Map of the Ruth Complex: The Lightning Fires Burning in Southern Trinity County

Today, the US Forest Service created a new map of the Ruth Complex–the Dutchman, Secret, and Willie Fires–from information gathered early this morning. We’ve provided it below.

Please give the map a minute to load. Use the + and – symbols to zoom in or out:

Note the spot fire on the eastern flank of the Willie. Also, note the large yellow area to the southeast of the Willie indicating a chemical hazard. At this point, we don’t know what the hazard is or how serious the danger. We’ve requested more information.

ops_arch_e_land_20170813_0130_Ruth Complex_SRF000897_0600.pdf


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  • Hmmm… Current Map on INCI web doesn’t look like the one posted above.

    (10:14 Sunday 8/13/2017)

    • I will try and get an explanation but, if you look at the borders of the map we posted, you can see the date, place, and agency are clearly labeled. These pdf maps are usually the most accurate.

      • The difference is the map posted on inci web is a public map. the one kym is sharing is a operational map designed for freighters, not the public. they often have different information sense the needs of the two audiences are so different. the constant part between the two maps should be the perimeter and acres.

  • >”These pdf maps are usually the most accurate.”

    I (usually) agree… but I’m not sure why the maps are wildly different…
    and what the ‘chemical’ hazard is.


  • Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming.

  • The area in yellow is old manganese mines from early last century, maybe left over mining chemicals in that area…cyanide was used often in old mining operations…Yellowjacket Mine area…

  • thank you for updates. occasional spotter planes do big circles over over the Blocksburg area and i was wondering why? the sky to the west looks clear all the way to the coast.

  • Best of luck Kettempom.

  • Covelo or busted

    There are many names in this area with Yellow jacket, in the title…. Yellow jacket was a mans name……[Jack French was his” white” name i believe, he was friends w/Lucy Young] and some how survived the Holocaust.Dont get one place name confused with another because it has Yellowjacket in the title………Creek, mine, spring……

  • The yellow area is a cartel grow area and has been for at least five years. I suspect they are warning firefighters to stay away from it.

    • I looked at it on google maps. I didn’t see any sign of large grows.

      • We have ran into their waterlines and catchment systems for years. They do not show up on google earth but they are there and have been reported yearly. Why they are still there would be a good story. It is very very rough terrain; it isn’t found by casual day hikers

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