Two Pickup and a Van Reportedly Involved in an Accident Near Three Corners Market on Myrtle Avenue

Traffic Collision Car AccidentThree vehicles–two pickups and one van– crashed near Three Corners Market in the 5900 block of Myrtle Avenue.

“Two vehicles are in the roadway,” according to the Incident Commander.

An ambulance and other emergency vehicles are responding.



  • Wow, the body shops must be busy these days or is it the used car dealers?

  • A lot more high drivers on the road these days.

  • Oh friends were just leaving there.anyone know what kind of vehicles?the make I mean

  • People have been driving way too fast through there, its 35mph by 3 corners for a reason!!! Tailgating is so dangerous. People on greenwood heights have been calling chp to ask for more presence on g heights and around 3 corners.

    I hope the chp will be more present in that area especially as hsu starts, the driving gets horrible. The chp ought to make hsu give driving tips to new students. Like we dont move at the same pace as a city, so stop tailgating or go back to city. If youre driving thru a neighborhood, just slow down. Getting there a few minutes late is way better than running over a child.
    If youre on a 2 lane road, esp a rural one, and someone behind you wants to go faster, just pull over at a turnout. If you are the speedy person,,stop tailgating so the person in front of you can pull over safely. Dont have your high beams on when youre behind another car, its blinding. Take some time to practice driving here before those first days of college when yourr racing to not be late. Driving around prior will give you good idea how long it will take you, and practice at night especially if youre used to living in a place where the streets/highway have street lights.
    And dont speed/tailgate thru the corridor, its that speed because of all the tragic accidents years ago. Your poor driving thru that area can easily end with you hurting yourself, which you probabky would deserve, and also hurting others, which really sucks for everyone. We dont want our area to be like LA, so if you want to keep your fast pace lifestyle please go back and do it there. Many of us came here to flee that energy.

    • All excellent tips. I’m sorry you wasted your time and energy though.

    • Veterans friend

      You are way too kind for this area. Think Oregon

    • I encountered that yesterday after 5 pm when going home ‘the back way’ going up over Kneeland with the speeders that are sooo unhappy when one does drive the speed limit near Garfield School/ The Grange, or even further up the hill. I did use the pullouts several times till I got to Butler Valley Road, but it seems that Volvo station wagons just have to zoom up and down the hill on the twisty and windy road..

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      I’ve noticed that bad driving, road rage, and wild crashes have increased with the use of video games.

    • My experience with cities is that traffic flows a lot slower than it does in the country, and that city people are often the cause of traffic jams, especially on 36.

      If someone is tailgating you, chances are it means you should have used the last turnout.

      All the tragic accidents in the safety corridor were caused by people pulling onto the freeway without yielding to oncoming traffic, not by the speed of the through traffic. The speed was reduced so the collisions would be less severe. It has done nothing to reduce the actual number of collisions, which has gone way up, as happens when speed limits are artificially reduced, but now fewer people die because the cars are slower. Driving too slowly is the primary poor driving to avoid if you’re through traffic, as it’s what causes the extra accidents.

      Don’t have your high beams on when there’s another car in front of you, on either side of the road, period. Or your driving lights, fog lights, off-road lights, or any light made in china.

      Oh, and don’t drive while high or drunk. Or even “slightly buzzed”. One drink is too many.

      Also, if you need to use your phone for any conversation longer than “can’t talk now, driving”, pull over. Doesn’t matter if it’s hands-free or not.

      • Thinking allowed

        If someone is tailgating me, it usually means that they were driving fast and were nowhere near in sight when I past the last turn out but have certainly rushed up all squirrelly long before I reach the next.

  • There have been way too many accidents at the 3 Corners intersection right in front of the market over the past few years. I am always very careful when entering or leaving their parking lot.

    • It’s a poorly designed parking lot though. People just veer into it and then sit facing traffic with headlights on all the time blinding on coming drivers. Lots o speeders and aggressive drivers as you say though as well

    • It’s a poorly designed parking lot. People just veer into it and then sit facing traffic with headlights on blinding on coming drivers. Lots o speeders and aggressive drivers as you say though as well.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Nothing wrong with the parking lot if you practice safe and courteous driving. There was a rear-end run-in by the PG&E station nesr Myrtle Ave. Market a day or two ago, never saw it in the news. It’s very bad and worse every day.

  • Its true CHUMP, the video games are definitely to blame for road rage. I noticed a serious spike when
    Ms. Pac-man came out in 82′. Having Blinky and Pinky corner you right before you get the strawberry makes people totally enraged. Its directly related to a three car accident in front of Three Corners Market, I’m certain. Slow build up to complete insanity my friend. Probably smoking devils arugula to boot.

    • I’m not sure about that. I’ve noticed that the increase in accidents correlates strongly with the decrease in high-seas piracy over the last several centuries. Back when pirates ruled the seas, there wasn’t a single automobile accident! It’s only gone downhill since. We need to do something about this.

  • Excellent point Bushytails, very keen observation. This nutcase is finally cracked wide open.

  • Were building a house about a block away and hear people slamming the brakes all the time.its scary trying to get out of the driveway too! Be safe

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      You should use rocks placed to stop high drivers from crashing into your house.

      You don’t want to see your house with a car half in it and tell tale orange light blaring all over the lawn.

  • What was really scary was when your dump truck driver delivering gravel to your place backed into the power pole and it fell into traffic.

    • Ah,ya.thats my nephew’s truck in that picture.snicker! He wasn’t high,or drunk.just a mistake it happens

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