[UPDATE 2:15 p.m.] Law Enforcement Serving a Marijuana Related Search Warrant in the Larrabee Valley Area

This morning, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, Cal Fire, and black unmarked vehicles are at a property off of Upper Larrabee Valley Road which is about mile marker 32 on Hwy 36. According to different reports, there are approximately eight vehicles and one woodchipper.

According to a neighbor, the property was flown heavily by a helicopter last week. The adjoining properties are all in the permitting process, he said, but the owner of the property being raided is not. We have not confirmed this information at this time.

UPDATE 2:15 p.m.: According to the same neighbor, the Sheriff’s Department has gone to two more properties–one on the same road as the first and one just one road down Hwy 36.



  • hope it’s the Bulgarians this time.

  • After looking at google maps it’s hard to believe that all of the neighbors have applied for permits. It’s one of the most concentrated places I’ve ever seen. Makes Wilder Ridge look pretty tame.

    • Devils Lettuce Crimes

      None of them are permitted! They have probably applied for and then have been dragging their feet…pretending to go “legal” while eking out a last big year or until the shenanigans are shut down. In this case their scam worked for them! I would not be surprised if they turned in their own neighbor. The new “legalized” permit applicants are mad that others didn’t fall for the county’s scam and pay all the fees, get regs shoved up their butts, etc. Bear in mind that since there is no tracking of lettuce that nearly all of these “legal” applicants will be selling their product into the out-of-state market. It’s all a BIG LIE promoted by the county and their lettuce-growing conspirators. Now they are using the police in a Fake Eradication Progrom to enforce the scam! Lettuce Heads and the insatiable greed they have created here are of course at the bottom of all of this.

      • You, help prove my
        Point that angry anti cannabis people have absolutely no idea what they talk about when they rant on an online blog.

        It’s a beautiful day out. Enjoy the warm weather. Cool off a bit;)

    • Sweet Jesus, you’re right.

      The Google satellite view of Upper Larrabee stretching to Sweasey Lake is littered with numerous indoor and wide-open outdoor grows. Gotta love the neighbors and the problems they bring to your neck of the woods.

  • Another one bites the dust!(chipper)?

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Good thing I changed my tune and am Pro-life weed now!!

  • Very nice , using law enforcement to knock out the competition for everyone that had the money from years of growing to try to go legit

  • Kym. You need it to play “convoy” song by CW McCall everytime u click on a convoy weed bust. That would be sweet. ” we got bears n the air n smokeys on the ground……”. Lol

  • So much hate at least the Bulgarians are legal

  • How can the [Edit: Bulgarians] be legal they are not even US CITIZENS just sayin.

    • People who were born in Bulgaria can come to the US and become legal citizens.

      • Thinking allowed

        No one needs to be a citizen to run a US business.

      • This is true. However they can’t come here and do illegal things in the process. Criminals don’t make good citizen. Lol.

        • However they never got busted. Because despite everybody knowing their scenes and even posting in here constantly about them for some reason still unclear the sheriff gave them a pass for many years. So there is no documentation of them ever being criminals! So now they take all that grow money from their huge scenes and their new citizenship and they build even bigger grows that they pay through the teeth to get permitted. Then…they can turn in the less-permitted neighbors! See how that works?

  • There is a road directly across from Upper Larabee and then there is only 1 road after that going down the hill that is close by. Which road is It?

  • build the wall around canada,I 5 in communfornia and airports

  • Convoy back again this am

  • Please stop celebrating law enforcement actions. The propaganda that the sheriff is trying to protect the environment is provably false. This is all about continuing to treat all cannabis production as criminal, because it enriches law enforcement and makes out DA look good for her next job.

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