Humboldt County Sheriff Serves Marijuana Search Warrant In the Burr Valley Area Off Hwy 36

Humboldt County Sheriff MarijuanaThe Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant this morning off Hwy 36 in the Burr Valley area.

According to Lt. Dennis Young, some of the officers were diverted immediately after the warrant was served to inform residents threatened by a wildfire in the Swayback Ridge area that they might need to evacuate. The officers haven’t returned with information on what was found at the property where the warrant was served as of 4 p.m. so Lt. Young couldn’t provide details yet.

We should have more information tomorrow.



  • Smell fishie like emulsion

  • Devils Lettuce Crimes

    A search warrant? As in ONE? They drove all the way out there, past huge grows on every property to serve ONE search warrant and eradicate ONE grow?!! WTF is wrong with our sheriff’s department? They know that everybody thinks they are a joke, right? Bottom line is that if there is no enforcement, or this fake pretend enforcement then everybody knows that there is no downside to blowing up huge scenes and everybody will continue blowing them up yet bigger and bigger. Nobody believes any press release about permits or anything from the sheriff’s department because everybody knows they are full of talk with no action. And everybody knows this because everybody has watched them do the same fake eradication for years. Why should anybody stop, slow down, not grow more or behave any better? There is no motivation to change behavior because the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department is a paper tiger. No claws. No teeth. Fake eradication. Fake enforcement.

    • triniboldticino

      It’s so nice to start the day with abject negativity. Diverting attention away from (he/she/its’) meth lab and thinking they’re funny. Or just simply sad.

      • Ot just simple narrow minded right wing bass turds who live in the past when it was normal to tread on others. As that changes, the prohibitionist cries “wee-wee’ through lame comments reflecting their regressive mindset. I just hope they don’t ever get cannabis as a medicine to cure their illnesses.

  • The cops kicked ass on Burr a couple of years ago. There are/were some serious POS, rip off tweakers back there. Hopefully the warrant was for them.

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