Stills From Surveillance Video of the Alleged Suspects in China Creek Shooting

Surveillance video grab

About 12:20 p.m. today (Sunday), law enforcement learned of a shooting in the China Creek area. The victim was brought to Jerold Phelps hospital, taken by ambulance to St. Joesph’s Hospital in Eureka, and then medevacked to an out-of-the-area hospital with serious injuries. We’ve been given some stills taken from a surveillance video showing the suspects.

According to a good friend of the victim, “[The victim] was air lifted to [redacted] a couple hrs ago in critical condition. He is a veteran of the United States Navy.”

The suspects and the victim met to exchange marijuana for money. The suspects took the pounds of product without leaving any money.

According to the victim’s friend, “When the guys tried to drive off, [the victim] jumped in the [driver] side window grabbing the steering wheel and causing them to crash. That’s when they shot him.”

Law enforcement said that after shooting the victim, the suspects drove off in a white mid-sized SUV, possibly a GMC Acadia or similar.

Then another local person managed to get the victim into his truck and they left the scene to get [the victim] to a hospital. “When he left, the car was through a fence off the bank, but [the suspects] were able to get out somehow,” explained the victim’s friend.

Below are stills taken from a surveillance video. The stills were given to us by someone we know but who wishes to remain anonymous. Nor do they want to reveal where the video was taken. However, they have satisfied us that the stills are authentic.

Surveillance video grab

Suspect one: “Black male adult, clean cut, wearing a grey and red jacket”

Surveillance video grab

Suspect 2: “Black male adult, 6’2”, gold teeth, wearing a grey shirt”

Surveillance video grab

Suspect 3: “Black male adult, thin build, neck and arm tattoos, goatee, wearing a white shirt.” He also had gold teeth, according to the friend of the victim.

UPDATE: Information in the comment section indicates that there may have been a theft incident in Mendocino involving three men with similar descriptions.

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  • DR. Trampstamp DDS

    Gold teeth teeth and no face tattoos!?!

  • Idiots . Don’t steal , be a normalhuman being and trade money for time . Who even brags about this type of behavior?

  • Dont sell to folks you dont know. If you do and you get robbes , sont be a hero, a box osnt worth your life, there are plenty of neighbors who will help out when in a bind if you have been a neighbor and not some grobra dude. Or trustafarian……

  • Money is carefully.interesting white spot top of head.

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    Amazing photos. If you are in an inadvisable occupation, selling your illegal products while inadequately guarded, to sketchy clients, at least it’s a good idea to conduct your black market business where there will be a photo record of your activities for your survivors to treasure forever. Don’t make stupid deals with folks you don’t know.

    “Got the swag, kept the cash!” Pirates!

    One more time: Dope traders need to band together, trim in a group setting, distribute centrally, under highly organized security, and brand/market in an organized manner.

    If a deal feels shady, it probably is. Dope dealing 101.

    All this backwoods crap will expose you to piracy and sudden death. This shit is NOT gonna stop happening! Then, authorities will have to attend, and the ER staff will have to deal with blood on the floor and extra paperwork. Get organized, or at least prepare to deal under arms.

    Please don’t shoot first, but be prepared to defend yourself and your people! DON”T risk the safety of your family or your neighbors!

    Ride with outlaws, die with outlaws.

    • At your next dope deal with white trash. When asked,”whats up with all the guns?” Just say,”there for your protection”. When asked, ” what do you mean by that”? Say…..”well this way you don’t do anything stupid”!

  • A case could be made that the guys driving away feared for their lives after someone jumped in the window and caused their vehicle to crash. It sounds like prior to that there was no violence involved just a business deal turned sour.

    • Except for the part where they were trying to drive away with $1000s of dollars of someone else’s work…Most folks find that a form of violence.

      • Thank you Kim for stating the obvious. THEFT is one of the worst crimes. I don’t care if you are stealing tomatoes or heroin – a thief is a threat to everyone because if they cannot get it from a marijuana deal then your house and possessions will do. And when they get caught in the act – violence always ensues. Thieves are a threat to all including their own.

        • Not only that but it seems to me from experances where i jave been stolen from, doesnt matter what it was once was a car radio another time a car, that the law really doesnt care about it, i get a case number and am supposed to file it with my insurance ….. guess it is differant for companies , banks and the like, they get the whole swat team csi type folks manhunts etc. Us regular folk are just supposed to fill out paperwork and hope they dont come back next time.

      • hans ashbaucher

        Amen! Well said Kim!

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Exactly right, Kym.

        • These people would not rob if they had jobs, We need to put out the love, then when they get back home they will tell all their homies not to hurt us Humboldt hippies. Words are magic, just chant ” Omma Ring Ky Om ” over and over again. ready … start……

      • I don’t think that is how LE and DA will see it.

        Deal gone bad, no physical harm done until “victim” jumps in window of vehicle causing a crash.

        If an occupant of that vehicle got a bloody nose from the crash I wouldn’t be surprised if the “victim” gets arrested for assault.

        But I’m just guessing.

      • CuriousHumboldtian

        It says the car was off the embankment does this have anything to do with the recent car off embankment with a casualty?

    • Cept the deal is drugs, and nobody reasonable may be involved…

    • That’s crap, they tried to kill him in cold blood. Don’t stand up for this trash.

    • charles engebretson

      One could argue?this was a rip off from the could argue my ass

  • Just wondering what the statistics of African Americans and robberies are up here it really seems like a lot

  • At you next dope deal, because you are Stupid, and doing something illegal , you deserve what you get!!

    • Black Rifles Matter

      Calling someone stupid, when you misspell and have multiple grammar mistakes in your post is humorous.

    • BigChas, you can’t even formulate a sentence and you are calling people stupid. Aside from being a jealous hater, do you feel stupid?

  • the victim must know something of the people who robed him hence the deal would have never been set up,I hope it all comes out in the woodwork and the perps are caught and get there carma

  • Thinking allowed

    It’s possible to have a violent incident where no one is exactly innocent. In fact the probability favors that exact scenario. Makes justice a relative and complicated thing. A pursuit of who is worse and gone beyond the bounds.

    • Literacy Counts!!

      Guess what? It is not legal to grow pounds, sell pounds, distribute pounds, or transport pounds. Doing all these things whilst armed, not legal either.

      The pot “business” is not legal in any way.

      If you are stupid enough to try to make your living like this, at least have the brains not to sell to bandits. If you think anyone is on your side, or that justice has anything to do with drug dealing,
      you need to take a class, pronto.

      There’s probably a video on “drug deals protocol” on YouTube. (I think there’s a book, “drug dealing for the clueless”)

  • Split the pounds and you get (5) each… humboldt cash price? 800-1700 depending if its last years outdoor or fresh dep.
    5×1700 high balling… = 8500…
    Attempted murder and robbery… at least a few years in prison… hmmm not worth it I would say..

  • Well sparkelman we just got karate choped by kim! Hmmmm i guess gun talk is bad n not PC or kosher. So humboldt,lay down on your back next time your dealing. Let em take it. Dont fight back. Hey, you can always grow more. “Peace mon”

    • Peace to you, too. I don’t blame her for deleting my obvious F the racists post.

      • I wasnt even being racist!!! I called them africans. I thought thats what u supposed to call em. “Black” is racist because your judging someone by there skin color. Ironically im still just “white”

        • You’re white? Then it doesn’t matter what you say you are already a privileged racist. Ridiculous isn’t it.

          • Oh, please….I can’t tell someone’s color from their words but I can be pretty damn sure when they are being a jerk.

            • That wasn’t referring to you kym sorry if it sounded that way, there’s a theme going on now days that if you are white you are automatically privileged and racist, it’s every where and really grinds my gears, I even saw it on a commercial on the vice channel, and I won’t even get started on the Josiah/Kyle debacle comment section. I hate racism in all forms.

    • Can any of you posting SPELL???? Her name is spelled with a Y not an I!!!! I’ll leave off the descriptor which properly fits all you guys misspelling her name, so she won’t have to edit my comment!!!!

  • Political Correctness is getting people killed around here. Use good judgment even if that Judgment seems racist.

  • amimissingsomething

    This is called work! When you join a gang the members want you to put in work. Work in this case is ripping people off. Black and Mexican gangs put a lot of work in, up here in Humboldt. A friend of a friend of a friend hears about a grower with a loose operation. They set it up and you either give up the cash and dope or you die. In some cases you die because they don’t want you coming and doing the same to them. If you talk about anything you do in public people are listening. This is not paranoia This is real life and if you want to live keep it to yourself!

  • Dope dealers stealing and shooting each other.

    Hope they all go to jail for a long time.

    • My friend, no, a member of my family, a Veteran, a father and a person who supports their parents in another state is currently having multiple surgeries in critical condition due to trying to stop a robbery.
      As I’ve posted before, DO NOT claim that your life is in no single way touched by the marijuana industry, DO NOT tell me that you do not know ONE SINGLE PERSON that even occasionally smokes pot. There is not one person in this community whose life in some way or economy no matter how many ripple effects it takes, does not trickle down to the marijuana industry.
      IF you are that rare unicorn who can claim all that, great for you but remember that at the end of the day (while you want everyone to serve all their time in jail because that’s always worked as a deterrent right?) there is someone whose life is hanging in the balance. This wasn’t some dirty meth head/ human trafficking/fentanyl situation. Try having some compassion and empathy because God knows one day you might need those things for yourself.

      • He sounds like a good and honorable person. Too bad this happened to him. Hope he is going to OK.

      • It takes all kinds

        Compassion is surprisingly a rarity in this area where people preach love and acceptance. Yet fling judgements and hate.
        So many people judge, so many people compare themselves to someone else, so many people who really have no clue about anything going on in any single persons life, feels as though they are entitled to an opinion about others.
        Let me introduce you to Nonya and Donya.
        Other people’s life is Nonya business. Donya get it?

      • Thank you yellow!! Very well put.
        Praying for the best for the victim.

  • Jeff sessions.
    Come close this place down.
    This is the worst town maybe in all of Cali. Thanks liberals.
    Nice idea of how a community should work.

    • Ever been to bakersfeild hmmm?

    • agreed!!! We pay tax’s for protection not to be used as human shields for gangs and illegals.

      • That’s a fallacy, I’m afraid. We don’t pay taxes for protection, we have the 2nd amendment for that, the right to self defend.
        We DO, however, pay taxes for our rights to be secured.
        Securing our rights is why governments were formed.
        Dictating, regulating, prohibiting, denying, rights is not part of the constitution.
        The Constitution does not give us our rights, it secures our rights.
        The Constitution does not deny our rights, it secures our rights.

    • Coming from a Conservative, who elected a Fascist pig for President who want to destroy the Earth, that’s a good one.

      • It was ” our” only option. Hillary wants to abolish the second amendment right. Where do u stand now??? Maybe your unicorns will save u sparkels. 🦄

        • your expecting a reasonable answer from someone who is obviously under the zombie brainwashing control of the TV set. Don’t waste your time.

        • charles engebretson

          When did it go from a gullible grower to Hillary guys can make anything into a conservative/liberal mud slinging contest… Its stupid..

          • Q: “When did it go from a gullible grower to Hillary Clinton”

            A: “the zombie brainwashing control of the TV set” and Fecesbook and Twatter.

    • Uh, have you looked at headlines around the state? Its waaay worse other places. We do still have a community, otherwise we wouldnt even have this website.
      There are people who live with this kind of violence daily.
      People steal things and shoot people for it regardless of the item being stolen.
      We take a lot for granted here. We kept our bubble up as long as we could, but its popped. Welcome to the US, emerald triangle.

    • Move. Easy enough.

  • Here is an idea. Buy a surveillance syat4em that shows video or photos that you can make out what you are seeing. HD, cheap at Costco. Also take photos of people if you think you have to deal with somebody unknown to you. Take a photo of their car too. If they don’t like it then they can hit the road. Not a perfect solution but helpful.

  • Four on one? They could’ve just beat him down and ziptied him. But they shot him. Similar to that Laytonville stabbing death. Stupidity abounds.

  • good to see all the race oriented comments have been censored out. We wouldn’t want people to get the wrong idea here or think that one group or other is invading our coast to prey on local citizens. Best just to be polite and PC and look the other way.

    • Damn, you are right! The vast majority of the criminals in this county are white. We’d better make sure that everyone is aware of that. I’ll stop censoring the….uh…zero comments I’ve had that are using racially charged language to talk about our white criminal problem.

      Ralph, don’t bring racist talk here or I will ban you. Think it all you want. Start your own dang blog and shout it but don’t dribble that smelly crap on my website.

    • Sure wish they’d come by my neck of the woods…ohhh please!

    • Exactly right. There is more crime by whites up here because the population is probably 9.8 to 1 white to black. On a per capita bases, blacks commit WAY more violent crime here and everywhere else around the country. To ignore this statistical fact is immoral and only serves to exacerbate the problem. This is why liberals suck! If I’m wrong, why doesn’t someone print violent crime statistics from HCSO (or anywhere else) based on race? Because I’m not wrong. If whites were committing a MASSIVELY disproportionate amount of crime against blacks, we would MOST CERTAINLY be talking about this without censorship! We would be demanding a solution. This double standard is fucking bullshit!

      • You are talking about the problem and you aren’t deleted. There is no censorship on this site for legit discussion but I’m sick and tired of deleting comments that are racist without any attempt to discuss rationally.

        Here’s some things to think about:
        If you think that black people are committing more crimes than white proportionally (I’m not saying they are, I’m just willing to roll with you on this one a bit), then why do you think so? Do you think it is just because black people are inherently inferior beings with criminal instincts or do you think that there might be some issues that contribute to the higher arrest and conviction rates? Putting aside the higher rates of poverty among black people (poverty and crime rates correlate) there are a host of other factors. Here’s an easy read that discusses some of them: Yes, it is the Huffington Post, not the best source but still the article is direct and easily digested in a short time.

        • I believe the answers as to why blacks commit more violent crimes are numerous and complicated: the welfare state, single parent households, more testosterone, lower IQ (Yes lower IQ-not meant as an insult) etc. The Hufpo article’s #1 assertion that states black people are arrested more because they are more heavily policed doesn’t mean anything. They are more heavily policed because there is more crime in black neighborhoods. So of course they’re arrested more. The #2 assertion that blacks make up 35% of drug arrests but 45% of convictions is also misleading. Undoubtedly, a lack of money means more likelihood you will be convicted. And blacks on the whole have less money. But there may be other explanations. Whites outnumber blacks 6 to 1 yet the drug arrest rate for blacks is 35%! Given that stat, it is likely that a black person arrested for a drug crime has already been arrested for drugs and hence, more likely to take a plea (conviction).

          As to your comment regarding the correlation between race and poverty, I believe crime causes poverty not the other way around. So yes there is a correlation. Here is a video with some undeniable and interesting statistics. It’s an hour long but a worthy endeavor if your true aim is to bridge the gap between black and white.

  • Stating that he is a “veteran” means nothing when he is conducting drug deals like any street punk except that he dishonors the service.

    • Your comment is as uneducated & as undeserving as when Trump stated that McCain wasn’t a hero because he had been caught by the enemy. If you live here, in SoHum, you are most likely living on or around land that was nothing but mountains until small farmers 40 years ago moved here, cleared the land, made roads, had power lines & phone lines put up almost hundred percent backed by tilling small fields of marijuana. That, for better or for worse, depends on how you see it, is what this community has literally grown on. You don’t know that this was a ‘punk deal’, you don’t know any of the people involved in this situation. This could be small farmers from back in the day, it could be anybody, it’s obviously not a big grow situation & isn’t that who the community is really mad at? The big grow [ers]? Because that’s the financial situation that is forcing the small farmers to do deals that they would never ever in a million years have normally ever even considered but if this was a punk deal it would have been done behind the back of Rays. If it makes your day brighter to sit there on your sanctimonious high horse knowing that you have never ever once made a poor decision from the moment you left your mother’s womb until the day you sat here and wrote the prior comment, enjoy it, because one day your horse will probably throw you, leaving you in the dirt.

      • Well said.

      • An uneducated comment at its finest. The loggers and ranchers punched these roads in long before the drive back to the landers got here. These hills were scraped and burnt clean. If new roads/driveways were created, it was by the good old boy, local equipment operators hired by the growers.

        • You are absolutely wrong based on the FACT that you do not know every single person who lives in the mountainous ranges of Humboldt hence you have zero idea of the work they put in to have all the things I mentioned that you want to ascribe to loggers. The people I know did not have the money in those days to hire all the nifty machinary and humans you describe. Don’t paint everyone’s story with your burned out paintbrush.

          • My family has been here for six generations and long before any hippie dope growers arrived here and guess what they were putting in roads and conducting legal business long before the first “back to landers ” came to ravage this place.

            • I forgot to mention the Chinese labors that cut and built roads and railroads all over Humboldt county by hand long before the drive back to the landers came this way. China Creek is one example.

              • It’s expensive but part of legal pot is repairing or rather changing roads to outslope. You would know that if you lived in the hills.

            • AnonymousHumboldtian

              And if those hippy dope growers hadn’t moved in and hired you redneck cowboy operators you would probably be up the creek without a paddle. People like the Etter family have made a killing providing services to “hippies”. Cove guy, you wouldn’t know the goose if it laid a golden turd right on your boots.

            • Now we are on the hook for changing each and every road to outslope.
              The land was pretty fucked up when I came here in 76.

              • Not every road, if a neighborhood has no road association there is no one to pin the blame on. If a grow is permitted in that neighborhood the approved permit holder will assume all costs.

            • Yeah and selling a sh*t ton of then illegal alcohol being made in whitethorn and loaded into barrels and put in with the barrels of tanning oil (tan oak bark) that were taken to the coast and put on boats headed to cities.
              A long history of illegal acts here, beginning with the massacres of the native peoples.
              Im sure they felt the same way about your family when they came to humboldt generations ago and slaughtered their children.

        • Guess What? They all have to be reshaped to outslope.

      • Yellow flowers, I’m sorry you have to deal with ignorant assholes while your loved one fights for his life. I wish you all the best.

    • The service dishonors him by prohibiting his freedom of choice, when no longer employed.
      The only reason we have a full time Navy, is to protect our land from foreign and domestic enemies who wish to dictate over us.
      He is not the enemy for choosing what to put into his own body.
      Sessions is the enemy for prohibiting his right to choose.
      Sessions has constitutional authority to guard the borders. His authority ends where the individual’s personal begins.
      The Constitution forbids dictatorship over the individual’s rights and state’s rights. States are forbidden from interfering with the duties of the Feds and the Feds are forbidden from interfering with the duties of the States. Reference, the 9th and 10th amendments.
      Notice the unconstitutional merging of Feds and States in every aspect of our lives. Education, health, wages, food, air, water, recreation, land, …
      State’s have the moral duty to nullify all unconstitutional laws passed by the Feds.
      It takes a moral people to hold their representatives accountable.
      Immoral people just whine and give up. Some even cheer for the demise of the Constitution.

      • WELL said!!!!

      • Go Shak! Unfortunately, 98% of the people on here are clueless about the constitution that gave us the most prosperous country that ever existed on the planet. Indeed, they cheer it’s demise and mindlessly attribute the whole of this countries success to slavery and oppression. It’s a breath of fresh air to see someone who actually gets it.

    • Right on Stormy!

    • I see no dishonor in his service, in fact i know many former military members who find peace in growing this plant. It is a way for them to make a living support their families , and be able to live their lives away from most judgemental folks. Also this plant helps with ptsd cronic pain . Nothing wrong with that unless maybe you would rather see yet another veteran living under a bridge because they cant seem to fit in at most work enviorments and struggle to stay employed .

    • What does being a veteran have to do with any of this?

  • Yes, the whole PC program really scores a lot of points. Let`s shut off our brains and pretend it`s just one big happy family. I`m beginning to realize the PC people are the biggest bigots of all. My comment was deleted when I pointed out that it`s easier to catch someone in daylight than at night. I guess those who are PC are so stupid they can no longer recognize the difference between daylight and dark.

    Meanwhile, we know it`s because of those terrible, dangerous guns that just jump off the rack all on their own and go around shooting people

    • You might have been making a legit comment. But I’ve been inundated with so many racist comments lately, I’m leaning heavily on the side of being PC because I am damn tired of the other stuff. My apologies if I was unjust. However, under the circumstances, I’ll probably keep doing the same thing.

      • You weren’t unjust. Can’t help responding to crap with more crap. Will try harder, next time, to expose ignorance without insulting. Thanks for letting me try.

      • Those may be crocodile tears on the Ripper.

        Didn’t see the original comment but I know an old racist saw about catching people in the dark.

  • A lot of us who “grew” up around here looked at the pot laws as arbitrary and unjust didn’t see the local scene as criminal. Even though things like the knee jerk animosity towards all L.E.O.s was held by some. But the fact that there are folks out there who don’t see the pot scene as anything other than another dope deal. We’ve seen this episode before. Dangerous to deal with gangsters.

  • So many pointless opinions. We want fucking justice. Not your left wing concepts. Wether you believe in one thing or another doesn’t excuse the fact that an honourable friend is in the fucking hospital fighting for his life because a bunch of young assholes had a premeditated agenda that wasn’t foreseen. WE WANT JUSTICE. NOT A FUCKING OPINION.

    • They are more concerned about being PC and tolerant even though it was Kim who brought up color (white!!!) and then accused me of being a racist. Yup, this was obviously the Russians infiltrating Reggae on the River.

    • Totally agree. Race should not matter, but the facts are that selling to 3 young black kids from the city is very dangerous. Other young white grower kids have died from this.

    • Its awesome to have photos and such a detailed description, so they can get caught!
      These same 3 black men fit the description of two other marijuana transaction burglaries that happened in eureka in march& april. (Gold teeth, same heights, white porsche SUV, herb deals with no intention to buy, gun shots fired into ceiling or pointed at heads, stolen weed, second getaway car was red).
      Those incidents were never reported to the police, but have not been forgotten.
      They were driving White porsche SUV, were spotted back then around eureka high school around 8:30/9am the next day. I assume they have a place to stay in eureka, targeting new herb deal situations every few weeks.
      Does anyone know if their description fits the redway burglary? where they tied up the old man and stole the totes of weed?
      This is not a 1 stop shop for them

      • That jibes with the Craigslist post from Mendo re: those characters.

        ” assume they have a place to stay in eureka”

        Yep. Or somewhere nearby. The wish is, they get popped before someone gets killed.

  • Do any of you have any idea how old your stupid, bullshit arguments get? Anyone? Hello?

    • Thank you. It’s so off topic. Humboldt county has been known for this type of activity for years. People who come in and don’t understand the business make mistakes such as this. But to put him down w/o knowing this man and then go off on tangents about race, pot being good, pot being the reason humboldt a shit, etc etc shows that the pot growers aren’t 100% the issue here. I see a lot of close minded ignorance. Only reason Kym writes these blogs is to band locals together to keep it safe and protect the pot growers, hippies & rednecks that actually try to contribute to the community from scum like this. So instead of bitching and arguing about who’s dick is bigger. How about you actually do us a favour and help lead us in the right direction to find these bandits. Otherwise, go fuck off in the hills and rot away in your misery “friends”.

    • Thank you. It’s so off topic. Humboldt county has been known for this type of activity for years. People who come in and don’t understand the business make mistakes such as this. But to put him down w/o knowing this man and then go off on tangents about race, pot being good, pot being the reason humboldt has turned to shit, etc etc shows that the pot growers aren’t 100% the issue here. I see a lot of close minded ignorance. Only reason Kym writes these blogs is to band locals together to keep it safe and protect the pot growers, hippies & rednecks, & whatever label you do or don’t go bye actually try to contribute to the community from scum like this. So instead of bitching and arguing about who’s dick is bigger. How about you actually do us a favour and help lead us in the right direction to find these bandits. No one always sees eye to eye about everything but there is a tolerance and acceptance youbguys need to find to be unified. That’s the point of this blog. Not for you guys to argue about opinions. Leave that shit on Facebook. Thank you. Goodnight.

  • The unasked and uanswered question that actually has something to do with the crimes are how could the suspects just vanish? There is very few exits so how could they evade LE BOLO and everyone else? Did the actually flee the county or disappear into brush?

    • Obviously you are not aware of how incompetent the HCSO are.

      • Nor that the HCSO is for sale as private police to the richest folks.
        Half the population here doesnt even bother calling them anymore. They wont do anything unless they can make extra money for their pockets.
        The stealing of estate items is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • Chp probably had to wait for backup, standard mo, sheriff would have to do the same. Plenty of time to get away.

    • They’ve got a nearby hidey-hole that they ‘work’ out of. Several folks have commented, this same crew have jacked others in Humboldt and probably in Mendo, too, from the looks of that CL post.

      The f-ed up rig is going to be hard to hide, though.

  • Something positive. This local is a brave man that hopfully spoiled any further crime from this trio. This wasnt there first but hopefully its there last. There on the run with pictures of them out. His actions in his hills put the suspects in a world of paranoia n disbelief. His actions hopfully saved others from the same fate.May there be Godspeed on his recovery

  • Hate to say it, but you brought this upon yourself, why deal with these Canadians? I never deal with canadians.
    These canadians are something else, and why wouldnt you tell someone you got canadians coming out to your spot, [edit] after all just look at these canadians, they are straight from the hood, kick their own momma in the teeth for a rock.

  • I’m sorry but the photos are not clear enough to be useful.

  • Glad this guy survived but don’t risk your life trying to get back a few grand. My boss ripped me off for $6,000 but since I only work at permitted farms and sell marijuana legally, I also try to get any theft handled legally too, in a court of law. Dealing with small claims right now for theft of service from my old boss. Keep it legit and crime rates will go down people, and NEVER antagonize a criminal over money, your life is not replaceable but money is.

  • Legally in 2018? Tell that to the Feds.

  • Dont deal with people that are not known by others its more worth it to take several hundreds less then to be jacked for everthing and shot. People think before u deal with an unknow person. If someone set up a safe haven for these type of deals there would be alot less people getting shot.

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