[UPDATE 10:05 p.m.] Security Guard Shoots Man in Eureka Tonight

A police vehicle shines its headlights into the area where the shooting occurred.

At approximately 8:15 p.m., Eureka Police received a report that a male was shot by a security officer in the 1300 block of 5th Street.

Below is some of the scanner traffic of the incident.

According to the traffic, the guard, armed with a handgun, shot a man with a knife. At this point, we don’t know why the incident occurred but we were told that no robbery was involved.

An ambulance responded to the scene.

UPDATE 10:05 p.m.: Matthew Waxler sent us photos of the officers investigating the scene.

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  • Paul Blart Strikes Again.

    • charles engebretson

      Peanut Blart and Jelly

    • A lot of Security Officers are former cops. The “Paul Blart” comments are ignorant. Yes, there are idiots in security uniforms, but that is true for LEO’s also. I can say firsthand I’ve worked with some doozies in both fields. Also, if some whacko is coming at you with a knife, you’d be better off having a gun. Look up some knife attacks on youtube. It isn’t pretty… it’s downright horrific. I know the many bleeding heart libs in this town think they’re knife-proof and that situation would have ended all rosey.

  • That explains why I seen Epd all over the alleyway that leads behind the shell station 5th street as I left The old econo lodge

  • I wonder if security guards can use the “I was in fear of my life”, as police officers can when it’s knife against gun? I have a feeling it would be a no.

  • Heard it was someone named Redner. He just was waiting for dinner.

  • Fact of the matter is, a cop will shoot someone who has a knife because it is a threat. I don’t know if a security guard can do that, but apparently this security guard had a gun so….

  • when ever a cop declares “I was afraid for my life” That cop stops being a cop right then and there. The cops are trained “NOT” to be afraid for their lives. That’s why they are cops. If they are afraid ? Fuckem, get rid of them and get some one who isn’t afraid.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Wow, you got it all figured out, don’t you? Some of you twits are so inept it amazes me you can find your way onto the net….

    • It’s not about being in fear for YOUR life. It’s about being in fear for the lives of everyone else walking down that alley. This guard put himself between the bad guy and the people of Eureka, and he did it right. Double tap, two hits, not dozens of bullets sprayed everywhere. I’ll bet cash money he’s ex-military.

  • Unfortunately even if it’s a good shoot, family of the victim can still sue and most likely will win. It’s rare they don’t. As far as “stand your ground” laws, California is proven to be bias and on the victim of shooting side. Almost anything with a firearm is your fault. If I heard someone at my window and I waited for them to come through to shoot them, when I could have scared them off or barricaded and called PD, I’d be at fault for manslaughter. Probably reduced sentence,1-2 years, but still at fault. Same as if I could get out ten back door. Since I have children I wouldn’t be able to evacuate in time most likely, I have valid reason to use deadly force to protect them as they can’t remove from situation. That being said, is still need a damn good lawyer and the firearm BETTER be registered to me

    • And it better not be a semi auto, as that carries an extra 10 years here

      • You people need to learn the difference between semi auto and Automatic. Semi-auto is any handgun or rifle that does not need to be cocked between rounds. These rounds are individually expelled through individual trigger pressure. That’s pretty much every handgun, including most modern revolvers. An automatic weapon on the other hand, will expend as many rounds as you have available at a high rate of fire as you hold down the trigger once. These are obviously banned. If you want to get on your stump and have an opinion on this subject, then educate yourself on the nomenclature. That is all

        • Trust me i know the differance and the law here there are mandatory mininums for useing a semi auto to commit a crime. It isnt people on here that need to learn the differance so much as law makers need to stop fear mongering and passing laws like this

  • Dog or person. Everyone’s trigger happy

    • I’m not. But I go to the range often to sharpen my marksmanship JUST IN CASE. I am also an archer and a wrist rocket aficionado but I have NEVER shot anyone who didn’t deserve to be!

  • So much misinformation. I had a friend who was shot by neighbor because he was intoxicated and went to wrong house. He wss unarmed. Nothing happened to neighbor.

    • Then the neighbor got lucky. What I said isn’t misninformation. Humboldt county is probably the most lax on these cali rules. Go shoot an intruder in Santa Rosa, sf, Napa… see how that goes…

  • Any person can defend themselves in CA. Not just cops. Man pulls a knife on you and you are in fear of your life or another persons, shooting him is acceptable unless the fear for your life or anothers ends, such as the guy is running away.

  • A man with a knife threatens me and I have a gun? Damn straight I’m going to shoot him and multiple times.

  • Just one viewpoint

    I’m 60 and can’t run fast. I would shoot. I will not be a victim, nor will my daughters or granddaughters. The men in the family can defend themselves.

  • 2nd amendment enforced , your welcome

  • top flight security

    “security guard in CA” OUR training teaches us that we are not to pull out our gun unless ours or someone elses life is in danger. our rites are the same as a citizens. we do not have full “post” training like an officer. we take 40hrs training and 8 hrs refreshers training every year after that. cops take 500 hrs training at a police academy and have to renew/ refresh course after 3 years of unemployment.

    security guards are not allowed to carry an exposed fire arm unless he is in uniform and on site or office or in route to or from home. if this guard was not on duty or on property he was posted at hes fucked. we are not allowed to chase a suspect once off our assigned post/ property. this could be made an exception in the case of a body guard of armor vehicle situation or in an event you are protection a person or high value items.

    bottom line. actions must be justified.

    if that guard observed someones life or his own life was in fact in danger and the subject charged the guard or a victim with any weapon. he only needs to give verbal warning before protecting his or someone life. but at the same time if he had a taser or pepper spray or some other less than lethal weapon he will have to justify the level of force he chose to use.

    this is why most the time a guard will not use his gun until after blood is drawn or shots are fired.

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