Law Enforcement Raiding North of Confusion Hill

Helicopter on a cannabis raid

Helicopter towing two officers on a rope. [Photo provided by a reader]

As of 9:45 a.m., multiple law enforcement vehicles, including a wood chipper, two Fish and Wildlife trucks, a California Highway Patrol, eight unmarked vehicles, and a helicopter towing officers on a line are working near Bear Pen Road and Hwy 271 just north of Confusion Hill.

Officers are hanging from the helicopter on a cable and being set down into a remote area.

Law enforcement convoy parked

Parked vehicles and a helicopter in flight. [Photo provided by a reader]



  • Where’s confusion hill? I’m confused. 😉

  • Next to the chopper, or is that where their chopping? Or they came in on a chopper,I’m confused, there seems to be alot of confusion on the hill

    • The officers are leaving on the cable from the area of Hwy 271 and being taken elsewhere. But I don’t know where.

      • So somebody beat the choppers to the chop site and did some chopping earlier?

      • Hey Kim we saw those Lear guys in camo by the Peg house right after the raids were done, one of my buddies who lives in Pearcy saw them they must be working with the cops we know for a fact this isn’t the first time Lear securty has worked with the sheriff what’s up with that are our taxes paying for security raiding crops too that’s bs!

  • Kudos to brave and hard working law enforcement for eradicating these illegal and environmentally destructive grows. As cannabis becomes more and more legal these actions will help those playing by the book. Again, if you don’t like cannabis don’t use it especially if you get cancer. Thanks.

    • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

      If I get cancer, I won’t bother with cannabis, that’s for sure. If death impends, you can expect me to go for the heroin, cocaine and vodka cocktail. I am sure that all the 12 year old’s still like to get high, so there will be a market for your products.

      To you I suggest, since you are educated, get a real job, find an occupation more coincident with a lifestyle not dependent on weed. You will be happier.

      Thanks to the brave LEO’s who attempt to marginally disrupt and harass the crazy growers…

      • Hmmmm trade the cocaine for LSD and im n dully…..

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        You’ll live longer not ingesting “organic” weed, sprayed with Forbid for mites.

        We all face the barrier, but giving someone an “organic” relief, sprayed with pesticides is dark.

        Dope growers have no honor or compassion, just hide behind those checking out and picking pockets….

        • Sharpen your pencil

          Lol, and you do? Get real chump, and do us all a favor and commit yourself to the looney bin!

        • Did you bump your head again? You haven’t a clue, you think you do but the reality is you simply lack cannabis knowledge.

  • New headline: Copter chopper cops on cable confirmed as cause of confusion.

  • Sure hope they filed with the faa to fly in so low over peoples property. Oh wait they can break any and all laws in order to steal from others … sorry forgot, there for a minute i thought ca. Was part of America where we the people were supposed to be free from a over reaching goverment .

    • you think they didn’t?

    • The use of compensated confidential informants (who remain anonymous) and assett seizure (without charges) are two of the greatest travesties of justice ever inflicted on the people of California. When explained how they are used most people will argue adamantly that I must be mistaken, such laws are violations of constitutional rights.

      • Saddly i know of what you speak and know how true you are. I wonder if they crossed their fingers behind their backs when taking their oaths of office ? Doubt it, these types are spinless cowards who cant even be true to themselves or their words, everyone is just a crimminal that hasnt been caught or someone to make money off of , unless you have a badge .

        • Boo hoo. Don’t mega-grow and blow out the hillsides, creeks, rivers with massive environmental damage. Damn whiners. GLAD LE BUSTS THESE GROWS. Safety to all the agents involved.

    • Did you get your measuring tape out and check?

    • LOL Sadtruth! CAMP must be only a history lesson to you.

  • Dopes on a rope 🙂

    Love seeing these pics!

  • I thought weed was legal? Looks like someone didn’t pay their taxes….

  • In California? Are you kidding? Californians voted to be regulated by the government. Just look at it’s politicians!!!

  • it’s hard to take this site seriously when you report this .

    • RHBB is a news site, and this story is news, plain and simple. The more complicated version is that there is likely environmental damage, hence Fish and Wildlife’s involvement.

      • suuuuuuuuure. you don’t think she’s trying to warn her grower pals the cops are coming?

        • By that logic… when I’m reporting on a bank robbery, I’m trying to warn the robbers?

          Let me once again break this down. The noise of the helicopter is a more likely warning system (for all the good it will do) to the growers there. First, it takes awhile for someone to see that law enforcement is there. Second, it takes awhile for me to confirm and then write the story. Then the grower must be on the computer, see the post, and react. Then…they do what? Grab all their plants and run?…Marijuana plants don’t fit in your pocket.

          In all the years I’ve been reporting raids (Since 2008) not one person has told me that I helped them escape law enforcement. Nor has one law officer told me that I abetted someone getting away. At the best, this is a terribly ineffective warning system.

          What it does do is inform the public about what is happening near them. You know…news.

          • You don't even need to explain to him self to these idiots thanks for everything you do

            You don’t even need to explain to him self to these idiots thanks for everything you do

          • Kym’s pocket vision and an artist’s talent would make for a helluva mural.

          • thanks for the heads up that way we know were not to deliver the goods tell another day!

      • Some here just as over at LoCO are too thickheaded to understand such things, luckily they are a small minority also as over at LoCO!!!

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          Get a job and provide a service to your community.

          Drug dealing doesn’t raise healthy children with a future.

          That nonsense is the problem and families are tired of it.

    • Because a large number of law enforcement officers conducting a raid isn’t news???? In my world, it is.

      • Allmans $950 an Hour Helicopter Rides

        Exactly Kym, these Sheriff Departments don’t want the public to realize the enormous amount of money and complete waste of resources that these raids are costing our county, not only are they on average abou $15,000 per raid, but these raids are at the expense of our residents, Why? – Real crimes like burglaries, rapes, murders and missing persons go uninvestigated and unsolved. If there isn’t assets forfeiture or $100 bill to slip in each other’s pockets these deputies don’t bother investigating. When was the last time they found a suspicious missing person, solved a homicide or investigated or arrested a burglar? Real crimes against our citizens goes unchecked and unconvinced while this insane war on cannabis farmers who are trying to earn a living continues. This is a travesty and disgrace to the crime victims of Mendocino County.

    • Oh i get it, people are only supposed to report on stories that fit neatly into your agenda …. got it comrade , seems like i keep forgetting America isnt the land of the free anymore

      • Get a grip. It’s Kym’s blog and it’s her agenda. And she writes the news, and does us all a huge favor in doing so. If you don’t like what you read here, establish your own blog with your own agenda. Or just go away…

      • This comment was directed @ sickofthem

    • Hard to take comments like your seriously. How about i send you some pamperin and a hot water bottle . Might help you be less offended.

    • shawn the fisherman

      Do not be a tool sadtruth, Fact is most locals look for this kind of news. You are the minority. What clouds your judgment?

  • Thanks Kym as always for up to date reporting. Thanks to LE for interrupting these illegal grows !

  • shawn the fisherman

    You see that ferry up from san fran? Might be good for bay but she looks ruff for open ocean..

    • Where at, Eureka?

    • You got the story on the ferry backwards. The ferry is on the way to San Francisco from the ship yard in Puget Sound Wash.It will ferry up to 400 people on the bay.
      It is an Australian designed catamaran. Cats are shallow draft and very stable and fast.
      Many Alaska fishing boat operators are switching to cats because of this.

      • shawn the fisherman

        Yeah you obviously never been out to sea on one? I have, Shallow draft makes for ruff ride. Sea sickness likely. Only small Salmon boats like that configuration some gill netters.

        • you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. they handle the opposite of what you claim.

        • You are insane. Cats are new to the American market relatively speaking. Always late to the new boat technology, the west coast is far behind. The east coast has multiple bid name boat brands popping cats from molds as we speak. These are 29-45 feet long. Monohull builders with 24 month wait lists are jumping in on the cat craze. Manufacturers like Invincible and Sea Vee. They are trying to catch the momentum of Freeman Boats that currently has a 48 month wait on build slots.

          Go down to the Gulf, like Venice, Louisiana and check out the charter fleets that typically run to the rigs for yellowfins. They all, well the major majority, run Freeman Cats. There is a reason and the reason is the notoriously sharp, closelyrics spaced Gulf chop. It’s legendary in the boating world. If you can get up and run in the Gulf slop, you can run anywhere.

          There is no Monohull made that will run with a cat on a size for size basis. Fact. To dispute this fact, you obviously haven’t spent too much time on the ocean regardless of your user name.

          To dispute that Cats are starting to upend the US boating market is silly and out of touch.

        • I have been running cats since 1998. I currently have a 56′ cat out of Sitka.So many fishermen are switching to cats in Alaska the waiting list is several years out.
          They ride so well that sea sickness is becoming a thing of the past. Fuel consumption is less than half that of an equal size mono hull at twice the speed.Most cats are jets, so maneuvering,such as docking takes practice.
          Cats and mono hulls both have their strengths and weakness, but cats are seeing a surge in popularity. Even the Navy is now building frigate size cats(trimaran).

          • shawn the fisherman

            I fish out of Kodiak where the men are men and so are the women. I have been a skipper of a Salmon seiner for over twenty years and no cats are not taking over up there, Maybe some Bristol boats but they do not matter to me. Cats are fine for shallow water, But i wouldnt be caught crossing the gulf in one of those unless its calm summer. No shallow draft boat can out fish me. Seen way too much to listen to a Sitka skipper sorry.

        • Sf already has enough ferrys, there was a bunch at the pier last time I was there, never rode on one though.

  • CHUMP needs to weigh in in this. Where are you chump?

    • Life might be better without his “weighing in”. Enough, already of the “pot wars” of cannabis comments.

      • I for one have heard plenty from the CHUMP he gets more outrageous as time goes on!!!! Especially if he’s encouraged!!! Actually ragging on him seems to have the same effect!!! My personal opinion, in the matter, is he’s few sandwiches short of a picnic!!!

    • Watering his cannabis plants

      • Yeah, in the end I bet he has a half dozen 100′ deps lined up and a stable of Italian trimmers.

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          Topless Italian models, thank you for your concern.

        • That’s the thing, he makes money off of cannabis in one form or another. He feels he’s not one of the bad ones because he drives an American made truck and doesn’t wear a flat brim hat.

  • Man that looks like fun!

  • You rock RHBB. !!!!

  • Raiding on the east or west side of the river?

  • Good work Kym, thanks for the report. Too bad you have to put up with knuckleheads like sadtruth.

    • Miguel, sadtruth was sticking up for kym. sadtruth was repying Sickofem! you should read it……then you will know what sadtruth is talking about. When people reply they should put who they are talking to though. Because as you scroll further down it’s hard to know who they are replying to.

  • I can’t wait to see how mainstream twists the story.
    “Officers are hanging from the helicopter on a cable while police brutality protesters block the streets in the Emerald Triangle”.

  • looks like a ton of Silvex has been used in this area. one of the tracks sprayed is a 100 feet from the Eel River. from 10,000 feet the worst environmental damage is still clearly the logging industry. these raids are a waste of taxpayers money.

  • They are confused?

  • Chump’s getting raided

    • Bigmuff– I hold you personally responsible, your mentioning Chump was the third time his name was mentioned and…. as I am typing this and check back in…. he appeared… I think this is like the movie Beetleju—e…. maybe if we changed his name in our comments to Chum* to dodge saying ‘the name’ we can manifest the entity know as Chum……. less often. 🙂 *(and after all, that is what he is throwing out to get reactions)

  • So they are dangerously riding suspended cables to distant grows? But there are many HUGE grows and greenhouse operations that could be easily driven right up to! This seems like a big excuse to pretend at eradication while actually spending funds on getting LESS plants. What about hitting neighborhoods of huge greenhouse operations and taking those out? Too simple?

  • >”Actually spending funds on getting LESS plants… Too simple?”

    Well… how else are you gonna ride a helicopter… on a rope… and get paid for it !

    I have a rational mind… none of this makes much sense to me.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Lot of work for a few plants…

    Much better to attach berm breaching gear to A1A and just start driving up roads.

    One tank could bury 50,000 plants in 24 hours.

    Have crews running around the clock and the evil plant is finished.

  • Are they throwing darts at a map?

  • we used to call that the ole’ ropa-dope method… funny to see it back in the repertoire.

    • Devils Lettuce Crimes

      Yes. They used it on us because we had to get very remote. No roads, pack in supplies on our backs, mix fertilizer and Stutzman’s w/ native forest soil, etc. CAMP drove us deep into the hills and they used this dope-on-a-rope technique to get there and to spot our little patches of 2 or 3 plants spread out. But now it’s all in the open and very obvious and you can drive right up to and in some cases INTO the greenhouses!! This is fake eradication! When you could just drive into Panther Gap and get 10 times as much per hour why are they doing this?!! Why are some very heavily grown parts of the county off-limits to eradication? FAKE ENFORCEMENT!!!!

  • Why is everyone freaking out? This style of bust is usually used for large trespass grows, usually cartel grows.

  • All the little towns that light up there green houses and keep their neighbors up all night because they’re blinded by the light that’s some serious b******t want to like your Depp’s up Black them out it’s not fair to do that to your neighbors and you should be the ones that get busted

  • How many crop cops does it take to chop crops from a chopper chopping crops? Flower Nazis 👮Hmmmm🤔

  • Allmans $950 an Hour Helicopter Rides

    Helicopter Rental ; $950 Per Hour! Mendo Voice just did a great article about the Infamous Mendo Sheriff Department targeting and singling out our Native American Peoples, Reservations, Rancherias and tribal lands. Seems Old Allman still got an ax to grind with the Indians since the whole Bear Lincoln aquital after the Deputy shot the other deputy and framing Bear Lincoln failed almost 20 years ago….. the article in the Mendo Voice was excellent and RARE! SURPRISINGLY THE ARTICLE wasn’t just a copy-paste press report from Old Allman”s Desk, they actually did some good investigating and found the following;
    “Helicopter Rental Price”

    As is often the case in Mendocino County, COMMET was accompanied by a rented helicopter. An interview with the fuel truck operator, parked near the scene of the raid, confirmed that the helicopter company providing the rental was A&P Helicopters, out of Richvale in Butte County.

    In a brief phone interview Vickie Compton, president of A&P, stated that the cost of a helicopter rental, for the class of copter rented by the MCSO, is $950 an hour, and that the MCSO does not receive a law enforcement, or bulk rate discount. She stated that they rent to other law enforcement agencies in the area, that the MCSO generally rents for about six hours at a time, and that the rental cost includes the pilot. It’s unclear exactly how many hours the copter operated yesterday, but The Mendocino Voice saw it flying between 2pm and 2:45pm, and other people report seeing it perhaps as early as 7am — which would put the cost of rental at at least $7000.

    The fuel truck operator said that Sergeant Bruce Smith was flying in the copter that day, that the copter had been used for observation and, as is visible in a widely shared video, to lift out large amounts of destroyed plants. He also pointed out that the helicopters can go about two and a half hours between refuelings, have a range of about 300 miles, and have a top speed of around 120mph. The fuel truck tags along to provide refueling for the helicopter, and is often parked near where law enforcement is operating, however, the copter and pilot make the trip from Butte County by air. The truck was a white pickup, with an A&P logo on the side, and a fuel tank and mechanism in the bed.” Read the article, it also discloses the fact that the Sherwood Valley Tribal Chairman snitches out his own tribal members… very interesting and great reporting by the Mendo Voice Link:

  • Allmans $950 an Hour Helicopter Rides

    How can Mendocino Sheriff Department waste $950 per hour for a helicopter to bust Cannabis Farms and then go over budget every year and cry to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors that they don’t have enough money to buy any more Military Grade War Toys to play with and use against the local farmers of Mendocino County, these deputies are making a killing considering the pocket stuffed $100 bills and the cost of bring 20+ swat team members to “take chase” in the woods to bring our local farmers to justice for their alleged “environmental crimes”, crimes which are a laugh and chuckle compared to what logging companies and Calfire ae doing to the Redwood Ecosystem in Jackson State Forest between Willits and Fort Bragg on Highway 20….. From 10,000 feet on Google Earth the worst damage to Mendoza County is from the logging of the Redwood Ecosystems Between 101 and Hwy 1. Look at the clearcut patches of what was pristine old growth forests 30 years ago.

    • Dear Helicopter Rides,

      Who are all these ‘local farmers’ of whom you speak? All the actual farmers I know don’t buy dirt.

      I’ve flown over Mendocino County, and the cumulative impact from the many, many grow scenes seems to be much worse than the logging. For the record, I’m not a fan of either scenario.

  • Bust em, bust em, bust em!!! Good work Law Enforcement, please keep it coming and with more personnel please.

    Thank you!!

    • Allmans $950 an Hour Helicopter Rides

      Yes MCSO, bust the burglars ripping off our homes, bust the car thieves which are creating an epidemic of car theft, bust all the child molesters who are messing with little kids all over this county, bust the drunk drivers driving all over the county at 2am after the bars close, fine the logging companies destroying our forests and depositing sediment in our salmon spawning beds, do something about the human smuggling and sex trade which is taking place at the “cheap motels” in Willits, Ukiah, Fort Bragg and Laytonville, please, do bust em all, but get the real bad guys and leave our Cannabis Farmers alone, there are real crimes taking place which the Sheriff Department knows about and does nothing about. It seems they only bust the crimes which have a chance of filling the deputies pockets with $100 bills, the theft and asset forfeiture from this department runs amok while cannabis remains the #1 priority and homes, businesses and cars are ripped off and the true crime and criminals never investigated. Shame Tom Allman, Shame Bruce Smith!

      • Devils Lettuce Crimes

        And yet all of these crimes spring from the growing of devil’s lettuce in huge amounts! Lettuce Heads love to distract from their crimes but we now know this is classic “red herring” strategy. Removal of most grows will reduce all crime. It is what we need most for a safe community. Tom Allman is a hero!

        • Allman is a drunk clown! Eradicating Cannabis Gardens will do nothing to stop the home invasions, Eradicating Cannabis Gardens will do nothing to stop the illegal Mexican Gangsta sex trade and trafficking taking place in all the Motels and Hotels in the Ghetto town of Willits, Laytonville, Ukiah, or Fort Bragg. Eradicating Cannabis Gardens will do nothing to solve the 50+ missing persons cases, Eradicating Cannabis Gardens will do nothing to solve the hundreds of unsolved Murders taking place in Mendocino, Eradicating Cannabis Gardens will do nothing to stop the Meth Cooks and dealers in our communities, Eradicating Cannabis Gardens Wil do nothing to stop the opioid epidemic and prescription pill business taking place in our communities. Eradicating Cannabis Gardens will do nothing to stop the City and County corruption, Eradicating Cannabis Gardens will do nothing to stop the illegal theft by Sheriff Deputies who blatantly steal and frame suspects. Eradicating Cannabis Gardens will do nothing to investigate the suspicious deputy suicides of the deputies from MCSO who “knew too much” about the MCSO cash kickbacks and Sheriff wife swapping parties. Eradicating Cannabis Gardens will do nothing to solve the domestic abuse epidemic, Eradicating Cannabis Gardens will do nothing for our broke economy, Eradicating Cannabis Gardens takes money away from our County Works crews to keep our roads paved and pothole free, Eradicating Cannabis Gardens does nothing but destroy our economy, fuel the prison industrial complex, rip families apart, give officers an excuse to kill and maim our community, steal from our local populace, create a distrust and dislike for law enforcement. Eradicating Cannabis Gardens is bad for the economy, Eradicating Cannabis Gardens puts our counties children in reach of the pedophiles who run Child protective services and the pedophile foster homes. Eradicating Cannabis Gardens is responsible for our local businesses closing their doors and losing their business. Eradicating Cannabis Gardens is bad practice, bad business and bad for our communities. Eradicating Cannabis Gardens creates the Ives out of our deputies because the temptation to steal those unaccounted for piles of cash is too great! Eradicating Cannabis Gardens has destroyed the publics trust in our County Government. Eradicating Cannabis Gardens has destroyed integrity and truth in our local law enforcement. Eradicating Cannabis Gardens has created thrives outta good deputies!

          • Devils Lettuce Crimes

            I can tell I hit a vein there! I think that even you don’t fully believe yourself. That’s why you must insist so forcefully! Perhaps the lettuce haze is temporarily slipping from your mind and you are having a clear moment- where you know that hills full of huge lettuce grows and criminals running free through the streets might not be a good thing?? Well….it’s not! And Tom Allman is doing what he can to keep these lettuce heads from turning this county into another cesspool like Humboldt!

            • one with the land

              so you want to keep Mendocino from turning into a cesspool by dropping off [edit] to cut down medicine in the middle of no where that was grown by locals who have lived in those hills since the 80’s? I think you are the one who is clearly delusional and possibly your mind is not at full capacity because you havent unlocked its full potential. Most likely your pineal gland is calcified and so you cant understand anything accept for the dogma and rhetoric that is fed to you by main stream society.
              I understand , Gmos are so prevalent in all our food that guys [edit] who have never hauled a bag of dirt up a hill in your life cant think straight, and are just another member of the uneducated masses that keep our society from progressing. Time for my legal recreational bonghit that people like me made possible , [edit]

              • one with the land

                there was not one swear word but my opinion was edited? unbeliavable. im sorry , but this is now fake news. I hesitated in supporting this news blog, now I know what my gut instincts were telling me.

                • I don’t allow the slur “pig.” I’m trying to promote talk between people of diverse opinions –terms ranging from pig to libtard to repuglican are insults that get folks so mad they quit talking and start slinging even more insults.

                • one with the land

                  i can sort of understand that, but you also edited my statement that people like” lettuce crimes ” are perpetuating oppresion. I happen to know that some of the gardens that were cut were small ma and pa growers, meanwhile corporations are planting plantations its completely absurd.

        • How will “Removal of most grows will reduce all crime.” Could you explain this complete bulls hit you created in your illusion?
          It is purely a fictional wrong illusion, without cannabis crime’s such as theft and robberies will increase, this is obvious!

  • Any update on this bust? Was it private property or on public land?

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