23-Year-Old Injured at the Miranda Bridge

Medical Feature

Note: Image by H.p.frei via Wikimedia Commons

At 4:05 p.m., emergency dispatch dispatched medical personnel to respond to the report of a 23-year-old male who reportedly had a “long fall with a head injury” at the Miranda Bridge.

About a week ago medical responded to a man who reportedly broke both his ankles after jumping off the large rock there into the South Fork of the Eel.



  • Veterans friend

    They should just leave the bodies hanging from the bridge as a warning to others

  • No name of the injured person??

  • Water level is low

  • There names are dumb and dumber

  • A good good friend of mine died diving off that bridge. The river changed a.little that year and he didn’t check for rocks,head first into a rock.Ray R.I.P. I hope this 23yr.old will be ok

  • The last person who broke there ankles jumped from the high rock but not far enough out, or had second guess it to late. Nothing to do with the low water, which I had assumed was the issue also. People are just loosing there good judgement it seems.

    • Bozo the Clone (as opposed to the person who is calling himself "Bozo" on here...he's a clown, I'm a clone.

      They’re or their or there or thar (Thar she blows mates!) I passed the third grade
      so I no wen to use em!

  • I was just talking with a family friend about how when I was a child my then 11 year old brother ran up to the bridge with a bunch of college students to jump off and my mother was screaming bloody murder for him to come back. Our family was lucky that my brother survived with no injuries but it is never safe to jump off that bridge. I’m not saying this young man intentionally jumped because they are reporting a fall. I hope to dear God that he recovers from this fall.

  • Come on people, the water levels just are not what they used to be.
    We used to jump off this all the time when I was in high school but that was a long time ago and we thought the water was low then. It’s even lower now!
    One would think common sense would make a play here but I guess showing off for the half naked chick’s on the beach is just to much for the guys.
    Glad this wasn’t more serious!!
    Time to put of signage for all the dumb ass’s before someone breaks a neck showing off!!

  • Another stoner thinking he is immune to the wrath of the real life that exists!!!!

    • ‘Stoner’? Saw nothing in the article about that. Or perhaps you assume drunks wouldnt be outside in the first place?

  • Last year a guy broke his back there. Everyone always says oh it won’t happen to me… but it does… people should learn from other people’s mistakes… should being the operative term.

  • I use to jump off miranda bridge all the time. Getting to old to do that shit now and i have kids that kind of need me around

    • Resident @ large

      Yes, it is nice to liven get enuff to gain the perspective which you now have. You ate a lucky one n God bless. Sincerely.

  • I really wish some of the asshole commenters on this site would get blocked, at this point who cares about free speech. Just a bunch of jerks.

  • The 1st incident with the two broken ankles was a fall…he started to jump from the top of the rock under the bridge, he was from the city and had bever done it befor. He started to go, hesitated, lost his balance and fell and bounced a couple times. It sucked, you could hear them snap 🙁

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