Community Members Will Be Meeting at the Arcata Plaza to Stand in Solidarity With the Victims of Yesterday’s Attack in Charlottesville

This is a press release from Show Up Humboldt/Indivisible:

I wanted to let you know about an Indivisible/Show Up Humboldt event being held TODAY, Sunday August 13th at 1 pm in solidarity with the victims of the attacks in Charlottesville, VA.

Joining over 400 similar events nationwide, we are inviting the community to gather to stand in love and power in solidarity with Charlottesville, VA in the aftermath of recent domestic terrorist attacks on anti-racist demonstrations there.

When: Sunday, August 13th, 1:00 pm
Where: Arcata Plaza
Who: Show Up Humboldt/Indivisible, anyone wanting to stand peacefully in love and power in solidarity for #Charlottesville and against white supremacy and hate.



  • amimissingsomething

    The simplest item I always use to jerk the shorts up on a Confederate basher, especially a veteran, and even more so an officer, is to ask them if they knew that Confederate soldiers are officially American Veterans by Act of Congress. They are usually stunned. The Memorials were allowed by an act of Congress. The people down in the South and of course California want to somehow change history for the sake of making history Politically Correct. No man or woman is better than another and many of the men fighting didn’t care about slavery as much as a way to keep the Southern economy prospering. The only way they had ever known was through the use of slaves no matter how repugnant the thought is in today’s world. Declaring the confrontation in NC is all white supremacists having there way is wrong and misleading. The left is trying with all there might to remove actual history from States that were on the losing side. As a people we have to respect some views we aren’t comfortable supporting and learn that history is only history if it is real and truthful. We need to get along in this increasingly smaller world with differing opinions.

    • Irrelevant. Perhaps we should erect King George and Gen Cornwallis statues? Obviously not. It doesn’t matter how many people embrace bigotry yesterday or today it doesnt make it any more right. The Confederate symbols represent the some of the worst episodes in our history and should be extinguished along with the bigotry that continues to support them.

      • amimissingsomething

        Irrelevant that Confederate soldiers are considered member of the armed services? You need to read a book and get out of the classroom. 20 years studying psychology at HSU has wormed your brain which in turn has caused a great loss of critical thinking!

      • Dan,[edit] The civil war was not started over slavery. Lincoln didn’t care if it was abolished or not. He only cared that the union stay intact. The south fought a war for independence largely due to unfair taxes paid through tariffs imposed by the north; a noble cause indeed. Back then, we had sovereign states. Since then, state’s rights have been basically obliterated. Many states only joined the union with the understanding that they had the right to secede. Slavery was one issue and not the main issue. To, therefore, label anything to do with “The War of Northern Aggression” as a symbol of bigotry is a sign of utter ignorance.

        • Knowing what anyone really thinks is problematic but Lincoln certainly spoke like he wanted slavery abolished. In 1864, he said, “”I am naturally anti-slavery. If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong. I can not remember when I did not so think, and feel.”

          • This speech was 3 years into, and 13 months before the end of the Civil War.

            In the same speech you quote:

            Lincoln rationalizes his initial choice to not to offer emancipation to runaway slaves joining the union from border states. Instead, he wanted to engage in compensated emancipation (paying the slave owners for their slaves, or having the slaves work off their market value in an endentured apprenticeship)

            He changed his mind about this policy and was quite delighted it did not backfire. “More than a year of trial now shows no loss by it in our foreign relations, none in our home popular sentiment, none in our white military force,-no loss by it anyhow or anywhere.”

            As a journalist, you should know better. Real content is usually 2/3 into the reading, not in the “headline”

            “When, in March and May and July, 1862, I made earnest and successive appeals to the border States to favour compensated emancipation, I believed the indispensable necessity for military emancipation and arming the blacks would come, unless averted by that measure. They declined the proposition, and I was, in my best judgment, driven to the alternative of either surrendering the Union, and with it the Constitution, or laying strong hand upon the coloured element. I chose the latter. In choosing it, I hoped for greater gain than loss; but of this I was not entirely confident. More than a year of trial now shows no loss by it in our foreign relations, none in our home popular sentiment, none in our white military force,-no loss by it anyhow or anywhere. On the contrary, it shows a gain of quite one hundred and thirty thousand soldiers, seamen, and labourers.

            • I was replying to someone arguing that “Lincoln didn’t care if [slavery] was abolished or not.” Like many of us on important issues, Lincoln was figuring out how he felt. He was a moderate on slavery–he certainly seemed to believe blacks as a whole were inferior to whites. He once wrote, “Free them, and make them politically and socially, our equals? My own feelings will not admit of this; and if mine would, we well know that those of the great mass of white people will not.”

              But, it is clear over and over that Lincoln was deeply troubled by slavery and wished it not to exist. To say that the Civil War was not about slavery is to ignore history. Yes, there were other important issues but the slavery and brutal treatment of an entire race of people in order to further the economic interests of another race was absolutely the major issue.

              • I recommend adding the book “the truth about lincoln” into your library.

                Sometimes the most honest depictions and leads come from those who are listed by the hate group, the SPLC, as enemy number 1.
                For instance, in just this one article, we are given 100 leads for diligent research at the library of congress. That is where we find the real documents. Our schools only provide what the government wants us to know. We sit on our backsides complaining about other country’s hiding the war truths from their people, yet we do the same here in America.

                Hate the man, if you want, but for God’s sakes, at least follow every lead provided. The missing links that have always scratched our curiosity, are to be found if we’ll only listen. Every American should spend a month at the huge Library before “terrorists” strike it.


        • Thank you for mentioning this Rollin21. It is the missing link that needs to see the light of day.

          • And thank you, The Truth About Lincoln is an excellent read. It was mandatory reading at my kid’s school. Yes they’re home schooled:)

    • Censorship is UnAmerican

      Thank you! I’m also concerned about the “cleaning up” of history and historical monuments. I’m a born New Englander Yankee but I know enough history to understand that the Confederacy was not all racists and slave owners and the Civil War had many reasons other than abolitionists. The memorials could be kept as teaching points and allow for discussion. I’m bummed to see the nazis and KKK flock to and abuse the confederate flag and rally around General Lee’s staue. But what can we do in a free country? Counter-protest and continue educating through dialogue. I think that humanity will win out! That’s what our Freedom of Speech is all about. But perhaps we have deteriorated too deep into idiocracy to allow opposing viewpoints? Disturbing. Yeah- screw the nazi idiots but we need to allow them to peacefully express themselves. Even that stupid Cannabis Parade got to rally- because we are a free country!

      • Well said.

        i watched a few videos of the craziness that happened. It all came down to a matter of the Permitted protesters being attacked by the non-permitted protesters, and the global media making sweeping statements that lump people into categories that sell headlines. Headlines reading “Permitted protesters and unPermitted protested clash at rally” wouldn’t sell but a handful off the stands.

        • Absolute nonsense that you keep spewing to apologize for racism. It really is very simple, there is no room in the US for intolerance. The fact that many of you are trying to obfuscate and mislead by suggesting Lincoln did not want to abolish slavery, etc is just a way of distracting from what is going on right now. Lincoln was trying to end the war. Any admiration of the Confederacy is to admire traitors. Period.

          • Our ancestors valiantly fought to keep their Independent state’s rights vs Lenin type nationalism, so that their children could live free from oppression. It was the North who pushed for slavery.
            Today the children are fed nationalist type education. They valiantly stand on what they’ve “learned” to be true.

            Did you know that your own self is now considered a Nazi by the “tolerant” alt-left if you live in the rural areas, if you value your own roots, culture, home and family? You are doubly labeled one if you are self sufficient.

            It is a well scripted plot to pit rural America against city America. It’s called Agenda 21, 30 and 50.

            Those who feed off the propaganda are the traitors, my friend.

            • Take off the tinfoil hat. JADE HELM! Freeing slaves is Lenin-type nationalism? You really are warped.

              • Nationalism over rides state’s rights. The property lines are destroyed.
                If your state doesn’t agree with your National ruler, say Lenin type tyrant, you are out of luck.
                The civil war was not about slavery, it was about turning the union of states into a solid national state, forcing states to give up their state’s rights. This is why state’s seceded before and after the war.
                Slavery was outlawed in America until a freed indentured servant changed that up. Anthony Johnson is the reason it ever took hold in our country. He fought in court for right to own people, and of course won, because back then during his time, the state’s were still just colonies overseen by the King and his brutal reign.
                Paul Revere was a Brit. He didn’t yell “The British are coming!” like every govt issued history book declares. He yelled “The Regulators are coming!”.
                Today, our Regulators are the UN.
                Calif was given permission from the UN to pass pot laws. It was not the power of the people. If the people had their way, pot would be sales taxed and life would be normal. Pot would be just another commodity plant like corn is.
                As far as Jade Helm goes. The Founding Fathers set things up for govt to mind it’s enumerate delegated duties only. They wanted no entanglements with any foreign nations. They wanted only to live and let live, myob and we’ll mind ours, while we trade goods and help during emergencies. We are not supposed to be training foreign countries on our soil or going to theirs to train ours. Jade Helm is just another foot in the door for true haters of certain peoples.
                There should be no groups of hate anywhere in our states. All of it is atrocious.

      • HUH? I have never stepped in a single psychology class or any other class at HSU. Yes, it is irrelevant that a bunch of white racist politicians have played to their base to make Confederate soldiers members of armed services, if that is even correct. They are traitors.

        So I went and checked on the myth that Confedeate soldiers are memebers of the Armed Services-they are not. They were only for the ability of their widows to get pensions.

      • This isn’t about free speech. Free speech occurs on both sides. This is about fighting fascism and white supremacists who use symbols from the Confederacy to oppress. Why should we raise up any Confederate to a status reserved for war heroes? Voters supported the sale and removal of the statue. Nobody is going to forget history because of that, in fact, they will likely get a truer representation than that provided by any tribute to these traitors. The exaltation of the confederacy, their symbols and their supporters, is absolutely meant to intimidate African Americans and honor those that meant to tear this country apart to preserve slavery and other abhorrent beliefs and practices; to suggest otherwise is nonsense.

        • Censorship is UnAmerican

          We seem to hold different yet equally valid views of the Robert E Lee statue in Charlottesville. Nice that we can do so respectfully! Isn’t democracy and exchange of ideas a great thing?! I have seen plaques commemorating different massacres (“battles”) of Indians around here locally and in Mendocino. The plaques do not exalt the massacres but act as a marker of history and what happened. I think the Robert E Lee statue can act similarly. It’s a bummer that nazis and KKK rally around it but I think when we start removing uncomfortable markers of history we are losing to them. General Lee was a complex man and definitely a product of his times. Read his history! Of course now we all know that slavery is a terrible stain but even Jefferson and washington owned slaves- so we have some uncomfortable history! I think we need to keep it out front and in the discussion….I believe we are stronger than hate and fear. Now- if the discussion is about shutting down certain “hate” groups and denying them rights to assemble- that’s a different discussion and we may agree. But I am leery of beginning to shut down unpopular groups because I was raised to believe a cornerstone of American freedom is allowing every nut a soapbox.

        • John Carruthers Stanly

          “This isn’t about free speech…… This is about fighting fascism and white supremacists who use symbols from the Confederacy to oppress.”
          Fascism by definition incorporates forcible suppression of opposition. The nazi kkk idiots did not use force to shut down the ideas of antifa and bamn. Fascism requires forcible suppression. Shit…. we dont truly know what the idiots were going to say. If we knew, it would be the same crap as la raza, care or blm.
          Southern poverty law center claims there is 2000-5000 members of the kkk in the US. There are over 100,000 sex offenders in CA alone. There are 70,000 members of MS13, 30,000 members of the crips, and 20,000 for the bloods.
          Between the 62 biggest cities in the US there were 3,081 murders the first 6 months of this year. Must be all those oppressive symbols in Chicago, Baltimore, DC and Detroit.

        • Dan said “The exaltation of the confederacy, their symbols and their supporters, is absolutely meant to intimidate African Americans …”
          That’s the fallacy, Dan.
          They fought Lincoln because he subjugated the Union. He was not a friend to the slaves, or the freed man either one. He was a lying asshole. Why do you think the government hammers the motto “he could never tell a lie”.

          “Do you not realize that when Lincoln signed his proclamation, there were over 300,000 slaveholders who were fighting in the Union army? Check it out.”
          Just one of the many leads for us to check out for ourselves, rather than listen to propaganda.

          “Lincoln proposed an amendment to the U.S. Constitution PRESERVING the institution of slavery. This proposed amendment was written in March of 1861, a month BEFORE the shots were fired at Fort Sumter, South Carolina…… Think, folks: why would the southern states secede from the Union over slavery when President Abraham Lincoln had offered an amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing the PRESERVATION of slavery? That makes no sense. If the issue was predominantly slavery, all the South needed to do was to go along with Lincoln, and his proposed 13th Amendment would have permanently preserved slavery among the southern (and northern) states. Does that sound like a body of people who were willing to lose hundreds of thousands of men on the battlefield over saving slavery? What nonsense!” –Chuck Baldwin
          Oh the wicked things we learn when our hearts are freed from propaganda.

          Chuck is one of the most hated pastors ever listed on the SPLC list. Now you see why. Sure, sometimes he’s off his rocker, but I can’t say his historical references are. He provides the reference, it’s up to us to supply the willingness to investigate deeper outside the realms of governmental revisions.

          By the way, both the far left and the far right that are clashing in the streets, are socialists. They both want to control. Their way or the hiway. Authoritarianism is not very pretty. The media is lumping all who oppose either one as being either one. How’s that working for ya? If you oppose both sides, you are one of the sides. HISTORY IS BEING REPEATED, WITH A SCRIPT IN HAND. Who’s monument will replace General Lee’s? Spencer? Soros? Koch Brothers? … it surely won’t be you and me and 300 million individuals who want nothing to do with hate wars.

          • Irrelevant. And yes, the symbols of the confederacy were absolutely meant to intimidate African Americans. Ask them how they feel about promoting the Confederacy. These monuments came about as a direct result of the bigotry that was fighting against civil rights for African Americans.

            • Civil Rights vs Individual Rights. Please define.

              Civil rights = massive violation of individual rights. You must fit into a designated box that the government assigns you. Within this box is a list of can’s and cannot’s that you must adhere to.

              Individual Rights = Your life, your rules. Government is formed to secure your rights, not to list them as tokens to be used for or against you. Government is forbidden from intruding into any part of your life.

              The government has no power of authority over:

              YOU do. It is up to YOU to hold your government accountable to their oath to SECURE your liberties.
              Liberties can only be stripped away by the self through assaulting another’s life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.

              Nationalism: You do not have the right to protest or petition the government. What they say goes. If you don’t like it, then wait until the next phony election and vote new bums in and the old ones out. Sound familiar?

              All hail the whoever is in office is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

              • So you are advocating violating civil rights to protect individuals rights? Idiotic.

                • Individual Rights covers every single person, not just the governments chosen ones for this special mission. The Individual is the smallest minority of all. If you don’t protect the rights of the smallest minority of all, you do not fight for rights at all.

          • Do you realize that the articles of the Confederacy spelled out exactly why they were seceding? It was to preserve slavery. Period.

            • The Articles of Confederation came after we left Great Britain. But when the southern states left the Union, they did declare slavery as the reason they left.

              • The final draft of the Emancipation Proclamation was not written until September 1862, to take effect the following Jan. 1, and it was intended to apply ONLY to those slave states that had left the Union.

                The North, who were major Slave holders, would remain free to carry on.

                One of the most beautiful people in the USA, was MLK jr. He noticed the similarities between the 1860’s and the 1960’s, and he dove into research. He came out with a deep admiration and respect for General Lee, not Lincoln.

                This is a simple, yet poignant read. Poignant in light of today’s indoctrinated know it all’s who spew propaganda intended for endless and pointless wars against their neighbors.

                • Try again, Kym. The link still works on my end.
                  Another quote from the letter:
                  “But it is important to remember that the 13 colonies that became 13 states reserved for themselves a tremendous amount of political autonomy. In pre-Civil War America, most citizens’ first loyalty went to their state and the local community in which they lived. Referring to the United States of America in the singular is a purely post-Civil War phenomenon.

                  All this should help explain why Lee declined command of the Union forces — by Abraham Lincoln — after the firing on Fort Sumter. After much agonizing, he resigned his commission in the Union army and became a Confederate commander, fighting in defense of Virginia, which at the outbreak of the war possessed the largest population of free blacks (more than 60,000) of any Southern state.” ….. “It was in Lexington that he made a most poignant remark a few months before his death. “Before and during the War Between the States I was a Virginian,” he said. “After the war I became an American.” (a Nationalist)


                  He wanted no memorial of such a betrayal to his Ancestors who fought so hard to free us all from the King’s oppression. General E. Lee is related to Henry Lee, who signed the Declaration of Independence. He fought for the Union until it became clear to him that Lincoln was dead set on destroying the Sovereign States in order to make them a singular Nationalist state. This would strip away the power to move into free states or to protest the state who oppresses. In other words, Lincoln wished to be a King.

              • Lincoln’s quote: “”If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union”

            • Notice the date.
              “The good news, scholars agree, is that by 1860 the number of free blacks owning slaves had markedly decreased from 1830. In fact, Loren Schweninger concludes that by the eve of the Civil War, “the phenomenon of free blacks owning slaves had nearly disappeared” in the Upper South, even if it had not in places such as Louisiana in the Lower South. Nevertheless, it is a very sad aspect of African-American history that slavery sometimes could be a colorblind affair, and that the evil business of owning another human being could manifest itself in both males and females, and in black as well as white.”

        • Why aren’t you celebrating the valiant men and women who fought the long ago wars?
          There were many you could be promoting and demanding National statues and holiday’s for.
          Without a foe, the heroes also do not exist. Is that the plan? To take down those that one side considers heroes?
          Heroes like:
          54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry?
          William A. Jackson, a spy who went undercover as a slave in order to be a fly on the wall.
          James Daniel Gardner, just another medal of honor recipient, hohum?
          Captain Andre Cailloux, just another valiant soldier rising in the ranks of a history we’d rather not remember lest somebody gets all butt hurt?

    • You are missing something. Give veteran status to the traders who fought for the Confederacy was part of reconciliation. It in no way legitimizes their actions or motivations. No one wants to change history, only recognize it and who does or does not deserve to be honored. Many of the men fighting did care about slavery and wanted to keep it, saying that others were concerned about the economy of the south is a not-so roundabout way of saying they wanted to keep slavery. It is true that many who support the statutes of trade remain are not white supremacist. They are simply dim-witted folks who do not want to admit that a large part of their history and many of their ancestors stood on indefensible moral ground.

  • Too bad the Arcata protesters didn’t give a damn when a left wing shooter stirred up by venomous language by left winger shot a bunch of innocent Republican Congressmembers playing softball.

    Too bad the Arcata protesters haven’t given a damn or ever protested the killings of so many cops who were trying to protect the public.

    Every single protester there today is a hypocrite filled with hate.

    • How wrong can you be? I can name numerous occurences of hate where not a single right-winger stood up. Quit trying to justify the rise of white supremacists across this nation after being emboldened by Trump.

      • Thinking allowed

        Gee, it’s hard to know which is worse, left wing or right wing mouths without brains. Such people as this driver and the shooter at the ball park have some things in common. The most noticeable one is that they believe they are more important, wise and righteous than everyone else.

        • Hard to know which one is worse? More dangerous? Between lone psycopaths, or the hundreds/thousands that identify with and march under the banners of avowed terrorist groups like the KKK and the Nazis, who are collectively responsible for centuries of white supremacist terror and murder, and the single worst organized mass atrocity our world has ever seen? You need to check in with reality from time to time.

          • 6 million killed by communists in the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, millions in Stalin’s purges, Pol Pot, Khmer Rouge, North Korea prison camps, etc etc etc. Rwanda,Angola, Darfur, Venezuela, etc etc etc. Right or left doesn’t matter. Just needs those so sure of themselves they can’t tolerant any differing viewpoint. Who think that the answer to everything is so simple, they have it and they just need to make everyone do and think the same.

            Reality check yourself.

        • charles engebretson

          Us and them…yeah ..

    • One thing that you might consider: The mental health of this entire Nation is in a desperate state of disrepair, including that sick soul who shot at the soft ball players. And including grown people who carry the nazi flag in concert with the battle flag of the South. Just think about it. Just think.

  • Thinking allowed

    Arcata usually grabs the wrong end of every stick waved at it. But driving a car into a group of people is not political speech. It qualifies as hate. Stupid, unjustifiable, pathetic, small minded , self indulgent hate.

  • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

    Funny how these things turn out. $100 says it was a pilled up burney support who rode the whip.

  • HoneydewChumpDestroyer

    It always amazed me that some hippy hanging out in the square thought hes changing the world by doing nothing, sitting around with his ego in the square,.,
    #getajob #getalife #getoffmommiesteetsalready

  • You cant say you are open minded if you dont allow others their own thoughts right or wrong. You arent free if you allow a word to have power over you. You cant expect people to respect you or your thoughts of you dont show others respect for theirs. One of the hardest things in the world to do is to respect someone elses opinon other than yours when they are so far apart. Just remember no matter how right or wrong the other side is , they have the same rights as you to their opinon, reguardless what those might be.

    • I have had that very thought, but I can’t help wondering if a group has figured out the technology of the electrical field that surrounded the area covered in the book, ECOTOPIA. I am very ready to help create something like that. Doesn’t seem like the demos and changes effected since the 1950’s in the progressive interests are working. Eh?

    • Nobody has a “right” to be a bigot and a racist! The real problem with racists is that racism is passed down through families, their parents should have whipped their ass’s when they first spoke racism or exhibited racism as children, but instead, most bigots and racists were actually taught racism as very small children… Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.
      Ignorance and prejudice are the handmaidens of propaganda. Our mission, therefore, is to confront ignorance with knowledge, bigotry with tolerance, and isolation with the outstretched hand of generosity. Racism can, will, and must be defeated

      • Is that what they’re teaching in schools?
        If so, then that means YOU have NO right to hate those or what YOU consider as hate worthy, from spinach to celebrities to political parties to statues to opposition.

        In America, we the people created a document to secure our liberties. We formed governments to secure our document which secures our liberties.

        If schools are teaching you differently, then it is your duty to protest against them, not your neighbor.

    • You are wrong. Freedom of speech does not mean you are free from condemnation or ridicule.

      • Ridicule and condemnation are the fluff that holds the violence together.
        You cannot ridicule a person’s words when the words are not heard. Suppressing the sound of the words is oppression. It is not free speech.

        The greatest people in America were those who stood up for their rights. They used their intellects, not their fists.

        Rosa Parks. She knew more about her rights, the constitution, the bill of rights, then the whole town. The Sheriff nodded approval and a big sigh of relief.
        Madam C.J.Walker. She was so poor she couldn’t hardly survive, despite being the laundress of her town. When her hair fell out, due to a heavy scalp infection from lack of hygiene, did she curl up in a ball and blame the town? No. She experimented with the laundry soaps and came up with a concoction that not only cured her infected scalp, it made her hair grow back even more beautiful than before. Suffice to say, all her friends and neighbors wanted some of that! She became the FIRST SELF MADE MILLIONAIRE LADY back in the early 1900’s. Her products are still sold today. They work! Who do you think was humiliated now? The Southern Bells who’s wealth depended on their men, that’s who. Who was humiliated as Madam Walker drove her electric car all over the county? The wealthy by marriage snoots, that’s who. Not only did she hire hundreds of women, she taught them how to be their own boss through Direct Sales.
        Then there’s Phyllis Wheatley. A major Poet who was attacked by her own race, instead of esteemed. Wow. Why? Because she went against the narrative. Was she humiliated for speaking her truths? No.
        Truth cannot be humiliated. The humiliators become humiliated.
        Like you said, there are consequences. Always have been, always will be. Choose wisely.

        • Free speech laws apply to governemts not individuals. I do not have to give you a platform for speech or acknowledge your right to spew hate and lies. Shak, you spew so much nonsense in an attempt to obfuscate the fundamental issue that you believe it is ok for bigotry to reside in the US. It is not because it is inconsistent with the very principle of equality for all guaranteed in the Constitution.

          • That’s where you go off kilter, Dan.
            The Independent 1A has been replaced with the Nationalist version of acceptable and non acceptable speech.
            You are mixing the two together, as if they are one. They are not.
            When others rewrite, redefine, the words and terms we used to use, yet still harbor the original in our souls while spewing the new with our minds, it’s a signal to wtf up.
            You can’t have both.

            Fyi, I do not believe people “should” be bigoted anymore than you do. But, unlike you, I believe they have their individual right to think for themselves. You choose to be bigoted in the new pc ways, yet I tolerate your right to choose your own path. The question I pose, is, are you really choosing or are you parroting the narrative?

  • I like this part: “Show Up Humboldt/Indivisible, anyone wanting to stand peacefully in love and power in solidarity…”
    But then it continues into hateful diatribe. “Show Up Humboldt/Indivisible, anyone wanting to stand peacefully in love and power in solidarity for #Charlottesville and against white supremacy and hate.”.
    If it left out the classification word (white) and said ALL supremacy, I’d pack a tent and never leave until peace and love truly did overcome all hate. Hate is overcome by inner dialog. Turmoil is overcome by respectful dialog.

  • “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” – Thomas Jefferson

    Suppressing another’s right to speak, is contrary to the constitution.
    Mandating another’s beliefs, is contrary to the constitution.

    The far-left and the far-right both have a common objective to destroy the constitution and replace it with their authoritarian ideals.

    When penciled onto paper, the far-left and the far-right seem miles apart, when the paper is laid flat. When the penciled graph is held and folded into a circular shape, we find they are joined. They are not far apart at all.
    The rest of America lays in the middle, sometimes sliding far left, sometimes sliding far right, but most regain their senses and slide back to the middle that respects every voice regardless of the voice’s message.
    Even though we do not agree with your voice, we will defend to the death, your right to voice your words.

    • The right to express your beliefs does not give you the right to be free from condemnation or ridicule. No law can be made to silence your speech, but that gives you no right to speak freely without consequences.

      • Where is the condemnation and ridicule you speak of? All we see is violence against the speakers. That is self ridicule, self condemnation, for opposing others. That’s not how it’s supposed to work.
        Intelligent debate can only happen between people who are respectful of other’s opinions and knowledge.
        There are times we have to ask ourselves if we are protecting our ego’s or if we are protecting truths. What other truth’s are out there? Do I dare challenge myself to discover them?
        Each and every one of us feels the ego rising on high as our knowledge is put to the test. We *know* that we are right. We had great teachers, great schools, fun media, and we never missed the 6:00 news, Twitter or Reddit.
        But are we?
        Take the red pill or the blue pill, it’s up to you.

        • So intelligent debate is possible with those that promote violence against non-whites and Jewish people? No, it isn’t. We have already had these debates. There is condemnation in my speech and the representation in the people that attended the Plaza gathering. The young lady that was killed was peacefully protesting.

          • Fighting violence with violence forces innocent bystanders to choose a side, unless they’re awake enough to see the scheme.
            Socialist Party A has drawn attention to Socialist Party B.
            We’re not impressed, nor are we falling for it.
            We choose liberty for ALL people.

    • the far right rallies are nothing more than a platform for trolls in pursuit of a violent response to satisfy desire for hate. and based on what they wore to the rally, one can conclude on their intentions. keep in mind that the Berkeley rally was a product of a think tank for the purpose of full scale implementation across the nation.

      • Censorship is UnAmerican

        I believe you are correct! And public condemnation or counter-protesting are also rights of free speech. When counter-protesters get whipped into a righteous rage and themselves get violent….that is certainly playing into their hands. That is what they want. More press, sympathy, more exposure…Be cool, people. Do not feed the beast! They may be nuts but some of them are smart. they know they are small now but they do look to the future. A little bigger and then we may see a replay of that Reichstag fire event. These are dangerous and nasty people. Do not fall into their trap and feed them! Resist always. Educate. Love.

  • The pipeline is comparing the protests with the 2013 Ukraine coup. Who rushed in to save the President from certain death? Putin.
    Who met with the neo-nazi’s in Ukraine shortly before the protests began? You guessed it, the neo-cons.
    From the tiki’s to the media, the similarities are insane.
    Anybody catch the phrases “unite the right” and “blood and soil”? Those are your awareness clues for the day.
    Soros, McCain, Clinton, McGregor, and others are being labeled as the heads.
    Paying the alt-left to use violence, makes the alt-right look vulnerable. Those who are labeled as either one, even though they’re not, are forced to choose a side. Do you want authoritarianism A or do you prefer authoritarianism B? Violence or underdog?
    We’re being set up America.
    Do not join either one. Stay home. Read the Constitution. Be your individualistic self.

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