[Update 10:20 p.m.: Info about road opening] Fire near Sawmill Road East of Garberville

A fire broke out east of Garberville, by Sawmill road near Alderpoint road. As of 12:40 it was reported to be seven acres and growing. Additional resources have been called for.

Update 1:12 – Alderpoint road closed, mandatory evacuations of upper and lower Sawmill road.

UPDATE 1:30 pm: Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services sent out this information.

Saw Incident 1:05 PM

Wildfire approximately one mile East of Highway 101 off Alderpoint Road. The Sheriff’s Office has ordered mandatory evacuations ordered for the immediate area.

Saw Incident (larger area) 1:08 PM

Wildfire one mile East of Highway 101 on Alderpoint Road. Please avoid the area. Evacuations may become necessary. Please be prepared to evacuate if you live in the area.

Saw Incident (upper sawmill) 1:10 PM

The Sheriff’s Office has ordered Mandatory Evacuations for Lower Sawmill Road and Upper Sawmill Road due to a wildfire one mile East of Garberville off Alderpoint Road. Please evacuate.

update 1:50 PM:

UPDATE 2 pm: Alderpoint Road is closed from Wallan Road to Sheep Camp Road. Upper Sawmill Evacuation Route out Dyerville Loop Road. Lower Sawmill can use Alderpoint. The fire is over 30 acres.

UPDATE 5:47 p.m.: According to a public information officer: This fire is 40 % contained and currently at 75 acres.

UPDATE 5:50 p.m.: Fire photo taken earlier this afternoon.

Mountain on Fire
UPDATE 5:53 p.m.:
Photo from Ernie Branscomb with Garberville in the foreground.
Fire in the hills above Garberville

UPDATE 5:56 p.m.: The evacuation center is the Healey Center Senior Center on Briceland Thorn Road in Redway.

UPDATE 8 p.m.: According to scanner traffic, fire crews have to deal with some tree issues and then they hope to open Alderpoint Road.

UPDATE 10:20 p.m.: The Saw Fire: Photos and a Summary of What We Know [Alderpoint Road Possibly Open by Midnight]

UPDATE 8:36 a.m. Friday: The Saw Fire: This Morning’s Information



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