Scotia Hardware Closing Its Doors

Residents of Scotia and Rio Dell are losing their do-it-yourself store. Yesterday, the owners of Scotia Hardware began their ready-to-retire sale.

According to Rio Dell and Scotia’s newsletter, while the Town of Scotia actually owns the building, David’s husband and his two brothers have owned the business for twenty years. Last fall, one of David’s brother-in-laws passed away and David and her husband have decided to move back to Kentucky to be with family.

“The whole store will be 30% off” for several weeks, said part-owner Linda David. “until at least August 13.”Advertising from Scotia Hardware about their retirement sale




  • Thank you for your nice store, and helpful staff! We will be sorry to see you go.

  • Everything is going up,up,up. No one can stay in business anymore. Such a shame. Brick and mortar businesses are going to be a thing of the past😣😭

  • What timing! Just as the Scotia homes are being sold to individual owners.

  • Veterans friend

    All you can sell in Humboldt is dirt.

  • thank you so much for serving the community ! have a great retirement !

  • Come on it’s cool that you were there but you never had s**t in that store sorry to see you go but damn How did you stay open so long. Not trying to be an a*****e I’m just a contractor and I could never get anything there

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Glad you actually work for a living and don’t wear a tool belt just to carry a bong and some tofu snacks.

    • Were contractor’s too,and we did a.couple jobs there and needed a box of nails,they were double the price yikes.sorry for the business thou

  • Way to go. Most comments are good. 20 yrs in Business is a wonderful thing. Yet those that choose to slam you (contractor) sucks. I lived in Myers Flat area for about 8yrs. 85′ – 94′. ??
    FAMILY COMES FIRST ! Right on Dave!!! I left because of family & moved back to WISCONSIN! Kuddo’s to you & yours.!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Thank You Scotia Hardware!

    I’ll miss the Scotia Hardware store as they have saved me many times over the last 15 years. Not to mention the gas it would take to go to Fortuna or Eureka all the time to get a repair part. We all like to save money and have a large selection when we shop for our needs, but time is money, right?

    The smaller mom and pop stores are all dying out, as just a few big box stores are left taking over. Even some of the larger stores are closing down like K-Mart. Online sales have also taken there toll on brick and mortar businesses large and small. But you can’t always wait a week to get a part you need, when the plumbing is leaking.

    You know what happens to the prices once the so called discount stores or businesses are in place and control the market. Then they control the availability and cost of the items or services solely, as they have a monopoly! Look at what PG&E is currently doing with their prices and billing practices! I would rather pay a few dollars more once in awhile and have some choices to where I choose to shop or the services I choose to use !

    • I like Scotia True Value hardware. I have placed numerous internet orders, when items that were not in stock, with free shipping to the store. The merchandise arrived promptly, prices were competitive and the store staff were helpful.

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