Local Boys & Girls Club Chapter Recognized for Giving $1,000 and Sending Four Youth Representatives to Statewide Youth Court Summit This Year

Pictured left to right, Humboldt Sponsors representative; Jenna; Sacha Marini, Teen Court Director; Mazzie and Alexandra; and, Humboldt Sponsors representative [Photos provided by Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods]

This is a press release from the Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods:

Sacha Marini, Director of the Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods Teen Court program, presented Humboldt Sponsors current Funding Chair, Lois Busey, a certificate of recognition at their court session on Thursday July 20th. Humboldt Sponsors gave $1,000 to Teen Court this year to send 4 youth representatives to the CA statewide Youth Court Summit at the University of Redlands. Humboldt Sponsors has long shown their support of the Teen Court program through generous donations over the years.

Teen Court is a real court administered by teens for teens who have chosen to have their cases heard by their peers. The teen jury focuses on coming up with a restorative sentence that will help the offender to repair harms and learn from their mistake. These courts are designed to empower youth, promote accountability, provide access to youth resources, and model peer leadership.

Teen Courts have succeeded in hundreds of communities across the country because they offer an important educational opportunity for young people to learn about how the justice system works and put civics into practice.

To get involved or for more information contact 707-444-0153 or hcteencourt@bgcredwoods.org.

Pictured standing left to right, youth representative Jenna; Teen Court Director Sacha Marini; Leah; Program Coordinator Rosalba Gonzalez; youth representatives Alexandra and sitting, Mazzie





  • Sacha, did you go to Santa Barbara High? If so, we know each other from way back when we were teenagers ! Thanks for helping this latest generation of teens in such an innovative and effective way!

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