Woman Apparently Under the Influence Crashes Vehicle Through PG&E Security Gate, Resists Deputy, and Flees by Swimming, Says Sheriff’s Office

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Katherine Zacevich

On 08-05-17, at approximately 1:30 pm, Humboldt County Sheriff Deputies responded to the PG&E plant in King Salmon for a report of a female who had crashed her vehicle through a security gate. Upon the first deputy’s arrival, he contacted 24 year old Katherine Zacevich who was walking away from her vehicle. Zacevich was only wearing pants and appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance.

Zacevich ignored all of the deputy’s requests and attempted to leave the area. The deputy attempted to detain Zacevich when she began to actively resist by striking and attempting to kick the deputy. Zacevich fled the area towards the slough. Additional deputies and officers from the California Highway Patrol and Fortuna Police Department arrived on scene to assist.

Zacevich was located swimming in the slough, just east of the power plant. She came out of the slough and continued to actively resist deputies attempt to detain her. She was eventually placed into custody and transported to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Upon her release from the hospital she will be booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for Battery on a Peace Officer and Vandalism. The deputy’s injuries were minimal in this incident.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Tip line at 707-268-2539




  • The girl has $1 million dollar smile. No alcohol or drug charges. Maybe the county will get her on the right medication and her life will skyrocket from there hopefully.dammit went back and reread possibly under influence of a controlled substance.

  • Meth makes one fearless and super strong, feel no pain. Even tasering never works. Get your shit together girl.

  • Maybe she thought she was on naked and afraid.

  • Hell of a place to go skinny dipping. If she’s not careful, she’s gonna wind up with THREE eyeballs!!!

  • Wow, what a bender. Good thing she has rest of the weekend to wear it off before back to work Monday.

    • “Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office”

      Suggests that the Sheriff’s Office suspect there’s more to this story than just a weekend bender.

      • Actually that is just the standard footer that the Sheriff’s department puts on all press releases. But, maybe.

      • S**t give her a break she’s young maybe she can get back on her feet and get her life back on track quit hunting her down like she’s a f***ing animal she’s made mistakes.

        • She’s 24 and has a lengthy record that’s easily searched online.
          Perhaps bringing those facts to light in the context of this incident might stimulate her taking a look at the past six years of mistakes.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    If anyone has seen Deadwood, and what Trixie did topless-
    this is disturbing as rods have been missing and can’t be removed until 299 is completed.

    If marijuana growers are able to field a nuclear weapon, they will insist on complete environmental destruction using that weapon as ransom.

    Trump should send in the expeditionary force, secure the fuel ponds, branch out and cut every weed plant for 600 miles.

    This may be a probing, recon unit for The Marijuana Caliphate, timing this with Reggae On The River for maximum media effect, and use their partisans as cover.

    This is very serious, as desperate marijuana growers may be attempting another 9/11 and everyone knows marijuana played a hand in the first one.

    The Triangle needs immediate military intervention to stop The Marijuana Caliphate from manifesting it’s dreams.

    • Good point. Smoke screen of reggae on the river. They (government) assume that there is no way one marijuana user would miss such an event like reggae on the river. What better time to carry out such a mission to gain intel on the nuke plant.

    • Dude you rock

    • Wow! I hadn’t considered any of this before! But it now makes so much sense. We need help!!

    • Not only military, but we need evangelicals setting up gospel tents. Once the effects of the devils weed wears off, they will need guidance back into reality. I would only trust the evangelicals to be able to handle such a task. Lots of praying, singing and dancing. They will also need to consume holy water to help rid the devil. Everyone in the triangle is under the spell of the devil’s weed. Just the slightest smell will penetrate your soil and take over. You want even notice it. The growers must be eradicated. The users, if not too far lost, must be purged. This is only the beginning.

    • Chump/trump. Like i said before. Opium was what caused 911, not weed. Get yo facts straight. U ever heard of diarrhea of the mouth……? Thats u. You make zero sence. I belive your mentally challenged in lots of ways. Drop LSD n smoke some weed for Christs sake.

      • LSD might be his problem. Wingnut for sure. Too far out to come back. Probably harasses people at the Honeydew store. Most likely hits people up for beer. He grows shwag that he can’t sell, that why he hates other growers. He’s claims to be a leader not follower, but what does he know, he’s lost!

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        Hold up. If drugs are what caused 9/11, then why are you advocating doing more drugs? Your logic is flawed.

    • No doubt a Toyota was involved.

    • How bout everybody step off the weed is desyroying the world ladder and encourage the sherriffs office to bust all the coke heads and the meth mouths. Just concentrate on weed cuz busting it brings in cash flow, but ignore the crazed tweakerz that rob and assault and kill the weed growers and their families and such. Stellar tactics right there.

      • Good Idea, but I think you answered why it isn’t happening. Wait until you try for years and find you will get no response. We need to find a way that the hard drug arrests would be profitable to the sheriffs department! The only hope is that they can arrests these criminals during their assaults, robberies, break ins, and other collateral damage they are causing. Because we know it won’t happen any other way. Keep your eyes open.

    • Veterans friend


    • shawn the fisherman

      You forget your meds again Chump? Dial back the rhetoric before people start to think you are nuts. One extreme to another, Try somewhere in the middle. You related to Becky sweet?

  • I love your post’s chump.
    Keep up the good work

    • A woman on meth goes nuts, and you thank a disturbed person who chimes in with ‘pot growers will use nuclear weapons’, and ‘pot growers were in on 9/11’.
      Sickening and deluded.

      • CHUMP and his supporters prove over and over that there will always be more scared, stupid people than smart. That’s how Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan trump got elected! These idiots think any news they don’t agree with is FAKE. Perfect citizens of a Fascist dummy state. CHUMP can be their trump-like SNOWFLAKE leader.

        • Anyone who casually throws around the name ‘Hitler’ needs to go to the library and read a book. Grow up.

          • Yes, and didn’t term “Snowflake” concern us as well? Honestly, I would much rather read CHUMPS comments than these fueled, driven, and pointed attacks. As well, I am surprised that Kym doesn’t pick up on and edit these posts.

            • General insults about groups are tolerated but not encouraged. Insults directed at other commenters aren’t allowed.

              • Sharpen your pencil

                Got it Kym, as long as chump keeps up the vague and dillusional threats to a broad spectrum of our population all is good, but the minute he singles one out it’s game over……

                • Actually Kym, please don’t ban CHUMP. I occasionally enjoy reading some of his stuff and agree with some viewpoints. He comes across as being anti drug, environmental destruction, etc. If it doesn’t interest me I and starts to ramble I just skip on by. However I am offended by Sparkelmahn and the racist, pro-Nazi, etc viewpoints

                • Any threats of using law enforcement to remove marijuana grows are allowed. All hints at personal violence aren’t.

                • “occasionally”

                  If only the troll posts were occasional. The flood of nonsense and naive responses pollute the comments section here, and turns off folks from participating. It’s drivel; nothing constructive nor humorous.

                • “chump keeps up the vague and dillusional threats to a broad spectrum of our population ”

                  That crap has amped up over the past few weeks.
                  Not coincidently, a lot of other ugly commenting is on the increase here.
                  Direct correlation. Ban the troll and reduce the bad vibes overall.

              • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

                I generally respect Ms.Kemp’s guidelines and have a hard time understanding why others have such an issue with respecting boundaries.
                I’m not even going to speculate why some take issue with respecting others, I’m an adult, have empathy for others, and generally live above doing those type of things.

                Ms.Kemp does a fantastic job with this project and shares it for everyone.

                She is a true positive spirit, has honor, values, and is trying to teach things to many of you which means to listen and not speak.

                Thank you again Ms.Kemp

                • If your sarcasm was any thicker, I’d have to cut my computer screen with a knife.

                • Kym, you are encouraging behaviour that encourages others to make ugly comments. There is a correlation. Please ban the troll not feed it.

                • Really? This is all CHUMP’s fault? and mine?….

                • Kym, first and foremost, I love what you do here and would support it financially if there were a paypal donation button somewhere on the site.

                  Regarding troll, after you gave them recognition with an article directed to them, they were legitimized, emboldened and encouraged.
                  That person has admitted at least twice, they aren’t ‘serious’ about the anti-weed nonsense, that they consider it “satire”.
                  It’s not ‘satire’. It is trolling. Trolling is always designed to disrupt sane, constructive dialogue in comments sections.
                  It’s as old as Usenet, vis a vis online dialogue.

                  Now they’ve ‘followers’ and imitators, pushing the same nonsense but with more invective and hate. Though I don’t have any stats, my sense is the level of heated, confrontational discourse has subsequently risen here in the comments sections, following that article directed at the troll.

                  Encouraging trolls is never a good idea for a blog writer or blog commentor. They’re like stray cats; feed ’em, they keep coming back and bring more cats with them.
                  They muddy the waters of genuine discourse, dragging commentors into the quicksand of nonsense; some commentors take that nonsense to be serious and respond accordingly.

                  That person adds nothing to this blog and comments sections; nothing good, at least. Recognizing them, responding to them, legitimizes them in their own feeble mind.

                  Ban and see if the level of discourse improves, if the bad vibes settle down. I’d literally wager that it will improve.
                  My sense, most of your committed readers, no matter which side of the current cannabis issue they take, would prefer not to read that nonsense nor any of the responses nor imitators and fans.

                  Your blog, of course; your choice, of course. I’m just pointing out responsibility as I see it, relative to the decline in positive content in the comments sections. YMMV.

                  Aside from that, here’s a piece that maybe of interest:

  • Victor G. Flashman

    This is a good example of what not to do. Life on the North Coast is a desperate and depressing affair, sometimes.

    I sincerely hope something good happens to this woman, like rehab, sobriety, and a safer occupation.

  • May she wake up and be well, she is too pretty to be a meth head.
    More going on than meets the eye, she was poisoned.

  • People have been shot for a lot less. She is lucky?

  • Wholly shit.i hope she gets tested for the pool of water she swam in.she probably will light up the whole jail!!glowing green

  • she is so lucky they didnt shoot her at the gate. use of deadly force is authorized at the plant……it allways has been !!!!!

  • We think there was another person with her. We saw a woman hurriedly walking south on the shoulder of the northbound lane, obviously under the influence looking over her shoulder like someone was after her. We drove into King Salmon and saw the sheriff’s vehicle as we were leaving. The woman we saw was talking to someone in a black full sized SUV near Herrick Rd on our way back.

  • she looks like shelly lindblade of news channel 3 weather girl,or woman .

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