The Many Faces of Marijuana at Yesterday’s Yes We Cann Parade and Hullabaloo

Cannabis Royalty [All photos by Oliver Cory]

Humboldt’s homegrown heritage marched through the streets of Arcata yesterday afternoon to show support for the cannabis community. The Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo event was the first of its kind but most likely not the last.

From old to young, from traditional farmers in plaid shirts to glitter and balloon wearing festy types, the many faces of marijuana in Humboldt were on view.

Organizers said wanted to highlight that “[i]t’s time to come out of the shade and into the light to build a future for sustainable cannabis and show our community that we are loud and proud.”

This older gentleman and his young partner led the parade in a horse and buggy.

The event started at Humboldt State University and wound around the Arcata Plaza.

This float highlighted the connection between music and marijuana in Humboldt County.

Celebrating the connection between marijuana and medicine, this convertible and its crew touted the company Humboldt CBD. CBD is a cannabis compound used to combat multiple medical conditions–including seizures. It isn’t intoxicating.

Banners, bros, buds, and Birkenstocks…

Balloons, dreads, leopard print coats, and face paint…Yep, we’re in Humboldt.

“The Yes We Cann Parade is a celebration of our industry’s coming of age and a shift in our culture stepping out of the shade and into the light,” said the organizers.



  • Victor G. Flashman

    OMG you are actually representing in public? Way to market, Humboldt, seems like the public perception of your industry just shifted back to 1989….

    “In your face, everyone!”

    You go, guys!

    This looks like another good example of how to attract the attention you don’t want… Makes good copy though!

  • Nice way to show off art!!Good art,we have alot of great artist’s in HUMBOLDT. We need to pay attention to and show case our Great Artist’s maybe that could bring back Humboldt,it’s better than the shit going on now!!at the least it would be a bright side for us,I’m sick of all the crime. Pot is supposed to calm you down and mellow you out!!!

    • Er.. I think it’s about Money. The other green.

      I’m going to go ahead and assume the armed robberies are NOT to secure some head stash.

  • Wonderful! So this is what we have to look forward to?

  • Oh great, bunch of losers parading around saying “be like us and smoke pot”.

    • Have you or do you know anyone dieing of cancer?they gavemy husband weeks.. No help. I stepped up, informed myself and with cannabis oil and herbs he is aluve a yr later and doing well. Who r u to judge. I am a well educated retired great granma fighting for her husbands life with cannabis oil. Inform yourself before yoh make such ignorant stmnts.
      Have a blessed day.

      • My buddy used cbd oil when he got cancer but the truth is most weed grown here is low cbd and high thc and is rarely used medicinally.

        • Welcome to Business

          Problem is most of this “medicine” is laced with deadly chemicals. 90+% fails testing standards according to State funded findings. It’s impossible to categorize a product that causes cancer as medicinal and flat out criminal. The only way to hold these “companies” accountable is through civil lawsuit. Purchase their Branded product, if in flower form have it concentrated down and tested for carcinogenic products. If dedected sue the supplying company and retailer if the product wasn’t purchased direct. Sue the fuck out of them.
          Have a nice day.

          • There’s a stringent set of tests before any product can go to market [edit]. All those chemicals you’re so afraid of are on the food you’re eating not the bud we’re smoking. Thanks for your concern

        • Shockhorror – there are growers in Humboldy and Mendocino county changing that growing ration in their gardens to a higher CBD content plant strain.

      • How much of the pot grown around here actually goes to children with seizures or people with cancer?

  • Hmmm…I know it’s medicinal for the kids’ benefit,but that CBD photo seems weird to me. Saving lives doesn’t really seem the same to me as taking kids to a weed parade.

    • Jimmydeansausage

      If it is working for the child, why not tell everyone that it is working and pharmaceutical medicines are not. BA had me in 180 Oxy a month. I was addicted. Quit cold turkey went into DTs and now puff from time to time to relieve my pain. No more pills for me!!

      • Jimmy: you’ve upset the peabrain prohibitionist useful pawn idiots for the pharmaceutical companies. THANKS!

    • If it weren’t so far from here, I’d take my kid to a parade celebrating the largest economic engine in the county–one that provides jobs, medicine, and recreational pleasure much like alcohol does. I’d also talk about how it should only be used responsibly by adults or, occasionally medicinally by children.

      • Eh good point kym (seriously). Kinda like taking your kid to the budweiser plant tour n tell him not to drink….but hey…its legal

        • Or like touring a Buddist temple and explaining your own religion–exposing kids to a variety of viewpoints is generally a good thing as long as you talk about your own values.

          • you forgot to mention the associated environmental degradation, tax evasion, black market sales to youth and violent crime…

            • Legal cannabis is subject to stricter environmental laws than other agriculture and is subject to tax laws like everyone else.

              However, I already discuss both the positive and the negative issues with my sons. We took them to meetings on how to ameliorate the negative aspects of cannabis. I am a founding member of the Grow It In the Sun movement and so are my two oldest.

              I’m a strong believer in a nuanced understanding of issues. Do you discuss the positive effects of cannabis with your offspring or only the negative?

              Also, I teach my children to stand up for what they believe in. I’m guessing with you using a name like “dumb liberals” instead of your actual name, you don’t have the same belief?

        • My family doesn’t drink the devil’s piss, but we wanted to check out the manufacturing process. I don’t tread on those who drink that piss water except here, where the peabrain useful pawn prohibitionist spread their snowflake fear and hate while they quaff the devil’s piss: alcohol!

      • Most growers i know avoid taxes and collect social services while bringing crime and destruction to the area. But hey, they do buy big trucks and eat out every night!

        • Most growers I know donate time and money to their fire departments, schools, and other local non profits…You should hang out with better growers. (Yes, there are jerks and paying taxes on illegal money is difficult but there are a lot of nice growers that you don’t hear about because they aren’t getting caught.)

          • Victor G. Flashman

            I would hesitate to state publicly that I give would give drugs to children.

            • I wouldn’t give marijuana to children as a rule though in conjunction with my medical professionals I might decide it was a good idea. Dr. Gupta, CNN’s multiple Emmy Award-winning chief medical correspondent,
              thinks that sometimes it is the right medicine.

              • Victor G. Flashman

                I regard you as a thoughtful and sensible person, and I, personally, would hesitate to state publicly that I might give drugs to children, no matter what a “medical professional” says. The benefits of marijuana, no matter what you think, may not be worth the application of a mind altering substance to a child’s brain, in my opinion. The public’s perception of you should be that you are a responsible person.

              • Victor G. Flashman

                In my opinion, following over 40 years experience as a scientist involved in the application of medical care, and, years of experience as a pot smoker and user of prescription medications, and as a currently clean and sober educated person 65 years old, is that the safest thing we can say about the learned studies you have presented, in my opinion, is that they are inconclusive.

                Cannabis-as-medicine proponents can only state accurately that some symptoms are perceived by the provider to be relieved. Period.

                Pot is not medicine. It has no measurable dose-related effect, and, the mechanism of it’s action is not understood. The perception of an effect in the patient by the provider, is not reliable, especially if it is based upon the report of a patient whose level of consciousness has been altered.

                All this does not matter. The issue is whether or not it is advisable to advocate, in public, an adult giving mind altering substances to children.

                It is not my intention to attack you personally, my intention is to offer my opinion only.

                Thanks Kym!

                • …”Saving lives doesn’t really seem the same to me as taking kids to a weed parade.”

                • There are lots of markers of authoritative speech in your comments, and explicit claims about your experience with science and cannabis.

                  But it’s pure cultural politics / culture war rhetoric when you invoke “mind-altering drugs” as a category.

                  Desoxyn is the trade name for pharmaceutical methamphetamine, and can be prescribed for very young children. Is that “mind altering” enough for you?

                  Psychoactivity is a feature of very many pharmaceutical drugs, including ADHD drugs like Ritalin and antidepressants like Zoloft. By itself, it’s not at all dispositive in deciding whether a child receives a drug.

                  To attack an informed, compassionate, and open-minded position like Kym’s on this issue exposes your ignorance about cannabis, but what’s worse, it shows your fear, intolerance, and ill will.

                  All posing as an (really, the only) adult, reasonable, and responsible position. Pretty gross.

                • Victor G. Flashman

                  You are quite missing the point. Please reread the comments, if you care to.

                  All of my opinions are just that, opinions.

                  I would never give a child Amphetamines, whether prescribed or not. Ritalin is no better, and most antidepressants have numerous side effects. I would not use these chemicals unless I had a serious condition and they clearly helped.

                  In my opinion, drugs are almost never the answer, psychoactive or not.

                  Some prescription drugs are clearly not indicated, and many of them are totally useless. Physicians are allowed to prescribe as they see fit, and prescription drugs are dose controlled and have known action. You get to choose whether to use them or not.

                  Cannabis may relieve symptoms associated with disease in some patients, but mostly, we don’t know why.

                  Conjecture is not science. Cannabis is not the same as medicine.

                  Eventually, we may have other products containing natural or synthetic cannabinoids, but my vote is cast. No cannabis for children or otherwise well persons. It’s just not proven to do anything, and it may do harm.

                  My opinion.

                  Children depend upon us to make reasonable choices. Society may expect us to behave in a reasonable manner. Perception is everything. That’s all.

                  No one is attacking anyone, least of all you. Your reactivity is a good indicator of what may occur is we state publicly that we would do something against the prejudices and values of our peers.

                  Do what you like in private, but be careful what you say in public. I offer these words as my opinion only, and have I have a high regard for Kym Kemp and wish her well.

                • Nailed it. Thank you for your response. Very well said.

                • You should google the keywords cannabis and dravet syndrome and educate yourself about what this herb has done for children with a truly debilitating disease

                • Well put Mr Flashman.

          • True dat kym. Usally only da scugbag tweeker growers n greedy growers get caught wich represents the rest of the “herb” farmers wich is why people like chump hate dope growers

            • Cannabanoids are found in breastmilk and receptors in an infants brain. Whatever you’re definition of medicinal is, it doesn’t matter, because clearly cannabis and humans have envolved together. Maybe not always getting stoned, but some of the earliest recorded findings of people practicing agriculture in China they found hemp seeds as well as in India and Pakistan in the Hindu Kush region . Calling Western drugs medicine is the problem. All herbs and food are medicine

      • Love you

  • Great parade on its own, but if it pissed off the peabrain prohibitionist EVEN BETTER! Cannabis is here to stay, but you prohibitionists are almost GONE! A couple of more generations and evolution should “weed” out the closed minded, tread on you and me types.

  • Plant medicines are the antedote to dominator culture

  • It's okay, it's medicine

    What are we going to grow next? Opium Poppies or Coca plants?

  • Flashman, I’m curious why, like you said, you have great respect for Kym. You disagree with all she believes in.

    You sound like lots of people who have become clean and sober. I know because I got sober 42 years ago in AA. Super righteous. You have all the answers. You reiterated them a few times. But your conclusions are yours alone. Kym gave you links to educate yourself. I’ll bet you didn’t even look. Live and let live. It’s a new day and the kids are allowed to be part of it. I’m old enough to understand why that shocks you, you’re old. Like me. I’m sure there are things you do with your children that would shock me too. And I
    t is legal you know.

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