[UPDATE] Shawn Hof Who Allegedly Shot at Fish and Wildlife Officer Turned Himself in

Shawn Hof, Jr

Shawn Hof, who allegedly shot at a Department of Fish and Wildlife officer nearly a year ago turned himself into law enforcement today, confirmed Lt. Chris Stoots of that agency. Stoots said that they would be releasing more information on Hof’s arrest later.

According to one source, Hof turned himself in at Murrish Market in Hydesville. A person answering the phone at the Market confirmed that law enforcement conducted an operation near their store earlier today.

UPDATE: Press release from the Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Shawn Eugene Hof, Jr., suspected of attempting to shoot a California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) officer in August 2016, has turned himself in.

Law enforcement officers from CDFW, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office continued their focused effort to find Hof by visiting areas he was known to frequent.

“We believe it was this focused effort with our partners that prompted him to turn himself in,” said David Bess, Deputy Director and Chief of the Law Enforcement Division. “The Department thanks our allied agency partners for their efforts that began a year ago. We’re relieved that the situation resolved itself without injuries to our officers or the public.”

CDFW also thanks the California Wildlife Officers Foundation, California Waterfowl Association, Defenders of Wildlife, Humane Society of the United States, Nature Conservancy, Sportfishing Alliance and private donors who collaborated on a reward for information leading to Hof’s arrest.

On Sunday, Aug. 21, 2016, approximately 12:40 a.m., a CDFW wildlife officer was patrolling in Carlotta in Humboldt County. The officer saw a pickup truck with several occupants using spotlights on Redwood House Road near Highway 36. The officer attempted an enforcement stop of the truck when the driver sped away. A pursuit ensued and a person in the rear of the truck, believed to be Hof, began shooting at the wildlife officer during the attempt to get away. The suspects crashed their vehicle into a tree before fleeing on foot into the woods, where they escaped.

The Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office will assume the lead for deciding on charges then filing the case in Humboldt County.



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  • That was the right decision.

  • Tried to collect his own reward

  • Best thing he could have done, to stay alive!!!

  • Wishing you the best Shawn. You’ll get through this. You did the right thing…

  • Eureka's Clueless

    I’m angry at this child. He shot at a friend of mine. I seriously hope that he has learned, and I feel he’s taken the right step to take responsibility for his actions. Nice way to Man up there, son.

  • I say kudos kid, ya just did right by going in and facing this straight on.

  • Smarter than I thought

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Damn, nice job of hiding from the law in Humboldt! I love the grow-bros and the whole gotcha-back
    paradigm… When you run, you lose. When you shoot a gun at a LEO, you may not live much longer.
    It isn’t a game, and cops ain’t playin…

  • The pictures of the ferndale raid said it all , five or six dfg officers with tactical weapons and gear with a ambulance on standby . He’s lucky he didn’t get caught in a traffic stop out 36 by a dfg I’m sure they had the green light on his ass! [edit]

  • Well 8 of the DFG and sheriff showed up on Thelma in Campton Heights, so maybe there is more to the story than we know.

  • Doggone it, I was hoping for a chance at that $20K reward. Good thing he is in custody though.

    • Well u pay a luxury tax on that 20k plus processing fees and the embarrassment of being a snitch but hey 14,000 and some change aint bad

      • There is no luxury tax on criminal rewards. But it would have been worth turning this suspect in even if there was no reward money.

  • That’s where the driver lives ibelieve

  • You have a long road ahead of you, but you did the right thing. Hold you head up and be strong, life will eventually get better from here on out.

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    How does it feel to be such a stupid punk?


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  • It says he turned himself in, it doesn’t say he confessed.

    “A pursuit ensued and a person in the rear of the truck, believed to be Hof, began shooting at the wildlife officer during the attempt to get away.”

    What do you want to bet he denies being the shooter?

    “I just went along for the ride. I was stoned and don’t remember who was doing the shooting. That one guy who was there I’d never met before. I want a lawyer”.

  • Good thing he is in custody, but what a Selfish B$$$@%D!! He could of had a friend or even a family member turn him in, Right? Here is my Number…. TLOL…. Seriously, I am glad he is in custody!! Poor Boy, got tired of runnin…. Almost a year afterwards he turns himself in…. were you working on your alibi? Hopefully you will try and turn your life around.

  • Kym do you have any idea on what was going on last night in redway and garb? the cops were everywhere and it looked like they were doing a sweep I could be wrong but something was up.

    • Trillium Hummingbird

      Hey, no one at all to bust in Redway!! (only just about every house).

      Oh and say, don’t LEO’s have CAMERAS in their vehicles?? Maybe there’s some EVIDENCE??

  • Good choice,you live!

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