[Owner Found] Sad Faced Pit Looking for Owner

pit bull in red lightThis sad faced black and white pit bull was found in the woods on Virginia Way near Marilyn and Chester in Arcata. The dog wasn’t wearing a collar.

If you have any information, please call (707) 834 2202.

UPDATE 6:13 p.m.: The dog’s owner has been found!  Thank you, everyone for spreading the word.



  • Yet another bad, irresponsible dog owner… Reminds me of someone leaving a loaded gun laying around to roam around and shoot (bite) people… NO RESPONSIBILITY !!!

  • I've seen that dog, or ones like it, before.....

    Mostly, when I see a puppydog having a bandanna as a collar, it’s the dog of a hippie, homeless person, and/or traveller. If you hear some one like that bitching (pun intended) about their missing pup, let them know about this article, and that phone number above.

  • Just because it’s a pit bull that doesn’t mean it is going to bite someone..all dogs can be unpredictable..we don’t know the circumstances and shouldn’t assume the pet owner is irresponsible..sometimes animals get separated from their families by accident.

  • Come on…..shit happens. I was in a bad car accident in which my dogs escaped out my car window. Was I irresponsible for taking my dogs to the beach with me? I also lost my dog when the UPS guy left my gate open(10 year old pit/Beatle mix that has never bit anything). Should I have chained my dog up all day. Hope he gets back to his people and I sure was greatful to the people that took the time to call me about my dogs…collars and tags go a long way!

  • Most dogs take after their owners, but not always ; the two most vicious dogs I’ve seen in the last couple of years a Jack Russell and a chihuahua. If that Jack Russell was over 25 pounds it would be a BIG Problem. Both owners seem very mellow.

  • All I know is, when your dog is loose, you have no control over it. And as you stated above, any dog can and will do anything, if motivated. So leaving a loose gun of any time to roam around and “fire” when the animal wants should not be up to the animal and the owners take no responsibility for their pit-weapons.

  • Talk to your UPS or FedEx man and they’ll set you straight on who the biters are. And it’s not the large breed dogs at all.

  • That poor guy, this looks like a mug shot!

  • Happy heart for best friends being reunited.

  • Pit and boxers like to jump around. I personally take my dogs collar off so he doesn’t get hung up and choke himself to death.. my spouse has left our gate open unloading grocery bags and he gets out occasionally. Our neghibors know him thankfully. So there can be good reasons for no collar. Stop shaming breeds. I was a mail person and no pit ever charged me. Blue healer, Australian sheep dog and a mini pincer mix have..

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