Semi Jackknifed Blocking Zenia Road

Sign on Alderpoint Road [Photo courtesy of Brian Craig]

Sign on Alderpoint Road [Photo courtesy of Brian Craig]

A semi truck attempting to navigate the narrow curves of Zenia Road failed this morning. At approximately 9:08 a.m., the report came in that about six miles past the town of Alderpoint the big truck was jackknifed at the bridge there. The road is completely blocked which will not please local residents who have to repeatedly deal with this issue.

Dispatch requested a heavy tow truck but we don’t expect this to resolve quickly as the area is quite remote.

Firefighters returning exhausted after a night shift on the Dutchman Fire are having to find an alternate route back to Eel River Camp.

The trucker has been asked not to attempt to move. “He’s in a precarious situation,” reports the firefighter who located the trucker.



  • MORE truck wrecks, please…

  • If I was close, I’d bring my backhoe and push it over.

    The company has to cover the costs and it’s already broken an ordinance by likely being too long to travel on the road.

    Fires are burning and people are living. Push it over. Make em learn.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Dumb post of the day. The sign says nothing about size limitations, only to king pin….. The problem is more and more people moving to the outskirts to grow need supplies, and it’s not coming in on a pick up truck…. What we have here is another I5 trucker way out of their league……

      • Sharpen your pencil

        Side note, to the best of my knowledge there is unfortunately no ticket for being inept…

        • THIRTY TWO FEET, IT SAYS IT ON THE SIGN. there’s your sign.

          • Sharpen your pencil

            You’re so smart. NOT! Does it say nothing over 32 feet? That’s what I thought!

            • Wow we are all really glad you don’t drive a semi.

              And we don’t know “what you thought”.

              We know what you said.

              And what you said is wrong. Arguably what your still thinking is still wrong.

              “Nothing over 32 feet -from kingpin to rear axle”

              Your just wrong, your in a hole, admit it. You now took the lead for “dumb comments”

            • Do you see the picture of the truck with tha circle and line through it? It reads no semi over 32 feet with a kingpin to rear axels! Wtf is your problem. Please don’t ever drive a truck. Every truck driver knows the signs and the weight length and type of truck they drive there is even a picture if you aren’t too sharp.

              That being said it probably wouldn’t matter if it was lit up with flashing neon lights, seems like everyone’s looking at there gps or cellphone instead of paying attention to what their doing behind the wheel anyways.

      • I said: “…too long to travel on the road.”

        You said: “..Sign says nothing about size limitations..only to kingpin”

        Sign says: “semi over 32′ kingpin to rear axle.”

        The sign says something about size.

        And regarding dumb posts, well, you at least just tied me for 1st, at least.

  • Veterans friend


  • Stupid sob

  • The driver needs to be cited. The sign in the photo is enforceable.

    • And there are several signs, mayb they should be in Spanish too? But the picture should say it all.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Hey guy, the sign says nothing about a limitation, only to king pin…. As I said above, another case of an I5 trucker way out of their league!

      • Size, since you have a problem reading context, is length from kingpin to rear axle.

        That is a size, or length, limitation on semi’s.

        Get it straight.

        I don’t know for sure if the truck in this story is too long. But there ARE posted size limitations.

        You may be right about it being a bad driver, but your dead wrong about no size limits.

      • It says the length right on the fucking sign, it’s morons who can’t read a friggin sign that are the problem.

  • This will happen a lot as truckers blindly follow their Rand-Mcnally GPS units that do NOT take into account the size of the vehicle compared to the suitability of the route for said vehicle, and they try to navigate around the HWY 36 4 hour delays.
    I really wish GPS units would REQUIRE input of vehicle type before plotting a route, instead of just having it as an option.
    These guys need to realize it would actually be more efficient to go around by way of HWY 20 to 101 if they have to get from redding/red bluff to garberville and can’t use Hwy 36 or 299 due to road work and delays.
    That route is fairly open, and they won’t lose their rig on right angle 6 ft wide turns leading to bridges that are barely 8 ft wide…

  • Guess he didn’t want to sit through the road closure on 36? I’m positive that sign stating no big trucks is visible. Geez.

  • Humboldt Trucker

    I’m not saying this guy’s right or wrong. But till you guys get in a truck keep your mouth shut. We deliver everything everywhere. Quit being consumers and be self sustainable if you just want to complain about truck drivers. I have close calls everyday driving these roads because other drivers and pedestrians don’t realize I don’t stop on a dime like you guys in your Priuses or grow dozers. Not so much this article but everytime I read about Truckers somebody has something wise to say and they’ve never driven a truck in their life. Have a nice day!

    • Lmao if there wasn’t consumers you wouldn’t have job Humboldt truck. And I do have a truckers license, and if I came across a sign that clearly said no semi’s I’d for sure turn around. Have a nice day!

  • This is a different semi today?

  • From a few years ago…

    Semi Blocking Kneeland-Bridgeville road.
    53′ trailer. Made it down to the bridge… where he
    turned it around… and took out a bunch of signs/fenceposts.

    Moral to anyone. Don’t trust GPS.
    Open your eyes too.

  • Forget about the stupid truck and think about the exhausted firefighters who are getting to spend their much deserved break finding a way back to their camp. Say a prayer for them and their save return…

  • Sign is a little out dated being rear axles are adjustable ,that said you can legally pull a 48footer on that road,or even longer if you set the kingpin deep on the trailer, too funny

    • Right and lets not inform them that tractor sizes and lengths very as well , the sign clearly is defining the maxium length between the king pin, ( which for non truck drivers and internet know it alls is the pin that locks into the plate that is mounted to the tractor) and the rear axle. Both can be adjusted depending on rig and trailer. So until someone with tape measures that distance on that truck, where the axles were set at the time of the accident , nobody can say for sure if this trucker was breaking the law in reguards to the sign in the photo.

  • Is the road opened yet?

  • Was it a Swift truck?

  • Do any of you [edit] know what a king pin is ? Do you know which axle is the rear axle on a semi trailer? [edit]

    • Ya, just remember, it’s not a pickup truck, it’s a semi. And obviously the guy f’ed up.

      I’d love to measure, and then I’d love to inspect the capabilites of this truck to adjust it’s axles.

      You may know more about truck engineering/mechanics than many, but it don’t change the fact:

      Semi driver ducked up. So, no, I won’t shut the front door. Thanks, and please don’t get stuck on a backroad that blocks us regular folk, that you shouldn’t have traveled anyway.

      Or maybe I’ll be pushing your rig over a cliff.

  • Brian, is the road open yet?

  • Ok, so I learned about kingpins and rear axles.

    They are exactly what I assumed the were: the kingpin and rear-most axle.

    Here is some more trucker rocket science:

    “Step 2: Determine the state routes you can use”

  • shawn the fisherman

    My older brother has his class A, He goes on and on how hes the only one present who is a professional driver, How hes been to truck school and on and so forth yet hes completely inept in every way. Another bad decision made by a truck driver. Not too surprised.

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