[FOUND!] Dog Stolen Along With Car This Morning

dog and car

A thief took a red Jeep Cherokee Sport similar to that in the photo above and the owner’s dog, Ella, this morning.

The owner tells us,

Today between 10 and 10:15, my 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport CA plate 2BOF219 was stolen from 4th and C St in Eureka. Only identifying mark is a license plate frame on the back place that says “retired u.s. Coast Guard”(photo provided is a stock photo).

My female pit/heeler mix, Ella, was in the vehicle and stolen as well as she was in the car. She is white with black spots and is wearing a red collar. She responds to Ella and Ella Bean. She is 4 years old and is microchiped and it is current. She is probably terrified and may not respond. My contact is Brie at 707-499-2341.

Here’s the Bolo on the scanner:

UPDATE 7:38 p.m.: According to a post on Paws Cause, “She’s been found.. the person who stole the car put her out and someone picked her up and called the number on her tags!! She’s on her way home right now !!!” ~ Jann “Ella has been found!! The jeep was found too!”



  • Sorry to hear this happened. I will definitely be on the lookout. Hope Ella and you vehicle are found soon.

  • Thinking allowed

    Poor Ella. I will be on the look out for the Jeep and your dog too.

  • Get Ella home, dogs are so sensitive, she is out there scared.

  • WTF is wrong w/ people? Why so many stolen cars? Is there no deterrent for this ? Grand theft auto used to be a big deal. Is it just catch and release for this too? Hope you get vehicle and dog back safely. SMH

    • Stolen cars are covered under insurance, they will give you a claim number and that is all. The plates and vin will go into a data base and unless they abonden that will be the last you hear of it. Sorry about your dog and rig. And the sorry state of enforcement anymore, there is no money in recovering stole cars and the cops dont or even want to process a stolen rig. Even if it is found they wont spend the time or money to do even simply things like dust for prints .

      • Just saying, I would also add, if the police do not actually catch the thief driving the vehicle or have several eyewitnesses that can positively identify them they generally don’t even pursue charges, Even if there’s evidence linking a individual found inside the vehicle because it’s too hard to prove they actually stole it.

  • Ella sick balls!

  • shawn the fisherman

    I guess I should invest in a “Club” brand stearing wheel lock.

    • Pull a fuse, they’ll never figure it out.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      You just snip the steering wheel and it falls off, it will stop a conscript car thief.
      Many cars have shift linkage override, look into that.
      Disconnecting the battery negative is also a good one.

      Auto theft will drop once the pot growers are gone and we’re another day closer to the last pot grower being foreclosed on!

      Better days are heading this way!

      • horrible person

        never disconnect the battery new cars have to relearn every time they are unhooked it clears the code but will piss off any mechanic pull a fuse I agree with

      • You sincerely have some kind of mental health issue. You remind me a a crazy guy that was banned from loco year ago. The economy would be nonexistent without cannabis growers, crime would skyrocket!

  • Question: Were the keys in the car ???

    • It is helpful to know how vehicles are being stolen!

      • Were the keys left in the ignition? Was the vehicle left running? Was it locked, but windows left cracked and the perps got in and defeated the ignition? It’s a crime to take it no matter what, knowing the details may help others from becoming victims. Thanks!

  • A heeler/pit mix, that car thief may be in for a surprise! I hope the dog isn’t harmed and you get both Jeep and Ella back.

  • isn’t it a hanging offence in California to steal a mans dog?

  • She’s been found!! Whoo Hoo! This according to Pause Cause. The thieves let her out, someone picker her up and called the number on her tags! I’m so happy for the owner. Cars are nothing but family pets are everything.

  • Stealing someone`s dog can turn out really badly. Someone stole Hitler`s dog, “Fuchsel” after the demobilization of WW1 and it hurt and upset him terribly. And boy, did he get even! Woot !! Woot!!!

    • groba dude osnt

      Hitler joke… Nice…

      STOLE THE DOG? Bad enough they took the old Jeep. Surprised it runs at all. Wait till they step on the brakes! Are there not any decent vehicles available for theft?

      Even the thieves have no class around these parts.

  • Ahhhhh Ella Bean ..that smile. So glad you are back with your human!!!

  • Awesome looking little girl mine is heeler/border marked almost alike. Seems like you got her back? My girl is so friendly, she thinks everyone is her friend, scares me to leave her in the truck even though its locked with windows down and water in her bowl. Vehicles we can replace, but the love between man/dog can never be replaced

  • Good dog ! Happy she’s home !

    Very likely the car will be found in a few months… burned out along some back country road. (sighs)

  • Now this makes me so happy,so glad your Baby is home.

  • Stealing a car with a pet should be no different than if it were a child. This coward
    needs to be put away.

  • Great news… how often to we see that these days?! Happy reunion Ella Bean!

  • How was the car stolen and how was it found?

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