UPDATE 9:55 a.m.] Vehicle in a Ravine

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt approximately 9:08 a.m., two vehicles collided on Shelter Cove Road near Willow Glen Road. At least one of the vehicles has gone into a ravine about 30 feet down.

Dispatch called for Shelter Cove Fire, Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue, and Fortuna Ambulance to respond.

UPDATE 9:37 a.m.: Photos from the scene:

Car of the road into a ravine

[Photo provided by Roy Smith]

UPDATE 9:55 a.m.: One vehicle is unoccupied and one was not in an accident but was an abandoned vehicle, Cheryl Antony from Shelter Cove Fire said.

The vehicle that went off the road did so during the night. The engine was cold when firefighters got there. The vehicle is from Quebec.



  • I’m not even going to make my usual comment, about CDL’s & Cracker Jack snacks!!! It’s happening too many times to be funny any more!!!

  • Hey [edit], where u been? This has been happening since the road was built [edit]! Just be stoked it’s not your kin! Like I am! Healing energy to the people involved….

  • Awesome Canadian trimagrents just ditching their crap cars off our cliffs. They come to make money and then ditch their trash for us to clean up.
    I’ve tired to be nice. My “niceness” is running out!! With all this disrespect!!

  • “One vehicle is unoccupied and one was not in an accident but was an abandoned vehicle, ” hey Kym Kemp, i know this is a quote,not of your hand-i find it completely incoherent….so this was a one vehicle incident that coincedentally happened nearby an abandobed car?did the driver crash while avoiding the roadside vehicle or was abondoned car already in the ditch?

  • Agreed 250% I was NOT looking for an argument!!! I was attempting to NOT make smart ass remarks, for a change!!! This, is what attempting to be pleasant gets me??? If that’s the case, then I’ll go back to my usual wise ass remarks!!!!

    • Kym’s blog seems to have been infiltrated by Sock Puppets I suspect Guest is likely one of those being commented on but doesn’t want to use his/her regular login name!!!It’s sadly quite common over at LoCO but I see it rearing it’s ugly head here as well!!!

  • Out of all the comments few are related to the article!!! Some people must be very bored this morning. Two vehicles, virtually same location, one approximately 50-60′ over the embankment (which occurred several months ago),mini van from Canada just off the fog line into the trees above the other(which happened sometime last night). Both unoccupied and unrelated, also about five hundred feet east of Paradise Ridge Rd… no need for the pissing match.

    • I agree I never intended to start one!!! Actually I was attempting to avoid one by NOT making my usual remark about there being a CDL in every box of Cracker Jack snacks, as the “Toy Surprise”!!! Nothing else, then the flame War started so I responded in kind!!!

    • DITTO I agree! !!

  • Thanks for your opinion!

    A great batch of silly comments!

  • Is this like the “abandoned” vehicle with the dog guarding it, where the owner doesnt know his car is a sitting in a ravine.

  • Kym Kemp, Hopefully on Monday the VIN/license number can be looked up.
    It could be a stolen car or maybe there are lost Canadians in the woods.

  • Perhaps there should be a minimum age requirement for commenting.

  • They were just practicing Quebec style off road driving. If you’ve ever been there you would understand. That is why they have a Grand Prix race in Montreal.

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