there on your pedestal & pass judgement on people in Lake County. You are a very ugly & pathetic person to say something like that. Just remember, Karma can be a bitch & there may come a day when you find yourself (or someone you care about other than yourself) fighting the disease of addiction and/or fall on hard times & need welfare (temporarily) to get back on your feet, etc. You would be singing a different tune if it happened to you/yours. Have a nice day.

      • Thanks, actually Lake County has the greatest industrial-strength alcoholics in CA. Please make a note of it.

    • One with the land

      True true….lol

    • For 1 I went to school with him and it is non of the things you mentioned.. For 2 you need to know the facts before you start running your mouth. This is what happens when district supervisors want your property for them self’s and the only way they can get it is by f***ing with you and driving you out. They blocked his drive way off so he couldnt get to his house so he made a road around it and here they came to block that off.. This is lake county’s finest hard at work. Messing with property owners when they need to be focusing on the drug problem of the county

      • What do you mean “They blocked his driveway off”? Has a problem with him accessing his property been ongoing? Which district supervisor wants his land?

        I got an encroachment permit (from CalTrans) to access my property. Now no one can say boo about it.

  • He is now threatening to shoot down those in the air.

  • I hope no one gets hurt,and they come to a peaceful outcome and this vet gets the help he needs.if he fought for our country,he deserves that help.God Bless All

  • I see some of you on here think you’re comedian’s. To make fun of a veteran is sad. Have you fought in a war? I doubt it or you wouldn’t have made such a comment. Also I have family that lives there and have never been on welfare. Grow up people!

    • It’s not the pot or aliens.this business is like a steamroller.butane fires,arson,class society.look at his expression.head tilted back.kinda looks like proud and wronged.the fertilizer company is source of domonic acid . talked to these stores about importing phytoplankton,not from ocean that has lost 1/2 of its oysterfood,phytoplankton . for good runoff.50 to 90 % does not go to plants.expect fires,explosions,even emps.

  • You people make me sick…where’s the compassion? This is a Veteran!! I’d love someone to put a uniform on your sorry ass and put you in a time-machine….send you to Vietnam or the Gulf War……pos

  • You know , veterans have a very real understanding of certain things , and tolerate alot, but once they feel they have been pushed to far, and they decide to fight back, their line are far differant than that of non veterans. When you feel you have fought a war for far less then what you feel is happening to you, why would expect anyone to draw a line closer to those that havent. Far to often it is us verses them, and little or no thought is given to how actions effect others , it is about winning your side or theirs. Reguardless of which side people are on it would do us all a favor if we took how our actions effect others that maybe see things differantly

  • amimissingsomething

    Where does the story say anything about the subject being a veteran? Just asking a simple question…

  • before anyone asks , its not this crazy vet

  • One with the land

    This was the funniest news feed blog I have read so far… People so offended..lol…and …I’m not even joking …but it’s still funny…

  • Mr. Brown isn`t a very good shot apparently. Don`t the services teach marksmanship anymore? What is a “long rifle”? A short rifle is one with a barrel length of less than 16″, which is illegal; as is a shotgun with a barrel less than 18″. Is a “long rifle” simply a rifle with a barrel longer than 16″ (measured to bolt face); therefor, just an ordinary rifle?

  • Probably meant long gun as opposed to a hand gun. Other wise the only long rifle I know of is .22lr and that’s a cartridge.

  • This is what happens when the government trains you to kill, as with most trainings, the instinct doesn’t leave just because you leave that environment.

  • This is one of those cases that needs full attention in court itself, not from just the media.
    There are some missing fine points to the reports.
    Why did they block off his own driveway to his own property?

  • Is there an update? Hopefully it was resolved peacefully as possible.

  • Buck Brown was taken into custody at 5 pm on Aug. 14. No one was injured. According to the Lake County Record-Bee Aug.15, Brown had a dispute with his neighbor and he illegally poured concrete to block his neighbor’s apparently legal access to Highway 29. When CalTrans crews were trying to remove the concrete, Brown appeared and started threatening them with a rifle. Yes, he texted his mother saying he would shoot down aircraft but he had no ability to do so. This was a frightening incident to the people nearby, as this unfortunate man was obviously out of control for whatever reason and could have caused a lot of damage, but ultimately did not.
    I moved to Lake County after many years in Humboldt. The slams against Lake Co. are remarkably ignorant. And no, the pesticides did NOT kill everything but hydrilla in the lake. Clear Lake has problems, but it supports an amazing abundance and variety of fish, birds, and other wildlife. Take a chill pill and check your facts.

    • Fact people were pushing him, fact his land and rights to access his land were taken from him, fact us military doesnt allow others to take land from them, why should he ? It is so easy to push people around when sitting on a counsel it is another thing to do it when you know you might have to pay for your acrions with your life . F over reaching goverment control and f people who tey and control you, imo we need more people like mr brown.

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