[UPDATED] We’ed Like To See What You Have in There: Deputies Discover Mobile Marijuana Van

Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies discuss finding a van nearly filled with growing marijuana. [Photo provided by a reader.]

Dude, we know it is Humboldt but….

Last night, around 11:30 p.m., deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office found a blue van parked in Garberville’s natural food store lot with a number of growing marijuana plants.

back of marijuana van

The plants were in black plastic grow bags. [Photo provided by Lonnie Whitlow]

According to a witness, the deputies searched the van and discovered at least some money.

Deputies made a list of the van’s contents. Here they are counting cash discovered inside the vehicle, according to the photographer.

According to Lt. Dennis Young of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, 103 plants were found ranging in size from three to four feet tall, approximately 100 Xanax pills, approximately 100 pills that were methadone and another type of opioid, and around $8000 cash. The deputies didn’t locate the van’s driver, Young said. And, there was a false license plate on the back of the van. However, the front plate returned to the vehicle so that could be helpful in their investigation.



  • They should have done a dep it would have been covered at that time good morning g-ville

  • That reminds me of the old song “Junk Food Junkie”

  • Greenrushers….. most likley from Dipstick,Iowa. There goes there chance of making it big in humboldt.5 lbs of B grade weed for 600 a lb in november split between 4 hippys. Hmmmm, you guys r killing it!!! 👍🏼

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    In a press release, the Goobsterdam chamber of Commerce announced that Goobsterdam, has officially run out of “pot-spaces” and that the people will have to leave. In a separate announcement, the Garberville water district has stated that all drinking water has been assigned to cannabis plants, and that bathing, flushing toilets, and washing garments are all now illegal.

    The confusion has spread to Benbow, which has not allowed people to occupy the “pot-spaces” since 2012. The last two persons in Benbow were last seen selling grilled cheese sandwiches on the Garberville on-ramp.

    “We need all this pot to support the local economy” stated Frice Fister. “All vehicles are now assigned to grow-support duty, since there is no other space in Goobsterdam available for plants”.

    Jerold Phelps Hospital has closed, and the patients have been moved to outlying facilities, since the employees were all growers anyway, and because the hospital is completely broke. “We need the money to build it” stated the new CEO, as he circulated the new “grow-space” with a watering can. “Those pesky employees were costing too much anyway” he said.

    An orange plastic fence has been erected around Goobsterdam, so stay away from our plants!

  • Unpermitted? Not sure I understand the offense…

  • I thought I’ve seen it all until now lol

  • Devils Lettuce Crimes

    They smoke their lettuce. Then their feebled minds reach out to other substances. Alcohol, xanax, anything in the opioid family. They get yet stupider. Their stupidity is praised and encouraged by the local community of lettuce growers as “being artistic and free”. They go for years like this due to minimal enforcement of the most common-sense laws. Eventually we have an entire county chock-full of morons and idiots. But now….now begins the culling of the herd. You thought $8000 was pocket change? Ha! That $8000 will seem like a fortune in a year- when pounds go for $200 if you’re lucky

    • Sharpen your pencil

      You don’t know shit CHUMP!

      • The prohibitionist is nothing but a useful pawn for the straight and narrow world. Ignore them as they are on the losing end as always. That’s what loser’s do: LOSE!

    • Hahahahhaha then they shall grow more and process it finer ! If you think the price drop will eliminate the market your tripping , people still sell corn 🌽. They will just find ways to grow 200lbs instead of 20 . Funny how the weed haters don’t hate on alcohol ? Think of he massive amount of liver disease out there and the lands ruined by hop growers and distillers.
      When kids get together to party they bring a little bit of weed and gallons of alcohol ! They get a little high and maintain until they hit that bottle over and over eventually ending up unresponsive in a pile of their own puke . Keep hating on weed in your alcoholic nightmare and when you need a new liver please don’t look to those artistic free people to help your ass !
      If people could just find a way to live and let live I think we would all be better off . You can drink and I’ll puff puff pass . I like being a social smoker better than being a lonely drunken ass .

      • Alcohol is their drug-of-choice. Many of the anti-pot screeds are just covers for hating their neighbors.

      • Devils Lettuce Crimes

        This area has been turned into a festering cesspool of dim-witted lettuce heads. Now it will get much worse as many lose their homes and properties to forclosure. The corn analogy is yet another lettuce-minded distraction that has nearly zero correlation to what we are about to witness. Thefts will increase dramatically as the desperation takes over. Chaos and mayhem are coming to rein. Enjoy the mess that you have heartily encouraged! Close your eyes and keep telling yourself that this can’t happen here…Enjoy!!

        • You must have bumped your head REAL HARD! Your opinions are full of hate and anger. If you hate it all and everybody so much why don’t you just leave? Start solving your own problems rather then spreading your useless opinions.

        • Joeblow@gmail.com

          My opinion most people that would lose their property as said in your words are all these trashy scum growers… locals and people who care about this place are set

      • Call the prohibitionists useful pawn IDIOTS. That’s all they are: stinkin’ snowflake losers who tread on you and me when possible. Their days are numbered one way or another. Let them die horribly instead of treating them with cannabis.

      • Well said my burtha. Your words are pure love and light, with a whole lotta truth and wisdom!

      • yep nailed it!!

    • Xanax is a benzodiazepine, I guess dope growing is very stressful.

  • Oh alarming. Who doesnt drive around regularly with 100 plants. Not news.

  • Who leaves 8grand ??and you know he’s not using someone’s land or diverting a water stream,or poisoning the land. But how the hell did he get that many plants growing in a van?lol

  • What a waste of police resources!

    • Police and Theives

      Shameful waste of tax dollars! Exactly right!

      • NOT a waste at all- great use of tax dollars. Get that garbage off the streets before it catches fire, explodes and then threatens buildings. Let the filth that brought that shit into town no they aren;t welcome. Don’t come back. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars.

      • I’ll upvote that comment in a heartbeat!!! Why don’t they put even HALF of the effort they put into seizing Cannabis Grows, into finding & busting the major dealers of Meth & Heroin??? That to me would be a MUCH BETTER use of their time & resources!!!!

        • Our local law enforcement doesn’t have the funding to process these labs since the federal funding went away in 2012, when the war on drugs ended. They also don’t have the knowledge or equipment that is necessary to close them down. We also don’t have any local hazmat companies with chemical suits to remove the toxic chemicals. No meth labs have been busted for many years here in Humboldt county. Meth labs are treated like they don’t exist.

          They are way too expensive and dangerous to deal with. Not something you want to hear, if you have one in your neighborhood! Something has to change with this, and soon, before possible law suits against the cities start springing up, from lack of enforcement! If you have a way to make busting meth labs safe and profitable maybe things would change. I say take the money and land from all the blown up grows and use it to shut down the labs. A win, win, situation.

  • Does anybody else wonder why so many individuals feel the need to impair their brains with drugs or alcohol? Was your life so bad that the only coping mechanism you found was escapism with mind altering drugs or alcohol? I’m thinking you may have always thought of yourself as a victim of this or that and decided that numbing your brain was an easy out instead of bucking up and moving forward with life.

    • Oh, mind altering addictions, like NFL, television, MMA fights, Protestant or Babtist church, local Sheriff Department “press releases”….. those are all mind altering experiences, just like alcohol and prescription drugs, but cannabis doesn’t fall into the category of “mind altering”, it does alter people’s moods however, it lightens people up, let’s people relax instead of being up tight and mad at the world like heavy drinkers are, Cannabis let’s people see out of the monetary illusion that we are all only here to work, buy and consume expensive posessions, drive the newest car on the block, buy the biggest most expensive house to show off, and have a fake boobed, plastic surgery loving 23 year old Sex Trafficked wife shipped in from another country to rape and molest when we are in our 60’s like Donald Trump does and did….. in fact, cannabis allows people to relax into a mindful meditation and allows us to see through the endless cycle of vanity, consumerism and waste, Maybe you should try some and you wouldn’t be so full of unhappiness, hate and misery! Maybe it would help uptight people like yourself to enjoy life, be grateful and celebrate all life has to offer!

      • Educate the small minds.

      • Yes!! And if they only knew how many Cannabis smokers were just nice People trying to be At one with nature and not into the political bullshit! They may take prescription drugs. which is man made . Cannabis is a plant. Not poison. How many times do we hear of someone dying from Smoking weed…..How many DUIS do we read of that are a majority of Alcohol and prescription drugs?

  • More likely story, Hey man this is [edit] from Craigslist, i just drove down from arcata, I got 100 plants and your pills also the rest of your cash sense I only had 100 I’m at the health food stor in garb, can’t remember the address you gave me, and my vans out if gas cuz I don’t have a credit card and everything is closed, I’m just gona walk down to the hotel and do some heroin with anyone I find there until I hear from you, it’s cool I put a different plate on the back so the cops won’t notice, call me back when you get this.

    • Police and Theives

      Or maybe they went to go meet a Human Sex Smuggling Victim at one of the Garberville Hotels…. the County Sheriff doesn’t bother with HUMAN SMUGGLING and sex trade because the county needs the transient accommodation tax money and the Sheriff main focus is assert forfeiture. Crimes like burglary, robbery, car theft missing persons and homicides go unsolved since the focus is on revenue making for the County, and those crimes earn zero revenue and distract from the focus on the War on Cannabis Farmers and their families

      • Devils Lettuce Crimes

        Oh please! There is no war on growers. There should be! But there is not. That’s why the price is collapsing and our county is overrun with greedrushers. Take a drive down Ettersburg Rd to Honeydew. Take a drive out to Willow Creek or Alderpoint or Laytonville or Kneeland or Bridgeville or etc etc. Now CAMP- That was a war. But what’s happening now is chickenshit so please stop whining and griping and misrepresenting. Thank You!

      • The last local article on human trafficking was an interview of a victim involving a young womam being trafficked OUT of Humboldt to Sacramento under the guise of a boyfriend asking her to move there. If anything, we need to let our local youth know the warning signs.

        Please provide any and all actual cases of human trafficking by local growers. Maybe one or two in 30+ years?
        Not including cartels, they definitely engage in human trafficking, and any other money maker they can think of, like the soon to come huge poppy patches instead of pot.

        The feds arent going to be able to get search warrants for pot scenes as easily as public opinion has changed about cannabis for the most part. They need another offense to get the warrant, wha-la! Human trafficking.
        Read some history of federal agencies and you’ll see the pattern. With rules allowing them to seize more and more property upon being charged with a crime, they are not gonna give up that cash cow easily.

    • 🤣🤣🤣RIGHT 🤣🤣

    • Yup! Winner for realistic fiction of Crazyville.

  • Police and Theives

    Just the kind of bust these deputies dream of, Free Money, they love stuffing their pockets with crisp $100 bills and a bonus; Free Pills! We know deputies wives love their pain killers ! So many times I have heard “no, I didn’t get arrested, the cop just took my dope and money and stuffed it in his shirt pocket and told me to go home”…. but the deputies love these kind of scores, since there is no one around to dispute the low numbers on the forfeiture receipt, no one to dispute the missing pills, and nobody to dispute the missing money which gets pocketed as everyone already knows! Deputies scored, free money and free pills for their wives.

  • Police and Theives

    Did I mention, perfect van for moving plants around, if anything happens it is only a $1000 loss to the farm if the van is impounded! Better yet, always better to just use a Uhaul like everybody else does, they can’t seize it and it only cost $19.95 plus mileage in town!

    • U haul has an agreement that you sign stat8ng that jonny law doesnt need consent or warrent to search any of their rental fleet. Think about that before thinking u hauls are the way to go.

  • Part of the problem why so many people grow is that most working income isn’t enough to make ends meet. Costs are continuing to go up, but pay for working isn’t. Wages used to be affordable to live here. A friend recently got a job with the city of Fortuna making $23,000 a year. Yet, a decent rental is about $1000 + a month. Young people starting out wanting to have a family don’t have a chance in Humboldt. After 30 years of working for a county entity, my salary finally made it to $42,000. Anywhere else in the state, I would have been at $70,000 (min)-$180,000. Many people would rather not have to grow to supplement their income, but Humboldt, in part, has created this problem. Wages cannot remain at the rate they were in the 70’s & 80’s. This is not supporting the Cartel, Bulgarian etc. mega grows or those destroying the environment.

    • Federal minimum wage stands at $7.70 an hour, hasnt been changed since 1994.
      Thats why you see cities and counties raising the wages themselves.
      At 40 hours a week, the yearly earnings fall under official federal poverty rates.

  • Surprised they didn’t call hazmat and homeland security with that sticker on the side lol, they call the bomb squad for a fishing pole, o wait I think that was Epd

    • Victim of the System

      Exactly, surprised they didn’t cut the fuel lines and let the fuel run unto the Eel River or dump fertilizers and trash all over the ground and claim the growers were destroying the environment after the deputies took photos and slandered the farmers in the local press like they do at 80% of the busts they claim environmental damage at….. deputies have sliced fuel lines to 2500 gallon diesel tanks as well as stolen personal possessions and drained families winter runoff stored water tanks for decades, where is the outrage and why do our local governments continue to support these sheriff departments through their budgeting??

    • It was a trailer hitch, a Kingpin, that EPD called out the Bomb Squad on!!! Brilliance in our local police officers seems to be sadly lacking we have the HCSO shooting up the Night Watchman’s vehicle on Martin’s Ferry Bridge a couple of weeks back!!! Not to mention the CHP murdering a beat up girls dog who was just doing her job, trying to protect her sleeping mistress!!!! As well as a bit further back we have EPD shooting up the whole downtown area for one idiot who may or may not have fired A shot first!!!!

  • Dr. Wilson’s Memory Elixir old time travelling medicine show?

  • shawn the fisherman

    Whom ever this was? Dumbest way ever to get busted. Do not feel sorry for whom ever lost that cash. No sympathy here.

  • Meanwhile, while deputies were standing around looking for more $100 bills to shove into each other’s pockets; your car was being stolen, your house was being burglarized, 100’s of Missing Persons Cases went unsolved, a drunk driver crashed his car and killed 3 children, the Sex Trafficking at local hotels spread 20 mores cases of syphilis, a shipload of Cocaine arrived at Humboldt bay, a husband beat his wife half to death, and 50+ homicides went uninvestigated. Good thing they prioritized busting this van though, I sure do feel safer without 100 plants destroying Humboldt County…… Good Greif!

  • shawn the fisherman

    Must kill you to not have any say in whats important? Ha you are such a tool sparkleman. Let the big boys worry about politics cause you sir are trying to catch fastballs without a glove.

  • Where’s Cheech ?

  • JustWantToHearTheEndofthe Story

    The back license plate didn’t match the front license plate? The stank from the plants must have impeded their reasoning abilities…

  • “…the front plate returned to the vehicle…”

    Did it walk back to the vehicle while the officers were involved with the search?

    p.s. The linked photos from this piece don’t show at the pages:
    “404: Page not found”

    • The photo uploader wasn’t working when I posted this so I had to do a bit of a wonky workaround.

      • Thanks for the explanation, and thanks for the work-around so we could see the pics.
        Trying for a closeup of the ‘hazard’ placard at the back end of the van. Looks like it reads
        “RADIOACTIVE”. Good idea, having that on the side of a rig loaded with live plants.

        How did they keep the squirrels from eating their plants?

        p.s. Figured out how the plate “returned”. It “returned” aka was was shown to be registered to the vehicle when the cops called it in. Tricky wording.

        • Sorry, I have listened to scanner traffic for so long I start thinking normal people understand it. I thought you were just making a joke about the way it was phrased.

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