[Update 7:03 p.m.] Fire Crews Responding to a Vegetation Fire Just South of Ruth Lake

Fire crews are responding to a vegetation fire just south of Ruth Lake. The incident was first reported a little before 4 p.m.

We haven’t heard an estimate on the size of the blaze yet, but it has been named the “Clover” fire. We don’t have a lot of information at this point, but we’ll update this post if and when we hear more.

Update 6:35 p.m.: Reader Liz Schallon sends along the photos below and tells us the fire is “just north of Barlow camp area.”

UPDATE 7:03 p.m.: The Wildfires Near Me site is now listing this fire as contained. We have an unconfirmed report that it reached seven acres before firefighters got a line around it.



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