[UPDATE 5:24 p.m.] New Fire Burning; One Way Traffic Control on 299

A wildland fire is burning near Hwy 299. [Image from Wildland Fires Near Me]

A new fire broke out about 8:45 a.m. and is burning on a ridge to the north of Hwy 299. Caltrans spokesperson Myles Cochrane reports they have one-way traffic control in between mile marker 17 and mile marker 18. Expect five minute delays.

Smoke from a wildfire

[Photo provided by Paul Turner]

Carol Underhill, spokesperson for the US Forest Service reports that the fire is about 10 acres. “We’ve dropped retardant to slow it down,” she said of the fire.

InciWeb reports, “The Sandy Fire is located north of Hwy 299 between Del Loma and Burnt Ranch. It is approximately 10 acres in size. Crews, Smokejumpers, Engines, Helicopters, and Air Tankers are responding.”

The Sandy Fire as seen from a plane this morning. [Photo from InciWeb]

The cause is under investigation.

UPDATE 12:10 p.m.: More photos by Paul Turner show a smokejumper parachuting in and a plane. According to Carol Underhill, because there is no road in close to the fire, eight to ten smokejumpers from Redding headed in by jumping out of plane to fight the fire.

UPDATE 12:29 p.m.: Another photo from Turner shows emergency vehicles lined up between Hwy 299 and the Trinity River at mile marker 17.58 east of the Trinity/Humboldt County line.

UPDATE 5:24 p.m.: Caltrans tweeted, “SR 299W near Del Loma – One-way traffic control in effect until 8pm… .”



  • Nice pictures Paul. Good to see them going at it….

  • Lightning perhaps?☇

    • Nope. Started this a.m. next to the highway. Probably human caused.

      • CalFire said 99% sure power line caused, because it was so high above highway. PG&E up there as of 11:30 on road to meadow above Sandy Bar river access.

        The high heat yesterday caused a tall mature grey pine to topple over and smash my chicken coop trailer; maybe something similar happened.

        • Funny that it was the same day PG&E was flying the lines. First chopper of the day was PG&E…. I thought it was a quick response from CalFire, but it wasn’t. I saw CalFire later flying west without a bucket. I suspect the had to go to Kneeland and pick one up. I am happily suprised they brought in the heavy air tankers so quickly.

          • If they (PG&E) were working with that telephone pole on the ground at the Cedar Flat turnout perhaps it was human caused after all. The timing is strange.

            Heavy flights overhead right now. Going to drive up and take another look.

  • Good photos. It would be nice if fire-fighting resources were many times more than what we have. To much land is burned.

    • Forest service “manages” fires (read: they let them burn until they put themselves out)
      only actually attempt to put a fire out if it threatens houses, powerlines etc. USFS is an organization that gives out special badges for folks that worked on a fire that exceeds 100,000 acres. badge of honor to them.

  • Sun and heat. Hopefully not lightning later in week. Not sure of cause..do c plane heli In air. B ranch

  • triniboldticino

    Imagine the balls or just plain craziness of the guy dangling like a carrot under the paraglider. WHERE the hell do you stick it? I used to fly hang gliders years ago, and there ain’t no good landing areas I know of right near there. And weird, fire weather winds. Balls. Big balls. Or outright insane.

    • No paraglider, parachute, big clankers ! My uncle, a Weaverville, resident, used to do that, before he had kids, he was skydiving, for years before, he was a hotshot smokejumper, out of Idaho. The hotshots, out of Idaho, are the elite, smokejumpers, pretty exciting job, but, they don’t have a very good home life, for a married man.

    • Maybe they just love their job and like the rest of us hate seeing destruction of such a beautiful area and thank god and god bless them.
      Im so thankful there are people out there of all sorts that are willing to put their lives on the line to save our beautiful lands..

  • Those Smoke Jumpers” are trained to land in sketchy areas as part of their training to become a Smoke Jumper!!!

  • Smoke jumpers are f’n incredible!!!

  • Remember to pick up any glass bottles/jars you see, they can start a fire in direct sunlight easily.

  • It could have been a chain dragging and sparked a fire,or a little cigg.

  • The fire is 1/2 mile from the hwy. no access roads, they have to hike up very steep terrain just to get to it. Thank you firefighters.

  • Smoke Jumpers are some of the bravest people. Thank you very much Smoke Jumpers.

  • Anyone know if there is still one way traffic through Del Loma?

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