Healy Senior Center is Holding a Rummage Sale This Weekend to Raise Funds for Meals on Wheels

From Healy Senior Center:

Healy is also looking for ways to get the word out on two other things: 1. They have openings in their Meals on Wheels Program, which is a rarity since the program has been full for years. Anyone interested in signing up for Meals on Wheels deliveries can contact the Healy at 923-2399. 2. They also have openings on their Board of Directors for anyone who is willing to volunteer some time to the organization.



  • This is a worthy cause, and if you can help in any way, they’ll appreciate it, and you’ll get karma points. Double point for joining the board.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      This IS worthy, no need to drug screen these people that deserve help.

      If I knew how to make one meal become ten, I would do that one hundred times.

  • This is the kind of community fundraisers I can get behind.

  • I love the Healy, they do really important work. I don’t have anything to donate to the yard sale, but I’m going to mail them a check. I hope others do the same. I hope they find some new Board members too. This organization is critical in SoHum.

  • Gary Wellborn, HSC Treasurer

    Thank you everyone for your support of the Healy Senior Center. We have been just getting by for decades and the community continues to step up and help. We now more than ever could use some help. Can you donate the proceeds from one garden plant? Buy something from the yard sale?

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