Three Arrests, 4.500 Marijuana Plants, and Multiple Violations Found on Property West of Hyampom

marijuana garden smart pots Humboldt Co sheriffThis is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Wednesday 07/26/2017, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office’s Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) served two search warrants that covered three private parcels to investigate an allegation of illegal cultivation of marijuana. The private parcels in question had no applications on file with Humboldt County Building and Planning and no permits issued for the cultivation of commercial marijuana. The search warrants were served in the area of Blake Mountain. The following agencies assisted DEU with this investigation: Wardens from California Fish and Wildlife, Environmental Scientists from California Fish and Wildlife, CAL Fire Law Enforcement Officers, specialist from the Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit, Humboldt County Code Enforcement officers, and personnel from the California Army National Guard Counter Drug Unit.

During the service of the search warrant, 23 separate outdoor marijuana gardens were located. Approximately 4,500 marijuana plants were eradicated during this investigation. Five (5) subjects were detained during the service of the search warrant. A sixth subject ran from law enforcement and was not located. Three arrest were made and two subjects were escorted off the property with charges forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office. The following subjects were arrested and charged with felony marijuana cultivation (HS 11358 (D) (3)), Conspiracy (PC 182(a)), and Stream Alterations (FG 1602):

cher yangCher Yang age 60

Maigole Lee age 46


Vaug Cher Chang age 42

The LLCs associated with these private parcels are still under investigation.

California Fish and Wildlife conducted a parallel investigation on these parcels and discovered sixty-nine (69) separate violations: 18 separate unpermitted stream bed alteration violations, 20 separate water diversion violations, 19 separate water pollution (trash in or near water) violations, 12 separate water pollution (discharged sediment in water) violations, and evidence related to poaching of deer.

CAL Fire officers conducted a parallel investigation and discovered the following violations:

16 separate burning of prohibited material violations and 16 timber conversion violations.

Humboldt County Code Enforcement officers conducted a parallel investigation and discovered the following violations: Grading without a permit violation, Construction without a permit violation, solid waste disposal violation, unapproved sewage disposal violation, development within a streamside area, mobile home use of place of habitation, and commercial marijuana cultivation ordinance violations.

All criminal violations stemming from the marijuana cultivation investigation will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for review. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office maintains a cooperative relationship with all agencies that participated in this investigation. All future investigations into non-compliant marijuana operations will continue to be investigated in this manner.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • Cool maybe the mom and pops can make a comeback, and be able to service .

  • Victor G. Flashman

    It appears that a book of procedures, for cases such as this egregiously illegal cultivation project, is being written by the enforcement agencies. Are large growers paying attention?

    On the other hand, this is one of the most well ordered plantings I have seen. Very industrial.

    Too bad scores of environmental regulations were violated! Hopefully the property will be seized, and the offenders will pay large fines.

    Tax evasion charges should be added to the list!

    You MIGHT get away with this sort of thing THIS YEAR! What will happen next year?

    • Now if only these folks would go after all enviromental vilotations and not just those on properties with grows on them, we would have equal enforcement of the law, but as they arent , these cases must be thrown out as according to the law , they must be equally enforced or there is no law. Think about that for a minute all of this county just about every land parcel over 20 acres has atleast one if not more of similar problems on it … where are the task forces with machine guns enforcing these laws on non growers ?

      • Yes these guys can find an environmental law broken anywhere they look. I had the fish and game guys come through my place one time, because of some neighbors grow. They were very concerned about a creek crossing I had (summer ford they called it), an old pond that was constructed years back w no permits and some culverts etc… when they discovered I had no plants on my property, they bid me a good day and continued to the next neighbor. True story.

        • Thinking allowed

          But why that would be true is pretty obvious. Environmental laws can be used to catch up bad lawbreakers (Capone was caught on tax evasion after all, not all his murders) but there is reason for environmentalist not to worry too much about old stuff. They are more worried about keeping new messes in check and stopping expanding damage. The old stuff is usually grandfathered in anyway.

          • Well isn’t it a double standard? I mean they basically told me since I didn’t have any plants they weren’t concerned about my culverts, an in stream crossing and a pond? And I permitted spring for domestic use? Idk I mean I’m happy I didn’t get the book thrown at me, but it seemed like a double standard.

          • And because they dont equally enforce the law they are weakening it. One could argue that because it is not equally enforced that the law is in fact illegal as is any attempt to enforce it. That is the law of the land . Most dont want a court battle but as more people come out of the shadows you will see this and other cases make their way through the system and it will overturn and weaken rules in place. Lets not even start to think about the law suites that will be settled by state and county because of selective enforcement , that has already been documentated

  • Send the hmongs back to there country .after they do there time ..

    • Trillium Hummingbird

      There you go. Nice and offensive.

    • They dont have a country…. Lmao

      • Willow creek local since birth

        Thats because they were spies for the united states in the vietnam war and when we left vietnam they all started getting slaughtered so we let them come here. Read a book you racist morons.

        • first they dont have a country. they are considered hill tribes. like the karan and many others. second most are from Laos and they joined our armed forces. when the war was over they were put into re-education camps for years. many didn’t give up and went back to the hills to fight on. and yes we brought some of them back but most from laos. to this day they are looked down on and have no rights. i know a lot of these people. willow creek you should get out more. [edit]

    • They don’t have a country. They are second class citizens who live in southern China, Northern Viet Nam, Laos, and I believe Thailand. My personal observation in VN of their treatment was very sad.

    • I don’t see any evidence that the US isn’t their country. This is as much their home as it is yours. America is a land where people from all cultures are welcome.

    • How about before they bo their time,so us tax payers don’t have to support them for years

    • most shit bag growers are white.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      The Hmong people fought on our side in SE Asia during our protracted war there for nothing, no casus belli, nuts. They had to leave or be killed by vengeful Vietnamese victors. They work hard, but no group is perfect. They deserve their own patch in the quilt of America.

      I admit, this is not an exemplary industrial garden, but the neat rows of nice plants in large, irrigated containers in full, natural light is right on.

    • fuck xenophobia

      I’m willing to bet you’re white, go back to Europe pilgrim

    • Willow creek local since birth

      [edit] We will gladly take them over you.

    • These hmong people had the right to be in the United state….their grand parent and parent they help the United state fight against Vietnam. So they about it buddy they are the one who save your grand parent and your father, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Love seeing growers busted!

    All that so called work, for nothing!

    Anytime a weed grower is busted angels get their wings.

    Keep saving children’s playgrounds from marijuana addicts pushing their dope.

    • …he says as he slams another beer

    • Your comments always make you sound delusional. Just an observation..also, who calls cannabis “dope” anymore?

      • ONLY the CHUMP!!! BTW He IS delusional!!!

        • Plenty of other DOPES call cannabis by it’s reefer madness name. That shows how STUPID these prohibitionists are.

          • Wow, like there’s proper English for “Dope”? Love how all of the supporters are so quick to defend this new type of Environmental Rapist. Haven’t seen one camp yet that’s been pictured that hasn’t looked like a refuse disposal site. And that’s not the worst of it. The water contamination and stream diversions as well as the degradation of the terrain and loss of timber. Yeah, I can see where your heads are at. As far as I’m concerned, there is no justification for this.
            I’ll bet that a very large portion of those in the “Dope” growing world also collect public assistance because gee whiz, they have no reportable income (that darned cash, it can really cause problems for some) and well, they’ve got to live too. So, they’re living on the taxpayers dollar while burying theirs in a hole somewhere for safe keeping. Have fun with this one, folks. The obvious problem here is that you can’t see the forest for all of the smoke!

            • Lost Croat Outburst

              You might lose that bet in reality. Any excuse to hate. Most successful growers will not fool with welfare because it involves names, addresses, ID’s etc. why would they want that? Some find ways to pay taxes through false businesses. The revenues are money for gov’t, regardless. And of course, the permitted growers get walloped again and again by a drooling government. I never, ever will understand how cannabis impairs the thought processes of non-users. Drives ’em nuts. Amazing.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          He does live under a bridge, the traditional home of trolls.

    • Team chump. Team chump. Team chump! And why does my kitchen smell like old fish?

  • Wow what a mess, granted they needed to bring in so many agencies seeing as what a disaster this place was but what wondering what the cost of such a raid cost in taxpayer dollars? Not to mention they are probably not able to pay the fines of 6 different agencies so we are just going to jail them and have them cost them us more money? Just curious.

  • Looks like those plants went into flowering too early.

    Looks like 4-5 plants per site, none being taller than the “pot” its in.

    Worse, it looks like the plants started to re-veg as the tops are stretched out.

    Were they growing air between all those plants?

    So many people just don’t know the 101’s.

    In other news, yesterday 9 homes with 8,000 plants in Sacramento were raided. All Asians from the east coast, informationaly speaking.

  • Devils Lettuce Crimes

    Right on! Now go bust a hundred more grows!! Honestly, this sounds like inefficient use of personnel yet again. Imagine how many more grows we could eradicate if all these clipboard jockeys were instead busy cutting, chipping and hauling? Just take their profit- that will slow and then stop the infestation of parasitical growers. “Habitation of mobile home” and use of an outhouse are not very impressive crimes more like Building Dept riding along for a few bucks. Parasites feeding off of parasites

    • “Please be advised that you may be subject to administrative, civil, or criminal penalties associated with the violations described in this letter.” they mainly want the administrative penalties money. does anyone even know where the settlement money goes?

    • Satans cilantro. 😈

  • One down 20,000 more to go!!!

  • Outstanding!

  • Fan of HB C.H.U.M.P.

    Yeah! Go get them! Chop those plants! This camp is a filthy mess in our wild land! Imagine all the wildlife killed by the toxins and fish dying from lack of water! Greedy growers gotta go!

    • How about the discharge from a METH LAB???!!! I think that would be a bit more dangerous!!! I think the resources should be prioritized to bust the Meth Labs & the Heroin suppliers first, then & ONLY then should the ILLEGAL Cannabis growers be dealt with!!!

      • purple nailbiter

        Protip: anyone that says they do nails in their house, yet all the customers are guys going in and out carrying trash bags might be an indoor grow AND a meth lab. Why? Acetone is an important cleaning agent in meth making and you know the rest…

      • The government will not fund for real drug eradication as heavily as it does for pot eradication
        it’s all about the money!

  • I just dislike the disrespect they show for the land,for that matter for Humboldt!

  • Some of you are too young or too stupid to understand what the Hmong sacrificed to get here. They worked with the US government and military in the Asian war and a price was put on their heads by their government. Sending them “home” is a death sentence. Why are their growing crimes any worse than the crimes of the rest of us?

    Let’s take a brief look at the Humboldt County solution to nonwhites. We killed the Indians, raped their women and killed their kids all in the name of stealing their land. We shipped the blacks south. We made the Chinese leave, the tarring and feathering may have motivated them. We talked about doing the same to the Irish and Italians.

    And most of the people arrested in this county are white people.

    Yeah, let’s make America great again.

    • Yup, as always turn our backs on former allies when we’re done using them for our benefit!!!

    • Who needs stinkin’ facts? Not the congenitally STUPID prohibitionists.

    • Sorry, there is no “we” in this. I DO NOT believe in White Guilt. If it makes YOU feel better, so be it, but I will not be classified as such.
      I might also add, I do not believe in reparation either. It’s been done and now it just seems to have been regurgitated into a blanket term for all that have ever felt slighted. Oh, and if you feel that I’m being somewhat callous about this, I will tell you that the Irish were horribly abused as slaves but I don’t see them demanding reparations.
      Have fun chewing this one up. Better yet, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!

      • Very few whites ever owned slaves in fact lots of blacks owned slaves too. Whites didn’t kill the indians, we didn’t rape there women and more than they killed or raped our women. What a load of garbage all this white guilt. The united states took hardly any of the slaves from the slave trade the majority of them went to south america and the carribean. You think us whites are so bad then how come white republicans faught the civil war against slave owning democrates who wanted to keep blacks dumbed down and stupid. Why is it that the KKK only killed black republicans who were trying to organize there communitys politically. Sounds like your communist version of history is fabricated BS.

  • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

    Based on last name I’d say they are Chinese. Other than the lack of permits and trash who says these guys are any worse than Emerald Family Farms. These large scale boof farms are going to get sub 300$ Per unit price. I feel bad for them other than they should have had a cleaner site and properly developed. Can’t wait till everyone has to downsize and focus on quality. This big rush is humboldt county’s fault. They never should have allowed grows over 10ksqft. Good job humboldt county sups you guys failed at legal marijuana. Hope you know how under qualified you were to be a headliner into the new legal era. Booooo I say booooooo.

      • I do as well!!! The whole thing is a sh!t show of Legal??? Comedy of errors!!! Bust the Meth Labs & Heroin suppliers first!!!

    • I totally agree with you. Where we could have had thousands of small family outfits we instead will have just a handful of mega-greedy corporate a-holes. BTW- Fire on The Mountain meant something bad coming through and spreading- like heroin or greed- and poisoning the scene. Good name on that one, Brian- burn down our scene you Jersey greedrusher!

      • Sorry, are u saying I’m from Jersey and a greedrusher?

        You would be a way off in your guess.

        I’m a lifelong norcal resident.

        Off the grid @ 4000′ for years, love it. Best to u.

        • Ha! Not you. Scarlet-Fire Brian, Emerald Scamily Farms Brian, the guy who rolled in after Jerry died. His timing was right as CAMP pulled away. Brannan Mt- Three Creeks area became a great place to blow up scenes and rake in the dough for a lucky guy from Jersey. I got no problem with all that. But the way the Emerald Scammers through CCV-H colluded with certain county supervisors to sell everybody down the river…while pushing for “legalization” that allowed/encouraged huge corporate grows? That is selfish, greedy behavior and certainly not cool for any of the real families here. It’s just extra insult that he uses GD phrases, talks about “community” and “Same Team!” as he burns everybody around him but a chosen few (who he will burn later!). Sorry for any confusion!

          • 10-4, thanks.

          • Brannan Mt and Three Creeks are not in the same area.

            • Umm…look at a map. Brannan Mt Rd out of Willow Creek will take you up and over and eventually connect you to Three Creeks Road if you follow the ridge through some gates towards Bear Buttes. Or drop down from Brannan Mt down into the valleys of the three creeks that are signified by the name “Three Creeks”. But then…you either don’t know the area or are fos. I tell you this- the area between Brannan Mt Rd and Three Creeks Rd is chock full of greenhouses and outdoor grows and is one of the biggest blow-up areas since Gallegos told us in nationally printed news conferences that he’d be cool with 99 plant “medical” grows. Eel River Timber sold off their holdings and that place just went nuts. It’s still a mystery as to why it’s been pretty much untouched by HCSD but then again- that’s why we had a greenrush of epic proportions! This pattern was duplicated in at least a dozen other areas that I know of across the county. While Sheriff Downey slept.

          • It’s not wise to throw stones. Look, the industry is going that way no matter what. You are definitely giving Brian too much credit here. If you knew him you’d know he is way small time. He’s got one 20 acre spot and that’s it. Not sure why he got mixed up with eff but either way he’s not the one to blame. All good things come to an end, and a certain part of the culture here is coming to an ugly end, or at the least going through big changes. Im sure if you wanted to point a finger, point it at all the people who voted to legalize… you can’t have a black market culture when your product is legal.

            • “The industry is going that way no matter what”. That is the sell-out justification used by CCV-H. And Emerald Scamily. And every greedy little Trump around here. Sell out your county, sell out your neighborhood and do it quick! If you’re lucky you can be in a good position to sell your business to a large corporate concern for big bucks. That is the American way of business! And now we embrace Babylon and welcome it in. Only we dress it in GD phrases and tell each other we care so much because we are spiritual and different. Shitshow!

              • Trump sure is a shitshow. Only the most STUPID peabrains support Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump.

                No coincidence C.H.U.M.P. rhymes with the asswipe “trump”.

                • And hillary would have been SOOOO much better. There all morons, picked by the NWO. U only think u have a choice….. blam yourself

              • Umm.. no, that’s not what I’m saying. We as a state voted for legalization. I did not and I am no fan of EFF. But you can’t stop the progress of the legalization movement, and you can’t blame little players like scarletfire. Legalization and our black market economy don’t really work together… get it? Or is that too big of a concept?
                We had a heyday, now it’s over. I’m not happy about it. But I don’t go around blaming the guys trying to keep up with it (that’s not me btw)
                I personally think Humboldt’s only future is in the black market. I think all these people chasing county permits are morons.
                I’m pretty sure I’m right about this, but hey, maybe someday we will be the ‘Napa of weed’. I kinda doubt it though.

              • And I’m not selling out and I’m not leaving the neighborhood. I got a plan b. And so should anyone else that plans to stay. Anyone selling out to bulgies: you suck.

                • You must have missed the part of the history where CCV-H helped pay for lobbyists to go to Sacramento and hook up the Woods bill where their friend Ted Simpkin would have distributorship of the weed since they -EFF were so tight with him. While they told all the small growers “Hey-it’s gonna be okay. Same Team! We are doing this for you so join us etc, etc”. Ha Ha! Of course they were really setting up for this scam “legalization” and were taking care of themselves at everybody else’s expense….Then it was on to the supervisors and the backroom deals where they pushed through a policy of huge grows “Gotta keep up with the Monsantos!” further crushing the small family growers. And not just here! Mendocino County has a 25 plant limit. People there have figured out how to do 10 pound plants. But 200-250 pounds a year isn’t enough for these greedy greenrushers- they need way more. Humboldt led in greed, while the small outfits bleed and lose their places….I will not forget what happened here and I’ll keep saying it. If only for the historical record. Emerald Scamily Farms was Brian, Isaiah and that sleaziest of all greenrusher from North Carolina….Patrick Murphy. Remember them and their bullshit assurances as you lose your properties and homes, everybody! They thrive on recognition!

            • Absolutely you can have a black market culture with things turning legal silly. More blackmarket oxi is sold than legal and as you say it’s legal. When grandma can grow in her back yard why would she pay a pimps price at retail location?

          • These Assholes are companies now, most likely not very well insulated between business and personal assets. Hit them where it hurts. Purchase their product from market, have it concentrated and tested to State standards. If it fails, sue the fuck out of them. Put them out of business.

  • Amimissingsomething

    4500 Plants is Greed. They killed deer which out in that area have been decimated by growers and Cats. In B-1 the tag limit was 65000 tags just 5 years ago. It has been reduced to 16000 this year because of greedy asshats like these. They tear up the land, take all the water and live like animals. This is the type of bust I would love to see every day in Humboldt or Trinity. I have seen how they hunt and it makes me sick. They get the kids and women at the top of a canyon and when they start the men are waiting at the bottom and the women and kids start down the canyon banging pots and pans and yelling and push the whole canyon. Whatever comes out at the bottom is shot and killed. It could be anything from a porcupine to coyotes to and sex of any deer, They kill everything. It is sick and they have done it this way in their country so they think its ok here. This is how every Mong family hunts game. They kill everything they see! Friends have told me there were 30+ carcasses of just deer. It is not deer season and this is tantamount to genocide of a species of Blacktail deer. Throw the book at em Danno!

    • Please. Deer are like rats, they are everywhere. Not saying the Hmong aren’t guilty of what you are saying, its just there are a lot of deer. The Hmong in Mad River were stealing people goats and eating them.

  • The initial photos look so orderly and compliant. Then you realize the slope, the fact that it’s fucking forest land. It’s a mess. So sad. Burn plastic; etc. They look like they had such potential. Maybe?

    • One burn barrel? Please… this is a tidy scene. The photo guys always try to make it look as bad as possible. If this is the worst they got I’m unimpressed.
      Harvesting a few deer? What’s wrong with that? Should they go buy plastic wrapped chicken instead?
      Really grasping at straws as to why this is so bad. They Hmong have been here a long time and the worst I can say about them is that they depress the market with cheap product, bc they can produce cheaper (cheap labor). But they are stand up good people imo, and they keep it tidy, which is more than I can say for most locals.

  • That was some prime private timberland at one time and is supposed to be again someday. It’s all going backwards though due to fires and grows. Private forest management at its worst.

  • At the risk of sounding racist they should go back to vietnam and destroy the waterways there!

    • That’s what racism sounds like. Maybe if you applied that equally to all folks including the white ones who do this, it would sound less racist. Or, you could expect these folks to receive the same punishment as white folks that’s also not racist. But when you single out folks because of their race for a specific punishment…that sounds racist.

      • Consider: racism is ignorance, usually congenital, and always a way to make the inferior feel superior.

        • Racism is ignorance. But it isn’t incurable or at least it is possible to shove it into remission. I know. I might have said something as racist as that 35 years ago. But reading and meeting people and reflecting has changed my understanding of the world. Part of the cure is to have people state that you are racist without them thinking you are incurable.

  • Sad thing is the ones who were arrested were probably the caretakers not the ones who would make all the profit from it.

  • I’d bet the Asian who was killed in the car wreck on FS1 above Lamb Creek was associated. That’s how you’d get in or out of Blake.

  • Ridiculous on any and all levels. All the 100+ plant grows are tntc. Which means too numerous to count and is a term used when counting bacteria and pathogens on a given sample area.
    Not everyone smokes cigarettes, nor does everyone drink alcohol or consume cannabis.
    Here’s the thing reality…we Nor Cal folks have a jaded position…a beautiful bubble to reside in. The industry has been fairly stable and lucrative for years. People like money, government likes money.
    Fast forward deep wide sweeping attempts at regulation and money grab is in full swing. Too much oversight has killed the goose. The golden eggs are few and far between now. Vape pen market hot for a bit, but with the expense of pens and cartridges that will wane too. Once 6 per kicks in statewide grow your own why buy? Yes even on a small patio or yard cannabis will easily grow. Water, wait, grow, partake. Homegrown is best! #NoChemicals!

  • I guess the Expulsion of our Asian Brothers and Sisters didn’t just happen in Humboldt in the 1800’s, but it is apparently still happening! Look at all the agencies: feds, military, state, county, wildlife, environmental… the powers that be turn up in force if any other nationality is involved in Humboldt growing pot, you never see these charges if it is a “predominant” family being busted, but if it is a man of color or different nationality, the Humboldt Redneck govermeer agencies throw the book at em….. racism prevails in the war on cannabis even today the racism is worse than ever with a racist president saying it is ok….

  • Original Photo of the Chinese being expelled from Humboldt taken to the ships..
    Let’s not return to a time of racism and evil.
    The expulsion of the Chinese race from Eureka, California on February 7, 1885 was among many of the Chinese expulsion acts taking place on mainly the West Coast of California, Oregon, and Washington. The entire event had been expected to happen because of the “tong” or gang wars between the rival Chinese gangs in the Chinatown fought to secure economic advantages. Also, the Chinese were generally disliked among the white Eureka inhabitants because of the different ways of life of the two mixing cultures. The Eureka Daily Times Telephone editorial foreshadowed the expulsion in saying, “If ever an unoffending white is offered up on the altar of paganism, we fear it will be good-bye to Chinatown.”

    In fury, a mob of 600 men gathered at Centennial Hall and began formulating ideas on how to rid the county of all Chinese influence. Ideas were thrown out such as to massacre every Chinaman in the area. The second idea was to pillage the Chinatown and drive the inhabitants into the Redwood Forest. After such rabble, the Reverend Huntington stopped the hostile conclusions and explained to them that the Chinese had not meant to murder Kendall, and that they pay their rent and keep to themselves. This ended all hostile intentions, with only the new idea of banishing the whole Chinese race from the county immediately. This method of removal came to be known as the Eureka Plan because it involved no violence to expel the Chinese. A team of fifteen men were sent out then, and without the consent of the mayor or police department, began going through Chinatown ordering all to gather what belongings they could carry and to leave Humboldt County by 3:00 p.m. the next day. Chinese shops were raided by white gangs while the shop keepers watched helplessly. Hanging from the gallows was a sign reading: “Any Chinese seen on the street after three o’clock today will be hung to this gallows.” The angry mobs dragged the Chinese’ supplies down to the dock and filled wagons with other supplies and the banished. Meanwhile, in Blue Lake, a mob had captured twenty railroad workers and marched them back to the bay under the accusation of murder of David Kendall. In only less than 48 hours, the city of Eureka had transformed from a reasonably peaceful place to a hostile, Chinese-hating community. Only one Chinaman was allowed to stay. “Charlie” Moon was among one of the more accepted and respected Chinese man in the community mainly because of his good cooking, well known in Eureka. His employer refused to give up the hard worker and no further struggles persisted. Charlie became the father of many children and his descendents still populate Humboldt to this day. Another Chinese man, Charley Wei Lum was going to say good-bye to the Reverend Huntington and to thank him for converting him to Christianity when the mob of white men dragged him out of the Reverend’s house and to the gallows. A remark from Huntington’s Methodist colleagues saved Wei Lum: “Boys, take that rope off that boy’s neck! If you hang him you’ll hang him over my dead body.” At this the men allowed Wei Lum to join the rest of his fellow Chinamen, alive, and the mob hung and effigy of the minister instead from the gallows. Though Wei Lum had been saved, he still was banished among the other 309 Chinamen.

    • Thinking allowed

      No wonder racism continues and continues. Pretending it’s so simple and unilateral may sound right but, to the utter mystification of the true believers, who think of themselves as better than the rest of the world, hectoring, bullying, blaming and preaching always misfires, creating violence and escalation.

      Respect for all is never achieved by disrespect for others.

    • Devils Lettuce Crimes

      Uh…It’s not racism. It’s just that they decided to start blowing up huge weed grows which is a felony. For starters. They were welcomed as guests into our country, many of them were subsidized by our tax money to establish themselves here. Then they decided they wanted to commit felonies by blowing up huge weed grows and killing every living animal in sight. Did you know there are properties just east of Titlow that are being illegally subdivided into plots for rent to Hmong growers so they can do 99 plants each, right next to each other? Do you know they own most of Trinity Pines? Do you know that because of this greenrush they are actively grabbing other family members and moving them over here to grow? Yes. I don’t like any of it and not because I’m racist. It’s just because they are criminals in a criminal enterprise that is helping destroy my county, kill the natural world and this is all of zero benefit for our collective future. Loved that NY Times article where we were all supposed to feel sorry for them. Why?

      • Willow creek local since birth

        Jealous much? Get over your lazy ass self. Get a better job or join them. Maybe you wont be so bitter. What do you do so amazing to contribute to “your country”. You sound like a total racist. They were spies for us in vietnam. Were they working hard enough for your country then? [edit]

  • Of coarse they kill deer. There are no wild dog populations. Every resource is in jeopardy when you have a large group of people growing dop in the hills basically just living off the land.

  • i can kind of see foreigners coming here and trashing our country–isn’t that what WE’VE been doing for centuries as US companies extract resources around the world?

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