[UPDATE 2:46 p.m.] 101 Blocked by Head on Traffic Collision Across the River From Phillipsville

At approximately 1:20 p.m., two vehicles crashed and overturned blocking Hwy 101 across the Eel River from Phillipsville. A white Ford Explorer and a grey sedan are both on their roof.

All four lanes are blocked. At least one person has major injuries.

UPDATE 1:40 p.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reports that all the previously trapped parties are free but it says that one of the previously trapped parties has an “obvious leg deformity.”

UPDATE 1:45 p.m.: The Avenue of the Giants is a good detour. Take either the Miranda exit if coming from the north or the furthermost south end of the Avenue if coming from the south.

UPDATE 1:50 p.m.: “We have three patients,” reports the Incident Commander.

UPDATE 2:07 p.m.: We’re hearing that one lane is open for one way controlled traffic. Please consider using the Avenue responsibly for a while longer.

traffic jam due to crash

Traffic is backed up on 101. [Photo provided by a reader]

UPDATE 2:46 p.m.: Southbound traffic has been diverted to a northbound lane. Northbound traffic is in the other northbound lane. There is still quite a bit of debris in all lanes, according to numerous readers.

vehicle on flatbed tow truck.

One of the involved vehicles on flatbed tow truck. [Photo by Trevor Hunt]

vehicle accident

The other vehicle involved. [Photo by another reader]

Debris following an accident

Debris in the other lane. [Photo by a reader]

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  • Just keeps happening??

    • Yes! and it’s disturbing to say the least. I pray over my self, my car and the roadway ever time I hit the highway. Ya just never know!

  • Kym, it seems like there are so many more traffic accidents this year. Do you have any stats?

    • smart phones and the associated addiction is dangerous.

      • It doesn’t at all say they were on their phones, you guys make it sound like all the accidents recently have been with someone on their phone. Don’t assume they were on their phone.

        • head on means head down. they will access the phone data of both drivers and it won’t lie.

          • Head on collisions have been around a lot longer than cell phones…always the result of at least one car crossing into the oncoming lane. Distractions, road conditions, and medical conditions (however rare) all can result in losing control of a vehicle. Not to mention drunk driving. I am not sure why I find you statement obnoxious, but you seem smug that all head on collisions are caused by cell phone use…

            • i’m so sorry for the pain people are dealing with over this.

              i love old cars but hell they were deadly in a wreck. all exposed metal dashboards and thin headliners, maybe lap belts, maybe not and lots of room to bounce around, glass not tempered.

              i prefer the muscle cars of the late 60’s/early 70’s. i had a good variety of them, they were hard and mean and i was lucky with only a couple of near-death-experiences with all those horses running
              …my hubby had a little black falcon just like that one.

              nothin runs like a chevy. unless it’s a buick.

        • Unless the police seek cel records, we wouldnt know if they were on the phone.
          Based on my basic observations on the 101 are that theres a lot of people on their phones. They start swerving a bit.
          Theres little forgiveness on the 101, a glance away from the road in the fast lane and its easy to go just a few feet to the left into oncoming traffic.
          Its kinda hard to believe its not due to phones/dashboard screens/distracted driving, what else???? Speeding has been a long time thing in humboldt, so its not just that. More city folk here too??
          It really seems like its a phone related issue.

      • Texting on these roads is a accident waiting to happen, not if but when!

      • Why is “social” media not very social?

      • Radio surfing would be my guess.

    • My thought is that the increase in Road Construction throughout the North Coast has caused more anxiety among drivers. Everybody looking to make up time somewhere. JMHO.

  • Healing prayers to all involved….

  • These phones are killing us!

    • Yep. Mine has turned me into a troll!

    • ya, speed kills, too.
      and any of a million possible distractions.
      a huge sneeze.
      electronics, munchies, critters in the road…
      arrogance and impatience might cloud ones vision…
      humans should understand everything works on paper, but all people are fallible.
      that machinery designed, produced and used by humans might have built in mechanical faults.
      transport vehicles can’t be trusted and could create a NTSB issues.
      (think ford explorers and tires, fords that jumped out of gear be you were driving them or
      they were parked. pinto’s leaky gas lines and exposed gas tanks, or any of the frequent
      recalls of vehicles.)
      i can’t help but wonder if the truck driver didn’t get a knock to the head and he was in an absent state when he walked away. i’d think if he was evading he’d run into the woods. we have no idea if he’s a decent responsible man or someone who’s never bucked up and taken the blame for shit.

      kym is right to give the benefit of doubt in situations that are still being investigated.

      when/if we find he’s a dirt-ball we can get out the tar and feathers.

      shit happens.

  • But they say more deaths per capita is from Heron overdoses than car accidents or physical violence. That’s scary stats for us. People taking themselves out. Population control????

  • I also say a prayer over my car ,and myself that I make it back safely just going to Fortuna. Because I drive the 36 that pretty much says it all ,and I’m now starting to say my prayers because I’m going to go to town here in about 10 minutes I sure wish i knew why there’s just so many accidents ,but I got to say it’s probably the cell phones that are doing it . the commenter earlier pointed that out.,and it makes a very good point. I have been guilty of doing it myself texting ,and driving ,but now I just pull over, so I don’t worry about killing myself or someone else.i hope and pray that all involved in the accident recovers quickly.

    • It’s terrible, I feel for you driving 36, I drive Broadway everyday and the Safety Corridor, the speed limit on the safety Corridor might as well be 65 and Broadway is a nightmare.

  • Praying for all involved.And I’m praying for all drivers on the road. Please please take care.Mogtx,take care on 36

  • Just alot of traffic on the road, the more traffic the more accidents, but why so much more traffic in the last year? Everyone scrambling to try and see their shit?

  • It was a terrible accident. Very sad driving through the accident scene on my way home.
    My thoughts and prayers are with the families involved.

  • That doesn’t look like a gray sedan, it looks like a white Subaru Outback, like mine.

  • Trevor hunt or anyone with pics: liscense plate # on explorer?

  • My thoughts and prayers for healing for all who were injured. I hope that leg returns to full functionality.

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