Fish Guts Create a Hazard on 101

Fish gut hazard

Fish guts spread across the northbound lane of Hwy 101. Seen here after multiple vehicles had passed through the scene. [Photo provided by a reader]

At approximately 10:44 this morning, CHP received a report of a large amount of fish guts on Hwy 101 between Trinidad and Orick. According to Donald Wilkes who drove through the mess with his family, the guts were nearly two feet deep in some places in the northbound lane near a stoplight in a construction zone.

“Fish spines, fish heads, fish guts about 2 feet high,” Wilkes said. Though he was able to drive through, the spill was a hazard, he said. “The kids were hanging their heads out the window and gagging.”

Wilkes worried that a motorcycle could hit it and crash. “The entire northbound lane was covered…about six feet. It was so vile.”

A CHP dispatcher told us that Caltrans is on the way to remove the spill.



  • Chumming for sharks?

  • It’s not the first time this has happened… probably not the last. The driver and company owner should be fined and charged with the clean-up!

  • Better go grab some and throw it in your compost!

  • The road hazards of Humboldt never cease to amaze me…

  • I was driving by the old power plant south of eurek and it smelled like that, but I found out it was just the tip top. πŸ˜‰

  • Hopefully it was Pikeminnows.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Probably this was just a warning shot from the Trump administration and the new EPA. Voter loyalty is important. Stupid redwood parks.

  • Probably going to the fertilizer plant.yuck😣

  • This just proves that fishing makes you stupid. Sorry, couldn’t resist

  • That one was hilarious Mister guest going by the tip top

  • The semi driver that was hauling this load was cut off and brake checked by an idiot in a car. The load surged forward breaking and mangling the trailers tarp and spilling on the ground. The driver made contact with CHP and his boss and didn’t try and run. CHP contacted CalTrans to push it off the road and put some dirt on it to help with the smell until someone from that company could get down there to clean it up. There is someone there shoveling it up now. At no point was there a 2 foot deep pile. The pile CalTrans made wasn’t even 2 feet with the dirt on it. The company will be paying CalTrans for clearing the road and taking care of the rest of the cleanup on their own… and now you know the rest of the story.

    • Bless you Random Guy. You are a peach

    • Thank you, however is the truck driver tottally blameless for the brake check? Some drivers are very inconsiderate, and if I was stuck behind that smelly load and the driver did not do everything possible to let traffic get past, well Iwould not be surprised if he got break checked . just saying

      • Are you out of your mind??!! You’re probably the one who brake checked that semi. Why should the truck driver let all the people by? He’s working his butt off, and you guys are out for a Sunday drive looking at the elk. I guarantee you that driver knows the road way better than all the other tourists and was driving just as fast as the rest, if not faster! NEVER break check a semi!! That’s a good way to get yourself and whoever you’re with killed.

        • You said that very well Emily. There are a lot of very inconciderate drivers ot there. IDIOTS brake check truck drivers…..

    • Victor G. Flashman

      Really tired of aggressive and speeding rigs getting out of control and spilling loads. Back off these dudes or you could easily receive death by – fish guts??

      Truckers ALWAYS blame “car drivers, seat covers and mechanical failures”…

  • I was the fourth truck back and it was very close to 2 ft at the time. All the way up to the axels on a four wheel drive. New truck that now reeks like a hot dumpster. Cannot wash the smell off! Thought about turning into insurance, that’s how bad it is!

  • The idiots are cars that get over in front of the trucks lane too close! It happens all the time. Truck and trailer weights don’t allow a trucker to stop in time, just FYI to the idiots car drivers who don’t think.
    Brake checking is the stupidest thing to do, especially to a truck and trailer combo. A car cut off the trucker? What the hell?! Anger issues, road rage, in a hurry drivers….get off the road if you can’t travel right!
    FYI – Newer big rig trucks have a sensor on the front of their truck and if someone cuts off a trucker, the truck automatically brakes if the car is in the sensors spot. Newer trucks have dash cams, and video cam facing the driver. Newer trucks have computerized log books. I hope this truck had a vid cam to prove how stupid a car was around him.

  • Lemons,or clorox gets rid of fish smell.when I was young I worked for Eureka fisheries and used lemons for the smell.

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