Campground Thief Nabbed, Says Redwood National Parks

Innertubes at a campsite

Campground. [Photo from Redwood National and State Parks]

Press release from Redwood National and State Parks:

In the early morning of July 26th, campers in six different sites at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park woke to find personal belongings stolen from their vehicles and campsites. Items taken included bicycles, purses, passports, cell phones, cameras, credit cards and driver’s licenses.

Investigating officers from the National Park Service and California State Parks obtained information and surveillance video of a suspect using one of the credit cards stolen the night of the 26th. Through interviews and investigation, officers were able to identify the offender as Mykah Mode of Crescent City. Officers obtained an arrest warrant along with a residential search warrant for Mode’s residence in Crescent City.

Officers from Redwood National and State Parks executed the warrants on Wednesday, August 2nd. During the warrant service, Mykah Mode was identified and taken into custody without incident. Multiple items belonging to the victims of the campground thefts were located in the home.

While these incidents are unfortunate, it’s a reminder that crime doesn’t stop at park boundaries. Campers in all National and State Parks, including those in our backyard, are reminded to lock their belongings in their vehicle, especially when you’re unable to keep an eye on them. Even sleeping a few feet from the vehicle does not ensure the contents are safe if the vehicle is unlocked. Make sure all your valuables – cameras, cellphones, wallets, passports, computers – are locked and out of sight before you leave your car at a trailhead or turn in for the night.

If you witness or experience any criminal activity while visiting Redwood National and State Parks, immediately report those incidents to any park ranger or call 911. If you aware of any other crimes being committed in the parks, please call the park’s crime tip line at 707-465-7353.

For more information on Redwood National and State Parks, visit our webpage at or find us as RedwoodNPS on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



  • Nothing worse than cooler thieves.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    It’s great they did the investigation to arrest this person.
    Will they be charged in federal court?
    It’s reassuring to know that marihuana is illegal on federal property, so families can enjoy an outing in a drug free setting.

    Report any and all marihuana use in federal parks to the proper authorities.

    Only you can stop marihuana use in federal parks, only you.

    • I get andy kaufman vibes from you chump???
      all along you were the one who smokes and grows the

    • I disagree. Dank Bud should be sold in vending machines within the parks to help visitors relax and enjoy the natural scenery. Profits could be used to help maintain and upgrade the properties making them better for everyone.

  • This is someone who obviously planned out his crimes, and not just happened by something left out or made a bad decision. He needs a strong and lengthy sentence or it will just happen again. I keep saying LE needs to set up a bait car at Patrick’s Point and around Humboldt. Car thefts and car burglaries would go way down.

  • Elizabeth Mohorovich

    There are a lot of thieves everywhere anymore. We were camping this winter up at Buck camp at watch Lake. We went for a morning hunt in the truck because it was raining and when we got back somebody stoled my husband’s quad right out of our Campground. It’s pretty scary how evil people are these days Karma will find that person I hope I know it’s a dream that will never get are quad back

  • Day stoled em’ dare
    quad! !!

  • Kym do you have know what happened with the park’s guy that was caught drunk on the job in phillipsville?

    • I cannot vouch that this information is official but what I have heard is that he no longer works for the Parks. The last I heard he had received treatment for alcoholism and was doing well. I hope he has found a way forward and keeps doing well.

  • Nab the bad guys. This is crimespecially fighting …. More of these incidents need to be solved. Stop the war on cannabis! Reserve the police and sheriff’s for real crime#

  • I hate thiefs,picking some thing up like on the side of the road,finders keepers,but if ya know how lost it do the right thing.and to down right go and take from others is just wrong.

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