Mendocino Sheriff’s Office Seeks Ringleader of Armed Robbery Attempt

Trevor Information from a Facebook post by the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office:


Trevor Jackson
34 years old
6′ 0″
190 lbs

Trevor Jackson is wanted on a $500,000 felony warrant for an armed robbery that took place off Hwy 162 on July 16, 2017 at approximately 2:30 a.m. Jackson has been identified as the “ring leader” and the one who planned the entire robbery. Jackson is being sought by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau.

Jackson is known to frequent Potter Valley / Redwood Valley / Hopland / Willits and Ukiah.

If you see him DO NOT APPROACH HIM. Jackson should be considered armed and dangerous based on information known to investigators.

Anonymous tips can be made at the Sheriff’s Office Tip-Line at (707) 234-2100 or the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dispatch at (707) 463-4086.

Earlier Chapter: Some Suspects Still on the Loose After Foiled Marijuana Robbery; Three in Custody



  • Shouldn’t be hard to find this dipp turd

  • He lives in Redwood Valley. Has burglarized several people there. Complete and utter piece of garbage.

  • Clearly a Mexican Muslim immigrant pot grower!

  • Kinda old for that ####. Armed robbery is a young man’s game.

  • I have a son named Trevor Jackson but haven’t seen him in 30 yrs. I thought him and his mom lived in Virginia but not sure. Attempts to locate them have failed. I hope it’s not him. If it is he needs some serious help on his upbringing.

  • Patriot in Willits

    Trevor was my student when I taught in Potter Valley twenty or so years ago. He was what you might call a “noncompliant child”. He’s been trouble ever since, and this doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  • Alright a Bad Guy huh, so bad you gotta put on a ski mask and carry a gun and kid Knapp good farming people and make them take you to the loot and treasures and gardens these farmers were pouring their blood sweat and tears over so you and your greedy group of wannabe gangsta’s could get some more drugs to shoot up in your veins and snort up your wise guy noses. The judge is gonna throw the book at you all no matter how hard y’all squeel like pigs on eachother-for good reason- Wanna know why, because the hard working people be farmers or whatever are tired of being ripped off and preyed upon by a gang of armed masked men running around with automatic weapons robbin, stealin, and tearing up the country! And you wanna know what, the entire country hopes you guys are all locked up and the key to your 6×8 jail cells are thrown away. Your only meals will be breakfast at 4 am, lunch at 12 and dinner at 5 in your lonely cold jail cell with nothing to steal except your own underwear, jumpsuit, blue jail shoes, pillow, bed roll and blanket. That’s if they confine you, but most likely u will be locked up with the felony guys in the 3 strikes your out club, the name of the club is 3 strikes your out, or for short the 25-life club. Too bad for you that all your stealing, killing, robbing and beating people has now caught up with you and your entire crew of the 25-Life club. I bet many people tried to warn you all that stealing robbing and beating people were not the way to make it in this world yet you all failed to obey the simple commands of the father; though shall not steal, though shall not kill…. and now the judgement day by the judge who knows how to weigh and judge evidence has arrived. The judge will weigh the evidence before the scales of justice and the heavy evidence will lead to a swift long sentence of 25-life. That is why you are in the 25-life club! See you all in 2042 ! Of course that is ONLY if the parole board decides to release you for your good behavior in jail. Haha…. Good Luck Gangstas! Gangsta Pride!!

  • 25-Life Club Release Date 2042

    Dont believe these guys will get 25-life sentences? Read This!

    Man sentenced to prison for masterminding Kidnapping and Robbery

    Posted On: October 15, 2015
    “The trial was based on a February 28, 2015 incident in which Mr. Porter, along with three other individuals, arranged to meet the victim at the Royal Farms on Rt. 213 and Rt. 544 in Chestertown in order to conduct a drug transaction. During the course of the drug transaction, the victim was assaulted at gun point by Mr. Porter and ordered into a vehicle. The victim was bound with duct tape, beaten continuously and threatened to be killed by Porter. The victim was transported to several locations before ultimately escaping from the vehicle and contacting police.

    Porter has a lengthy criminal record, including a prior conviction for assault. Porter remained jailed pending a sentencing hearing in which Porter was facing 80 years in Prison.

    On October 5, 2015 Porter appeared for his sentencing hearing in the Queen Anne’s County Circuit Court. Porter was subsequently sentenced to 60 years in prison. Porter was ordered to serve 35 years of active incarceration and the Court suspended the remaining 25 years of the 60 year sentence. Upon his release from prison, Porter will be placed on five years of supervised probation.”

  • Only Trump can save us

    Good thing Trump is gonna deport all these White People! Make America Great Again! Trump Rules! God bless the USA! This is all because of Obama Care and Hillary Clinton!

  • So many defective humans around here.

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    Obviously not 190 pounds. Maybe when he was 12… An obvious candidate for a triple-tap…

  • Coincidence or Connected

    Sure looks like Trevor Jackson in this photo of this home invasion Robbery and Homicide in Lake County! Word has it that Trevor Jackson is frequenting Redwood Valley and Potter Valley Willits and Ukiah, Lake County is only a hop skip and jump away…
    PERHAPS Trevor “Jackson” as they call him is trying to rob more people to have the money to get out of Dodge, I believe these two crimes are very similar and might be connected!

    • Nice try [edit] wrong assumtion this trevor jackson wld never kill shit and until trial whos to say this isnt a dirty sherrif set up the night before the house was hot by others amd a set up on this date withba dirty cop all will come out in court

  • Coincidence or Connected

    Looks like the same guy!!

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