Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Kicks Off Multi-Day Operation Yesterday in Burr Valley Cannabis Raid

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Tuesday, 08/01/2017, two search warrants were served in the Burr Valley area by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Eradication Team. The following violations were observed on property #1:

Storage and removal of solid waste
Unapproved sewage disposal system
Construction of building and plumbing codes
Grading without permits
Use of mobile homes or trailers as place of habitation
Violation of commercial medical marijuana ordinance
The following violations were observed on property #2:

Junked vehicles/junk yard
Unapproved sewage disposal
Construction of building/structure in violation of building, plumbing, and electrical codes
Grading without permits
Violation of commercial medical marijuana ordinance
This is a multi-day operation. For officer safety reasons, the information being released to the public at this is limited. There will be an update of the operation after it is completed.

Earlier Chapter: Humboldt County Sheriff Serves Marijuana Search Warrant In the Burr Valley Area Off Hwy 36



  • Just awful. How will the Earth heal?
    By the way the photos were nice but can you post one with a violation in it?

    • Unpermitted is a violation. No different than building a home or business in downtown without permits. And yes, there are plenty of violations outside of the permit issue.

    • It will heal when you stop supporting agribusiness, oil companies and electronic companies. It when heal when you vote with your dollar and protest large corporations by not giving them any money. It will heal when you start walking and riding your bike. It will heal when humans are dead.

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    What a disgusting, freaking mess.

    No fine will be large enough.

    I can only imagine how many other crappy grows are in existence out 36. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, and I hope these photos are used in cannabis marketing as examples of what kind of product to avoid.

    I can’t wait until Cannabis is grown on actual farmland by professional farmers who actually care about the product.

    • Are you joking? These pictures show relatively clean sites compared to what is often depicted… No trash mountain (or worse, trash being buried or burned). No uncontained diesel, no dep plastic strewn about in pieces and tatters.

    • What? Like conventional farms growing pesticide laden produce? I’m not seeing anything in the article that’s suggest the use of pesticides or chemicals in this grow op.

    • You should actually read what you comment about.
      I suspect you don’t care at all.

    • I think they’re being sarcastic every1

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        Sarcastic? You break the law, flout it actually. Build a structure from plastic pipe and plastic sheeting, grow it and many others full of commercial quantities, throw the garbage all over, and it’s a “business”? You whine when someone gets busted? Oh it will get better when….

        Rationale from people on drugs always reads the same. You’re a pot farmer. So I guess you are actually right, no matter what. Ridiculous.

        Roll another one. Smoke some meth, shoot some smack, have a xanax, 15 beers, smoke off a pack of Camels… You’ll feel better.

        Dope farmers have destroyed one of the most beautiful areas on earth, because they are greedy. That is right.

        I can’t wait until your livelihood is run through the chipper, your cash seized, your land confiscated. If I had my way, your pickup would be crushed too!

        Dope growers are assholes! Big bunches of babies!

        Go home, start a real farm, get a real job. Stop pretending the pirate thing will last…

  • the grow looks pretty clean from the photos.

  • I think it looks good also what you can’t stay in a rv and you can’t have junk vehicles in your yard and be glad they have a septic system there’s a lot of people that just have a pit of raw sewage in humboldt I thought this was America

  • I don’t see the gross violations described in article…and is that a photo of a tree fort?

    • yes, there is some garbage on the ground in front of the tree fort, also the tree fort does not have permits and will required and engineer to certify that it was build to codes. These seem like a bunch of petty charges to slap on someone.

  • If see a massive clear cut. Maybe herb needs to go to farmland, before our forests Hydrolic system is permanently ruined. What would the Lorax say?

    • Massive clear cut ? I see 3 maybe 5 acres of someones property that has been made useable, now if you want to see massive clear cutting drive around some logging roads

    • It’s called a meadow.

    • Where is evidence of a clear cut? There’s standing trees scattered next to every hoop. Using trailers or mobile homes as a place of habitation? Since when is it illegal to live in a mobile home? Why aren’t they down in eureka clearing tweakers out of trailer parks then?

      • Veterans friend

        I think you are exactly right. People have just gone nuts.

      • you need to look at the property zoning. Trailers are not allowed to be the main residence. They have the be an accessory of a real house, logic is that the house would have a full septic system and permited residence and then you can have trailers on your property.

        • Easy for a townie or city person to say. Much remote land is used for hunting or recreation or get-away-from-all-of-you (retreat) or woodcutting or small logging and it may take 3 hours to get out there. I have a place like this that I then stay on for a couple days in order to actually be there and work productively. Am I supposed to build a code house w/ full septic?! Or will the city-fied paperpushers of county government allow me to actually camp in a tent on my own land while I cut my own firewood? Do I then need a full septic system with inspectors approving each step which of course needs a water supply that is then also permitted and registered and inspected?! Can I please have a trailer to stay in since I also cut firewood sometimes when the weather shifts? Can I use an outhouse I built on my own land to cut my own firewood ? Where does it end? I get that the weed growers have ruined everything but many of us are here working hard just to enjoy some privacy and rural living!

          • The grape growers are banding together in Sonoma County to fight the new regulations as being to great a financial burden.
            Tempting to say ” I told you so,” to those who thought they were not next in line.

        • Hahaha! Where are you from?

        • Yes jo that is correct. They had no main dwelling structure on the property.

  • If you applied for permits and haven’t been approved and your growing, I think your next!!!

  • Violations of medical marijuana permits. You wanted it legalized and regulated. Now your complaining. Make up your minds , folks.

    • Exactly…..!

    • Right? Isn’t “legalization” just great? Enjoy!

    • I am pretty sure that tree fort was built without a permit! It doesn’t even look like it’s up to code. And where is the approved septic system for that tree fort??!!! Yes- the county willfully looked the other way for a decade as huge grows blew up countywide….but now they are ready to fully do their job!

  • Egads! It’s an unpermitted chicken coop!

  • Looks pretty clean in these photos? Wonder what put them on the radar? I’m sure they drove past way worse to get there.

  • Agreed. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. With legalization come regulation. Lotsa folks changing their tune these days. Most finger pointers have the worst grow sites, and are hoping they’re not next. Shut up and clean up!

  • Excellent bust. One a month, now one a week- maybe soon we will be reading one of these stories a day. Great job law enforcement from all agencies.

  • Deputy pulls colleagues to safety during Yuba County marijuana farm shootout

    How do a couple whities in Sacramento get away with representing a “Rastafarian church”?

    They’re charlatans. Notice his kings chair in pics, fake gold im sure, but what a dis gusting vomitous joke.

    A week ago Kym reported on a briceland area raid on the same “sugarleaf” brand “Rastafarian church”:

  • Devils Lettuce Crimes

    I hate what lettuce heads and their huge grows have done to this county. But…I think most of these “code violations” paperwork is a load of crap too! Go in, cut down the plants and chip them, bury them with tanks like C.H.U.M.P. says and move along to the next grow. This writing people up for using an outhouse(!) or living in an unauthorized trailer(!) or not bending to every single regulation that was intended for people living in town in close proximity is quite an evil and stupid development. I’m sure the biggest scenes are “owned” by phantom LLCs and nobody will ever be “responsible”. If you want to change the behavior of greedy lettuce growers you must demonstrate that you will take down many of them, in efficient manner- not just a few and then bury those few in paperwork and fines. Again- Roll in, knock down, destroy profit motive, roll on to the next grow. This is just another version of lazy, ineffective fake eradication.

  • is there a website one can look at and see who does have permits?

    • Nope. The list is no longer publicized. Unless you know someone that has it, you won’t find it.

    • Devils Lettuce Crimes

      Only a few actually have permits. Most are saying “we have permits” but they only filed an application for a permit. As always it is a confusing web of misinformation and outright lies promulgated by Lettuce Heads and their greedy criminal associates

  • And they ignore places like this:

    • lol. There is no gutter connect greenhouses in humboldt with weed in them. Guaranteed.

      I get your point though.
      Also that pic doesn’t have weed in it. Looks more like 🍅

    • Because those places have corperate lawyers that would tie them up in court and cost them untold amounts of money just to prove their case, far better to bully around the small and mid sized folks who are just trying to make it, maybe even enough to support the fees and fines to go legal in the future.

  • Most of the “violations” on their list could be used to describe almost any place outside of town in SoHum, and some of them in town.

    • Obvious cases of “selective enforcement”. I have no respect for this. Get their weed, get them for environmental crimes, serious water diversions but this chickenshit approach deserves resistance and mockery.

    • And most county and state yards as well. Just look at any road construction project and you will see the same id not worse larger fuel and oil spills then what have been shown in the last few months as well.

  • I wonder why growers, instead of paying $500K for a 40 acre parcel here, don’t go down in the Sacramento or San Joaquin Valley and buy or lease a couple acres of actual farm land? They have real soil and irrigation water available.

    • Because most grow to support a quite peaceful life away from people, that is why they are out in the hills in the first place.

      • Yeah, those Bulgarians love nature.

      • Are you being sarcastic? My gro-bro neighbors are not interested in anything but a quick buck with their 24-hour/day generators, fans, lights, traffic and armed robberies – everything they do disrupts my quiet peaceful way of life in the hills!

  • I doubt that’s a tree fort. It looks more like an elevated shooting blind. Have to keep the deer out.

  • Dog house buddy

  • half the folks chiming in here wish they had a site this clean,,,the other half probably do,,,,,,ob-la-dee

  • Wow. I feel SO much safer now that this super clean grow is cut down. Great job, HCSO! Let’s go for the wineries next! And then the dairy farmers! And then the veggie farmers! Down with the growers.

    Seems like an awesome idea. Let that meth and heroin flow but stop anything that grows.🙄

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