[UPDATE 5:03 p.m.] Fatal Accident North of Laytonville

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt 11:44 a.m. a vehicle was reported to be “hanging over cliff supported by a tree root,” at mile marker 70.48 on Hwy 101 north of Laytonville south of Ten Mile Creek.

By 12:10, according to scanner traffic, CPR was in progress on an occupant of the car.

By 12:15, according to scanner traffic, one person was confirmed dead and a coroner was called to the scene.

UPDATE 1:45 p.m.: Photos that were taken about 1:15 p.m. were provided by Jonathan Beck:

UPDATE 5:03 p.m.:Β Colorado Man Dies in Accident Near Spyrock Road



  • I’m confused at the car fall off the cliff? Because it says hanging by a tree Road and the next thing you know CPR was performed and then the poor person was deceased

    • What’s a tree road? Is that like a wooden bridge or something?

      • Tree ROOT not road

      • Actually a tree road was the original invention of how to move newly built boats into larger bodies of water… Its almost like a wooden bridge but without girders and a supporting structure for reinforcement and integrity….

      • Auto correct often puts in the wrong word…changing the entire meaning of the sentence.

    • Dantae, I don’t have much information. But a vehicle went off the road and landed precariously in a tree root, according to the scanner. About 25 minutes later, the scanner says that CPR is being performed on an occupant of the vehicle. Then five minutes later, the person is pronounced dead.

      • thanks for reporting

      • That reads much better. Maybe you should just do that instead from the get-go.

        • [edit] Kym is reporting news as it happens almost every day of the week.. and you try to shame her about a spelling error.. get a life

        • I’m one person. I had a Fire on 299, a fire north of Rio Dell, a fatal accident with information coming in as I’m writing other stories, an interview for a story that isn’t yet published, and rude people in the comment section to deal with at the same time. I’m only capable of so much. Sometimes I’m not able to balance all the balls perfectly. Send me money and I’ll hire someone to help. Or, since you are reading for free a large amount of content daily, accept that on extremely busy days I might be less than perfect.

    • We still don’t know if there was a medical issue or he simply fell asleep, but it doesn’t matter. Bill Dickson ran off the road on Aug 2, and died on scene. Bill’s grandfather was a founder of Bank of Loleta. Bill spent much of his life in ministry in the role of tech support of world-wide mission work. Bill is on the top left of the picture taken on his last night at our family camp near Phillipsville, CA. The website http://www.dickson4.net/ noted is a memorial site to share memories if you are interested in more information.

  • 1144 is never a good time to be involved in an accident😒
    Prayers to all involved πŸ™πŸ»

  • So sad. We’ve had way too many fatal accidents on our roads. And yes the 1144 is an awful time for a call like this to have tagged to it.
    (I know as a Retired RN)

  • Fitting time but still horrible, in general!!!

  • Maybe this driver had a ‘medical condition’ before crashing… dunno.
    Seems like Hwy 101 is turning into a ‘death zone’.

  • Right next to the 36

    • It’s getting to be kind of a Tossup as to which one has claimed the most lives lately which is a terrible comparison to make!!!

  • shawn the fisherman

    Most likely not even the drivers fault, Everybody drives like asses these days, No consideration. Think I will make a larger effort to drive like a saint. Sorry to hear your loss.

  • Every driver up here should follow Shawn the fisherman’s words to drive with higher awareness of every element around you. And for those who are not comfortable behind the wheel, don’t drive !!! Period !!! Nervous drivers cause fatal accidents!!! You don’t belong behind the wheel on public roads.

  • You know. It’s probably not their fault. Because I drive truck, and people are always in a frickin hurry, they have NO regard for anyone else. I can’t tell you how many times a car has passed me ON A DOUBLE YELLOW LINE!!! They pass me on the right, hang in my blind spots and get in front of me and slam the brakes!!! I’m 80,000 pounds knock it the hell off!!!!

  • Drive safe, drive polite, drive sober. Slow down, live long!

  • I knew what you meant Kym. My condolences to the family. So sad all these fatalities lately. Maybe we should lower the speed limit.idk

    • Lowering the speed limit won’t be with distracted driving and carelessness. It’s a proven fact that if you alter the speed limit of vehicles whether it’s a 19 wheeler or a car, it makes things more dangerous. It’ll just make matters worse

  • It’s hard to stay on the road if you are having a “medical condition”.
    Unfortunately too many people are dying in these horrible accidents
    involving “medical episodes” .
    These days I stay off the roads if possible.

    CHP Firedepartment responders EMTs all of these must be commended for what they do.

  • This is my uncle…

  • About noon the scanner was squawking abt a tan ford and then I saw that CHP had a tan F-250 stopped on the SB-101 Scandia off ramp. There was damage to the rt front.
    Any info?

  • Any updates on This? Thanks Kim for all the information you give! I am thankful!

  • Rest in peace.

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