[FOUND!] Ford F350 Loaded with a Motorbike Stolen Yesterday

Ford f250

Yesterday, this forest green Ford F350, California license plate number 4W52595, was stolen from Allard Avenue in Eureka. Loaded in the back was an onroad/off-road street legal bike.

The owner had this truck for almost 25 years!
The truck was last seen turning by Bonomini’s Market on Little Fairfield Street.
If you have any information, please contact the California Highway Patrol at (707) 822-5981.
UPDATE 5:23 p.m.: The truck has been located in the Lundbar Hills.


  • We were behind that truck. If it’s the same one a blonde chick was driving

  • So was it hotwired? When a vehical is stolen in our community, we need to know if someone left their keys in it (again) or if we have a skill auto-thief in town.

    • We were unloading from camping and had just dropped the trialer to turn the truck around when the guy hopped in it in broad daylight, all of us around, and sped off down the road with our step dad running after him.

  • How about the HCSO put one of their confiscated trucks, with a confiscated bike in the back, put a GPS in it and park it on some dark street. How do you catch a rat???? Put poison bait out !!! This stuff won’t stop until they make an effort TO stop it. Sorry about your truck & bike, man…..:(

    • Catch & Release. Repeat.

    • It doesnt matter if they get caught, all the sh!t bags around here know the worst that will happen with 95% of the cases, is day or two in jail max. They are back on the streets thieving before their withdrawals even set in hard. With no real consequences there is no incentive for the thieves to even think about stopping. It’s insane and ridiculous those sh!t stains are allowed to run wild here in Humboldt with no fear of the law. Hope you guys get the truck an bike back unscathed. Best of luck.

    • That is not a bad idea.
      People complain even when someone gets creative ideas to help.
      Even if the criminals are released, their pictures get posted, and if new crime happens, people may see them on security cameras.
      Let’s all try to be positive minded.

  • We have his name and 2 eyewitnesesss waiting to contact police now. And his pictures..

  • probably a sketcher from the trailer park.

  • I don’t get it. Is the person pictured the suspected thief or the owner? Pretty vague. Details help.

    • He is the owner of the truck. He has had it for 25 years, And is one of my Uncles. They were unloading the trailer to park it and the thief jumped in with a bunch of people right next to it and took off down the road. last seen driving down the road past bonnaminnies market on little fairfield street.

    • I think it’s a guy trying to steal the ball from a hitch….

      More likely the owner, and a picture of the license plate.

    • The photo is provided by the owner to show the license plate. It is not of the thief.

    • Bet they didn’t get that ball! Homey is cranking on that thing respect

      Q: how much torque should I give this?
      A: the berries

  • Details on the bike would be pertinent.

  • Believe I just heard on scanner that Eureka Police have recovered both truck and bike.

  • The guy on the hitch is my Husband an we own the truck thank u..he was adjusting it for my horse trailer. Kym I will keep u posted. Thank you all for your help. We are so appreciative of the communitys responce and eyes.

  • So glad you got it back.i hope it wasn’t damaged.

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