High Speed Pursuit Through Loleta Towards Bear River on Singley

High speed pursuit

[Photo by Oliver Cory]

A high-speed pursuit raced through Loleta just before 8:30 p.m. We believe the driver failed to yield over a traffic stop for expired tags. The driver fled along Loleta Drive and back to Singley Hill.

About 8:30 p.m., the driver abandoned his vehicle near Bowie and Bernard Street and ran off.

However, one person has been detained. A K-9 has been requested for the person that fled.



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  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    I’m concerned that marihuana is involved with this chase.

    You’d have to be stoned on marihuana in order to behave like that.

    A marihuana addict will spend their last dime buying marihuana from a school playground, steal from their neighbors, instead of paying for car tags.

    Another clear example of the importance of staying clear of marihuana addicts and reporting them to proper authorities for their crimes, even if you need to make something up.

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    • CallingyououtChump

      I have read your dislike for weed and smokers for quite some time silently but when you say “make something up” to get someone in trouble. You are a deplorable person to say or think that.

    • I think he’s just a troll… enjoys stirring the sh!t and getting everyone riled up.

  • A high speed pursuit for an out of date tag and roll through stop sign?
    Are these cops on drugs?

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  • this happened right behind my house. my husband seen the car rip by at the end of our street than the cop and he took off out the door because they went so fast we couldnt see them and were having a bbq so all kids were in the yard and pulled them all by the house. thank goodness they didnt come down by our place but it was scary for sure and haven’t seen an update or even were notified about all this but i am so glad they caught the person. it could of ended up so badly with how fast they were going

  • go k-9 go!!!

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