Have Some Opinions on Humboldt County’s ‘Safe Homes’ Program? Here’s Your Chance To Speak Your Mind

This is a press release from the County of Humboldt:

Humboldt County Seal 2017 featureHumboldt County is moving forward with one of the Housing Element’s implementation programs that would allow qualified unpermitted homes to become permitted through a “Safe Homes” program.

We invite you to provide us with your comments on that program at a meeting in the Eureka Humboldt County Library Meeting Room Tuesday, August 8 from 5 – 7 p.m.



  • As someone who has built three legal “Owner-Builder” homes, yes if brought up to code.

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    I certainly hope that Humboldt County does not make this mistake. It is bad enough that HC dodges it’s responsibilities to insure public safety, without the County to allow substandard housing to be built all over the place. No one in Humboldt has any idea how many folks are living in unpermitted structures. Why should property owners of record want to allow this, when our taxes support the untaxed?

    I, at least, will be happy to sue Humboldt County to stop this stupid plan.

    • My neighborhood used to be visited by our field assessor every year from 1969 on. Olly was a great person and was welcome. But trust me, we were taxed. He and his tape measure were out and recording all changes from the prior year. Now a days, the changes are noted by air photos, but we stay ahead of the curve by calling in any changes. Really. We are taxed, and we willingly pay. This point has been laid to rest.

  • More info would be appreciated.
    Is this *that* program that lets developers build without permits and most inspections?
    Reading the Bill of Rights, the people already have all permits needed for individual building needs. If they plan to sell, then they are not considered individual, but instead are commercial. They can sell “as is” and they must disclose all issues they are aware of. Commercial requires extra inspections and permits due to the exaggerated numbers being build for others. They, too, require disclosures.
    So, what’s new and different about this “program”?
    What isn’t being disclosed?
    Is this part of the government plan that forces landlords and homeowners to rent to a “chosen” segment instead of to whom they want to? I believe it’s promoted as “diversify”.
    Is this paving the way for commercial built stack and pack “affordable” apartment complexes along the earthquake and tsunami zones?
    Why leave the readers without full info for research? Exactly which plan is being “considered”? Exactly what does the “plan” consist of?

  • Veterans friend

    Just another way for the “government” which is supposed to BE us, to get into our homes & our lives & our business. They want money. That’s all.
    It is not really about anyone’s safety.

  • more info please…what, which program is this and what does it allow for?

  • Warner Von Braun

    Is this an amnesty program that lets those whom are outside of compliance become compliant without penalties? If so, there has to be strict rules. It must be a one time only allowance within a firm time frame for the individual to get compliant. It must be followed up by a strict crack down on those who continue to ignore building codes that everyone else must follow.

  • Handsoffmycookies

    This is obviously a plot to get on rural properties that county officials would otherwise never be allowed to go near. Don’t fall for it! They want to slap a bunch of fines and steal your property without having to spend the funds to go out and find these violations themselves. Same ploy as the marijuana permitting.

  • There is a lot of mother inlaw units being rented out in eureka without the proper permits these units have been here and rented for 40 plus years it would be great if they can help these folks get into compliance without fear of being fined

    • So breaking the law for a long time and getting away with it should be grounds for forgiveness?

      • Yes, haven’t you heard we are a sanctuary state.

      • No but in certain situations these places should be grandfathered in alot off people buy these homes or they are passed down in my case they were passed down with people renting them I didn’t do any work without permits it was all done by a deceased person so maybe they can go after the person that made them into units without permits .but the current owners need a way to transition without being held accountable for a deceased persons decisions . without being in fear of fines or worse, if there’s not a path to be legal then nothing changes.

  • There seems to be 3 schools of thought on the topic: forgive and forget as long as you are compliant; ignore the evil gov’t intrusion; screw the unpermitted structures because they knew and ignored the law. While there may be an argment for the first ( the safe homes path), the side effect is that we will then continue to encourage folks to develop land outside the zoning/code structure because they figure they’ll get amnesty if they need it later. It is in essence a way for folks who ignored the law willfully to make money on their unpermitted development. In that vein it is similar to the county approach to cannabis cultivation– we will ignore all your past illegal behavior as long as you play nice from here on out.

    Not really much incentive to follow the rules, is it?

  • Is there an address that we can use to send our comments?

  • Does anyone have a link to the text in the Housing Element? I’d like to read it before tonight’s hearing. Thanks

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