Free Classes Designed to Help Folks Improve Workplace Skills

Press release from the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services:

The Job Market is offering several new adult education courses through the location’s College of the Redwoods (CR) Learning Lab this fall. The classes are free and created to help job seekers and current employees improve workplace skills.

Additionally, employers will be able to send workers needing more training in computers, customer service, conflict and time management and more. The courses were designed to meet many of the workplace skills employers report they want to see in new employees.

These are not credit classes, and some are intended to allow people to shore up skills by popping in for part, or the entirety of a course. They were created to work around people’s schedules.

The Job Market/CR’s first class—Getting Started with Computers—begins Monday, Aug. 28, from 9 a.m. to noon. It’s designed to get workers up to speed on computer usage, file navigation and software including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Students will work at their own pace and start at their own level with the opportunity to proceed to advanced levels.

Career and College Foundations also starts Monday, Aug. 28, and runs from 1 to 4 p.m. The focus is on study skills, test-taking strategies, work readiness and exploration of career and educational pathways.

Customer Service, Communication in the Workplace, Conflict Management, and Decision Making/Problem Solving classes begin in September with more classes throughout the rest of the year.

The CR Learning Lab is located inside The Job Market at 409 K St., Eureka. Employers and prospective students can view a full schedule of courses at Attendees are required to fill out a short application. For more information, call 707-441-5627 or 800-242-1353, or visit



  • Great workplaces skills in Humboldt:

    Don’t come to work in pajamas. Or high.
    Leave the kids at home. Dogs too.
    Turn off your cellphone.
    Show up, when expected, sober.
    Repeat as necessary, as long as you are required to, until death.
    Don’t make excuses. Leave the drama outside.

    Thanks, good luck!

    • As soon as I saw this article, those were my thoughts too. Show the fuck up. Show up on time. Show up sober (including non-alcohol drugs). Remain sober for the duration of the work day. Every day. At this point many employers are willing to overlook a complete lack of actual skills as long as you can do these things. You’d think these things wouldn’t be difficult…

      • Footsore and late

        You’d think showing up on time wouldn’t be difficult. And it wouldn’t. If we lived in an area with decent public transit and decent public transit drivers, who actually understood that deadlines (and schedules) mean things.

        It’s difficult to get to work on time when busses run only on the hour and can’t even make it to the central hub/transfer points in time to meet the others. A One hour bus-ride becomes two and suddenly – voila! – you’re late.

        Rinse and repeat as necessary until you die.

    • Republican “Social Security” program unveiled:

      “Repeat as necessary, as long as you are required to, until death.”

  • Kym, thank you for posting this!!!

  • How about work skills for employers? No one up here knows how to hire. I have been unemployed for months. I get interviews and no job. The owners/managers can’t even interview. They hire people they like, not the most qualified person. They hire women for office jobs, not men (a Humboldt specialty, and a violation of state and federal law).

    I had one trucking company owner see my name on the resume and turn me away immediately because I wasn’t a female. I can name lots of businesses that discriminate. I had one manager tell me “I usually hire young women.” Etc. Etc.

    Easy to blame the “hapless applicant” or “stoner new employee.” I have found that the worst employers and owner/managers as far as hiring go reside in Humboldt County.

    • Start a business, do anything at all… Apply for anything, stay positive and commit. If you are a good employee you will find opportunity.

      Also, go where the work is, even if you have to leave Humboldt. Soon you will be able to return, if desired.

      Stop blaming and get busy!

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