Get Alerts, Humboldt! The Office of Emergency Services Will Send Important Info to Your Phone or Email

The fire today was a reminder that you may need to to be alerted to dangerous situations. Humboldt County’s Office of Emergency Services has a new emergency notification system.

According to Dorie Lanni, Emergency Services Manager for Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services,

We understand that some Humboldt residents may have concerns about the security of their information. We only use the registered contact info for emergency notifications, and Sheriff’s OES does not have a role in criminal investigation or enforcement. While we recommend that everyone use their actual addresses, since most alerts are tailored for and sent to a specific geographic region affected by a particular event, users can also register using a nearby public address if they would otherwise not sign up and miss important information.

Follow the link for further information or to register. We did!

See the flyer below also.

(It may take a moment for the PDF flyer to load.) Humboldt ALERT (1)




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