Name of Man Killed While Allegedly Attempting to Stab a Security Guard Released

Law enforcement at the scene of a shooting

[Photo provided by a reader]

On the evening of August 1, a security officer shot a man with a knife in the 1300 block of 5th Street. The man died of his wounds.  According to the Eureka Police Department, “The next of kin has been notified and the deceased male has been identified as Herbert Macias, 56 of Eureka.”

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  • This seems kinda suspect to me, your a security guard not a cop! Probably had an ego with a gun.

    • Apparently according to several witnesses, the man for some reason approached the security guards car door and brandished a knife menacingly and advanced on him. So, probably should get that shit off your nose and do some research before you spew trash

  • Luckly he had good aim as well.

  • depends on this one,,,if the cat was coming at him with that knife and meant to do serious bodily harm,,,,,drop him

  • Good job security guard!! Eureka cops would have sprayed the whole town with lead and then maybe just wounded him if they were lucky.

  • Thisneededtohappen

    This is something inevitable and necessary. A crazed junkie threatening people with a knife should absolutely be taken down. There are bands of this people throughout town and they need to be put on notice. The city cannot allow this in public – fuck “criminalizing homelessness” these aren’t nice poor people down on their luck, they are chronic inebriate criminals who make it unsafe for you and your family to walk the streets at night in a quiet small city. They may be high, crazy, and unpredictable, but they are not completely stupid. Word gets around fast that a security guard wasted one of their own for acting up and they’ll know to walk the line in the future. Give this asshole security guard a medal and arm his friends – nothing of value will be lost.

  • Until the tweekers and addicts become afraid of consequences for breaking the law, nothing will change. If the city puts in that RV park by the Samoa Bridge, it will only be a free shopping center for all the street criminals if the city doesn’t do something about people like this guy. “Tourists, come to our lovely new RV park, but be prepared to fight off all the druggies and crazies we let run around our streets”. Great job, security guy !!!!!!

  • Good thing guy with knife was white, otherwise there would be riots in the streets

  • It could have even anyone, thank goodness it was an armed man instead of an innocent victim, kudos to him, may he sleep well at night.

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