[UPDATE 12:41 a.m. Saturday] Officers Searching a Car in Eureka

Today at approximately 3:15 p.m. Multiple law enforcement agencies pulled over a black Honda on 4th and Hwy 255. One person is detained in the back of the squad car.   Eureka Police Department, Arcata Police Department and a state park ranger are at the scene.

UPDATE 12:41 a.m. Saturday: According to North Coast News, one of the occupants allegedly was pointing a gun at traffic. The two men were arrested after a gun was found in the car.



  • I drove by this when it was first happening. One officer looked like Arcata Police, had his gun drawn and was waiting for backup to arrive as you can see in the pic one officer was just arriving at the scene. I snapped a quick pic.

  • Here’s a better view, the lame ass cop was pointing his gun at oncoming traffic. We know how great of a shot they are

    • That’s some scary shit. Chief mills said they were trained to empty their clips once they start firing. Your in a bad spot. !

      • Can you post a link to any story where Chief Mills said they were trained to empty their clips once they start firing? I’m pretty sure what you think you remember is him saying officers are trained to fire until the threat is neutralized. There’s a big difference.

        • They got lucky when they shot 40 times At some lazinskie guy and no innocents got shot. They did hit him once. The rest of the stray bullets went bouncing through down town eureka. They need to learn to aim before they shoot. Just saying. 🤔 None of these cops would pass a hunters safety course.

        • I would reread the whole lazinskie thing. That’s when I think he said it. But I’m going to bed. Good nite. 🇱🇷 .

    • How about the lameass taking a picture of the cop pointing a gun at the little gang bangers instead of getting the hell out of the way ?

      • It was a red light einstein! How would you like me to break the law with a gun happy gangster pointing his weapon at us?? I see education isn’t one of you strong points… smh

    • I love how people are slamming the officers without knowing the full story. Smh…come to find out the driver and passenger were waiving a firearm at passing drivers.

      • The full story is all over that young cop’s goofy face in the second picture. He thinks its fun and games time. The cops in this country are 100% out of control and his face tells the whole damned story

    • YEAH!!! We do both hands & a map & they can’t find their respective asses!!!

    • Holy shit, man! Get outta the way! Are you crazy?

  • Kill three innocent people but wound one bad guy. They probably get a medal.

  • You cop haters are full of sh*t.

    First of all, it was not Mills that said to empty the clip until the assailant is neutralized it was Sheriff Honsal and in a matter of life and death it is a good policy.

    Once and for all it is YOU’RE not your.

    • Lol. Well said. I bet it’s that wanted kid… u know the attempted murder suspect from arcata shooting, his aunt swears he’s a great person 😉

    • You know most cops draw way 2 close anyways with policies like those, you can bet people need to think about closing times verses drawing times and take their chances, with all these trigger happy aholes with badges it just might save your life

    • Calling people cop haters is the real tragedy. Expecting the people we pay to supposedly keep us safe to do judt that is not being a hater. It is our job as cituzens to hold authority accountable, theres no one out there policing the police.

      Im case you forgot, Eureka is in the top 3 cities in the state where you are most likely to be killed by police. Theres a whole write up about it online from the north coast journal. The link to the study is easy to find. Some lical radio stations reported on it as well. While yourr at it look up how much wrongful death lawsuits have cost us, upwards of 10 million and more to come.
      Oh and in case you forgot this too, the times they have opened fire in eureka they missed 22 out of 23 shots so i think the concern is that they are such bad shots it would be likely an innocent bystander would be hit, pretty good odds they would.

      We should just get rid of all the “non-lethal” weapons if theyre just gonna pull a gun. Wheres the dash/body cam?

    • [edit]

      Was the officer’s life in danger yesterday who emptied his gun on a bulldog, almost killing a woman? These assholes are outta control and someone is going to get killed.

      • Completely agree!!!! That CHP was WAAY out of line using deadly force on the poor dog who was just trying to do her job… protecting her mistress!!!! He had otehr means of stopping or at least dodging the dog!!! He could have used his taser or Mace either one would have stopped the dog!!!! He could have fired a warning shot in the air, not the best thing to do of course but better than shooting the poor damned dog!!! Not to mention he was shooting directly at an occupied vehicle!!!! NOT good procedure at ALL!!!! Send his ass back to the academy to learn basic safety procedures that ALL Hunters have to know to get their hunting license!!!

    • Aiming ur weapon before u pull the trigger would be a better policy.

    • While we’re correcting people, it’s a magazine, not a clip. There’s a difference and modern semi auto pistols don’t use clips.

    • The incident with the fatally shot dog was NOT a Matter of Life & Death except for the poor dog who had to wait because of policy before she could be taken to Arcata for the ONLY emergency vet in the whole county AFAIK!!! If the cop hadn’t been so trigger happy as to shoot at an OCCUPIED vehicle in the first place things could have been settled with NO FATALITIES!!! He had several OTHER OPTIONS to choose from but straight away goes directly for his service weapon & starts blazing away!!! As was said previously WTF was he thinking or WAS HE????

  • The Ostrich Hunter

    Good thing there wasn’t a dog in the car, might have spooked the cop.

    And since fear leads to “justifiable shootings”, well, you get it…

  • This was an Arcata officer so all your blither is moot.

  • Those of you that are blasting this officer for pointing his gun at an armed suspect… What would you have liked him to do? Ignore the suspect who is armed and shut down traffic? Setup some traffic cones? Kindly ask the suspect to move his car 180 degrees? Come on people! He was alone and waiting for backup, it’s a bad situation but it is what it is. Things like that evolve rapidly and the sad fact is sometimes innocent people get put in danger. It wasn’t that cop’s intention to aim his weapon at bystanders, the suspect made that decision for him by driving down the road brandishing a gun. The cop was merely doing his job, putting his life in danger to protect everyone! It’s easy for us to immediately judge all of the law enforcement out there but some of the judgement just isn’t fair. Are there bad cops out there? Of course there are! There are bad people everywhere but the vast majority of law enforcement are good, decent, honest people just trying to earn a living, help the public, and get home safe. There was a teacher at my school a long time ago that was convicted of sexually abusing children in his class. Apparently that makes all teachers bad people? It’s never a good idea to judge people with the 20/20 vision of hindsight.”

  • At least try to get parallel with traffic he should’ve walked around to the driver side door stay back far enough to where he’s safe. But don’t just open fire toward people that are stuck in f***ing traffic. I guess and less you absolutely have to but he could’ve moved could’ve walked to his left cops need more training.

    • Its pretty apparent u know nothing of LE traffic stop tactics…. if he went around to drivers side that puts him in danger, being behind somone with gun drawn puts u at advantage. But then again u probley dont even own a gun…. wich makes your whole comment pointless

  • Why did u delete me. Kym.

  • What did I do??

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