[UPDATE Monday] Baby Coming!


By Kókay Szabolcs via Wikimedia Commons

At approximately 11:47 p.m., a call came across the scanner warning that a GMC Sierra with its hazard lights parked in Ferndale contained a woman in danger of “imminent childbirth.”

About 11:50 p.m., the report came that “contractions are about a minute a part.” However, the baby’s head is not crowning at this time.

UPDATE 11:58 p.m.: Medical personnel are at the scene. We hope all is well for mom and babe.

UPDATE Monday: A local scanner listener tells us that at 12:08 a.m.,

[T]he Fortuna [Ambulance] was heading out with mom and not-yet-born baby on board,  Contractions were down to about every 30-40 seconds, and they reported that it was mom’s first child, she’s been under regular doctor’s care throughout the pregnancy without any complications, her vitals were all normal at this time and still with no apparent complications, and they would be at the hospital “in 6-8 minutes.”  They arrived in 6 minutes.

It’s unusual to have a GOOD story to end a day like yesterday was.

UPDATE: Hello, World, Here’s Baby Nova Born This Morning



  • This is news?? Why? Hope the baby is fine but privacy? Just cause its on the scanner with literally no info it needs to be reported?

    • Because in all the years of reporting on the news, this may be the only time I’ve heard this and because…Babies!! Hope, joy, new life! Also, folks will most likely notice if someone has a new baby so I doubt I’ve exposed a hidden secret especially as no names were involved….

    • If you want to control the content, write your own blog. There is no reason to criticize someone for their personal blog choices, you aren’t required to read it.

    • shawn the fisherman

      Its a baby, How can anybody be so Confused not to appreciate that?

  • Full moon tonite I wouldn’t be surprised if more women went into labor

  • Welcome to this crazy world, little one.

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    How exciting! A new one and someone else educated in childbirth! Timing is everything…

  • Congratulations 🌹🍼

  • Made me smile =)

  • thanks for your bits of good news♡

  • It takes all kinds

    Love love love and more love!!!!!!

  • Veterens friend

    Shoulda stayed home and just had the baby. Now you have a huge ambulance bill. Ouch

  • Best news ever. (assuming the baby arrived healthy). Congratulations to the parent(s)!!

  • Confused your name fit you.

  • Haters just gotta hate.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Awesome. Congrats to mama and baby.

  • So at what time was the baby born???

  • This is good news & we need good news now & then.
    OK… Picture a woman, alone, bringing a baby into this world, who has attended to her pregnancy for months, climbs into her truck to go to the hospital (assuming), in spite of being almost midnight on a Sunday, is actually thinking clearly enough to pull over, push the hazard light button & wait for help to arrive when every SECOND counts at this time. (Can’t help wondering where the baby daddy was at that moment or why she was alone but I can live without the details.) Happy ending & a special story to tell the child the circumstances of her birth. I thank you.

    • The article itself does not indicate that the dad was not there with her. Maybe he was driving her and called the EMT’s. I am not reading in the assumption that she was alone, even though that is possible. Anyway glad all ended well.

  • Congratulations n thank you Kym for your report. There are some ppl that like to hear good news. And babies are usually good news.

  • This is the mom’s dad. The father and baby and mom are well. It is awesome for you to share this and thanks to all the well wishes.

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